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Publication Order of Nazi Paratrooper Books

Cassino Corpse Factory (1983)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Publication Order of Panzer Platoon Books

Gunther Lutz, born on fifth August 1910 was an author and a German professor of philosophy at the University of Greifswald. His involvement in the Nazi movement began while Lutz was still young, and in September 1927, the author founded the Pomeranian Hitler Youth (HJ) in Stettin. In 1929, he was appointed the Cultural representative of the HJ and was awarded the Golden HJ-honorary mark. In addition, he founded the Nazi Students Federation in the year 1930 and Jungwerk in the year 1931. Due to his involvement in diverse activities, he had to repeat a class twice, and he began working with the NSDAP on 1 April 1931. He joined the National Socialist German Students League during his summer semester in 1931.

Gunther Lutz was indeed an educated man, having received various degrees and certifications from various institutions of higher learning. He studied theology, German literature, and philosophy at the University of Greifswald and Rostock located in Berlin beginning 1931.

The author also participated in the investigation of the psychophysical constitution, life, works and achievements of great personalities of the 19th century. He worked as a speaker at SD main office and on 1st April 1938, became a professor at the University of Greifswald.

From 1940, he became a member of the editorial board of the German Scientific Service as well as the European Science Service.

Gunther Lutz Books

Gunther Lutz is popularly known for his classic battle novel series based on the events of World War 2. Even though the novels are not somehow linked, meaning that readers do not have to read them in sequence, the characters grow within each book of a given series. The author wrote two series; the first being Panzer platoon series consisting of 5 books. The book series describes the WW2 events from the perspective of a German commander. The series was published written and published in the late 1970’s.

The first novel in the series being Blitzkrieg published in 1977, the second Invade Russia (1977). The last novel in the series was Death Ride published in 1980.

The second series Nazi Paratrooper consist of 3 novels whose publication began in 1983 with Cassino Corpse Factory being the first novel in the series. The second book Crete Must Fall was published in 1983, and the last novel in series Storm Belgium was released in 1983.

Description of Early Books

BLITZKRIEG is a novel that details the events of WW2, the main protagonist, Micki Boden, a Panzer II light commanding officer is in charge of two men, a radio operator, and a driver. The author states that most of his fellow soldiers normally confuse his position and refer to him as a corporal but his rank is higher than that- he is a commander.

It is revealed that Boden and his driver have known each other for a long time and both were involved in Polish campaign in 1939. The radio operator is a Nazi fanatic according to his perspective on ideology and party slogans. Even though Boden considers himself a soldier he is full of humor and is always making fun of his radio operator fanaticism. This a requirement of each and every German soldier in the world war two fiction- and Boden, in this case, is doing performing his service for his country and not one of the many Hitler’s puppets.

The novel itself is a series of events, as Micki Boden and his team match to the French coast. Both British and French soldiers are collapsing rapidly than the German soldiers can advance and throughout their journey, they find allied equipment destroyed by airstrikes. He encounters a company of assault pioneers and helps them take down a French bunker, this action separate Boden tank and his team from the rest of the platoon and regiment. Most of the book details his efforts while trying to catch up with the rest of his team, and during this time Boden encounters myriads of small-scale battles. This novel is well written and guess the author was well versed with the events of WW2. Each of the battle scenes is tense, and the writer does a pretty job of making the readers aware of Boden tactical experience.

Invade Russia- this is the second book of the six-volume novel series by Lutz.

It all starts shortly after German army invaded Russia during the summer of 1941. This time, Boden and his crew are operating Panzer III rather than Panzer II, as seen in other predecessor novels. Boden and his team are conducting Operation Barbarossa before the harsh winter sets in, and advancement of German soldiers is halted.

For the most of the novel, Boden, and his encounter minimal resistance from the Russian army, however, their only problem is limited resources supplies and a new commander who does seem not to agree with anyone in the entire platoon. The new leader lack experience to lead his platoon, this is evident when one of the panzer crew is injured, and Boden and his members have to get medical help from a Russian doctor. Throughout the entire book, there are many red herrings as to how the whole Russian Campaign is a bad idea. For instance, on one occasion, Boden and his crew discover an entire tank and whose five members have been decapitated and their heads placed as a displayed. This act put the Panzer III team on edge because it hints the gruesome acts the Russians are capable of doing. Later part of the novel, Boden joins his platoon against a Russian counter attack. The Russians, in this case, are using a T-35 medium tank, which outclasses the Panzer III in all aspects- regarding mobility, main gun and armor. The climax begins when Boden and members of his platoon battle several T-34’s. Attack Russia is a brilliant sequel to Blitzkrieg and delivers exactly what the readers want. The action is neatly written and shows how analytical and careful panzer commanders should be to ensure their survival in the battlefield.

Gunther Lutz did a great job by writing detailed battlefield books that not only alerts the readers the on the events of the world war two but also gives an insight into how tough it is to be on the battlefield as soldiers and the possible challenges experienced.

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