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Gunman’s Reputation Books In Order

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Publication Order of Gunfighter's Reputation Books

Gunman's Song (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Between Hell and Texas (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Law in Somos Santos (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bad Day at Willow Creek (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fast Guns Out of Texas (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ride to Hell's Gate (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Gunmen of the Desert Sands (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Crossing Fire River (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Escape From Fire River (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Gun Country (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
City of Bad Men (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

Taking you back to the time of the cowboys and heavy masculine guns, come a series depicting gunfights and all that transpires in between in the life story of Lawrence Shaw—once a quick gun or the fastest gunfighter of the time, now an aging man who has been clearly off his game as he sets out speaking of the bravery tales of his past rather than looking out to the future of his skills.

Penned by a sensational western author, Ralph W. Cotton has dedicated his life to making huge the genres of country rangers and gunmen, who are prudently left out of the literary scene. As per what he has disclosed about himself, he worked very odd jobs at the many stages of his life only to realize his true potential as a writer. Through his years as an ironworker, a second mate on a commercial barge, a teamster, a horse trainer, and even a lay minister with the Lutheran church, Cotton gained a reputation among his colleagues of a true countryman and a great individual, who always had a knack for storytelling. Through the Gunman’s Reputation series, he brings back the aura surrounding the stories of gunfighters and their lives within the county and through his elaborate accounts of Lawrence Shaw, he brings to us a visual treat like no other.

Though on the back burner, Shaw still tries to invigorate his itchy finger by attempting to pull the trigger time and again throughout the series titled the Gunman’s Reputation. People often pile up around him to check their level of savagery against an old gun, who still has the guts to keep his reputation alive. Along with U.S Marshal Crayton Dawson, Larry Shaw makes way through all the trials and menace coming his way. Cotton marvelously entails gripping stories at a phenomenal background and pace as he sets out to the wild wild west and captures for us the essence of Lawrence Shaw. Throughout the series, he pushes together history and a wild imagination to the very limit and brings across plots that best describe the mayhem of the era, all complete with the dialogs of the west and good ‘ol cowboy humor.

First Book – Gunman’s Song

This introductory book brings out the charismatic persona of the man who used to be touted as the fastest gun out alive. His gun-fighting stories are innumerous and his storytelling time has now overshadowed his glory days. You will often find Larry Shaw taking out time within the county, relishing his days of fighting and vigilantism.

But, a man is only as good as his trade, and retirement doesn’t quite take him off the adrenaline he would be receiving if he was still out there. Throughout the book, Shaw deals with an itchy finger that reluctantly tries to get back to the gun to relive his days as he gets into the meddle of people trying to out beat him at every possible opportunity they may find.

The story gets to the plot that introduces a full-blown group of gamblers waging a reward of five grands on a bet of getting right to Larry Shaw and killing him. While on the other side of town, a gang of cutthroat saddle tramps get to his wife and kill her in a serious attempt to get to the man himself. Larry Shaw vows to get back at these treacherous murders and show them the true worth of the gun his bears. The plot thickens enough to compel us to read further and ponder upon these characters and storylines, and at no point does Cotton disappoint us with his amazing mastery of the countryside drama and each prominent character.

Second Book – Between Hell and Texas

The second book also released in 2004, the same year that Cotton released the first book of the Gunman’s Reputation series. He explores yet another gripping tale, but this time, the focus is on Crayton Dawson’s life as he finds himself mysteriously in a pickle after dealing with a high-end case of taking out the entire Talbert gang. Though he doesn’t consider himself to be a shootist, the title is bestowed on him by the rite of his actions against the gang-busting encounter that he endured.

The era of ‘shoot first, talk later’ pushes Dawson into the mid-field of threats, where he finds himself defenseless, because in his heart, he knows he ain’t no shooter. Dawson tries to push off the load he now bears and head right home to Texas, but the going always gets tougher in a countryside, with the gunmen now ever on the rise.

Dawson faces yet another hurdle that he must pass if he wants to lead a peaceful life, the hurdle that lies back in his hometown, where a new Sheriff runs the town along with goons as his sidekicks.

Cotton yet again manages to set up a quaint show with amazing characterizations and depictions. He goes on to make readers take another ride downtown.

Other Books

The Gunman’s Reputation series are a collection of 11 books put across as a spin-off to the Ranger Sam Burrack series, also by Ralph Cotton. From the timeframe of 2004 to 2010, and ending with City of Bad Men, Cotton brings a great country series to the literary world. He has also managed to write national bestsellers including the series of The Life and Times of Jeston Nash.

The entire Gunman’s Reputation series is a testimony to a life gone by and the jurisdiction crisis that affected the lives of many. Cotton carefully encapsulates the story between the finer details of his writing and puts on a great show. The dialogs are commendable and mostly stay true to each characterization. The books itself delves into different timeframes and plots throughout the 11 books and focuses on the many aspects driving the life ahead for the folk in the town.

Right from fights with the bandits to dacoits and free countrymen, Larry Shaw emerges as a hero of a time well beyond his own. His methods are crude, yet his will and the welding of his gun are important aspects of the series. The tales are very intricately woven and can be on your list of must-reads if you find the genre exciting.

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