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Publication Order of Gypsy Healers Books

Into the Fae (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wolf of Stone (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Jewel of Darkness (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wolves of Wrath (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Gypsy Healers book series is a wonderful series of young adult, supernatural, paranormal, fantasy, shapeshifting, and romance stories. It is penned by a renowned American novelist named Quinn Loftis. Quinn began writing this multiple-book series in 2014 and published its first book in the same year to a great success. She has set the stories revolving around werewolves and faes. The stories are made interesting because of their excellent characters and interesting premises. Some of the important characters created by Quinn for this series include Perizada, Lorelle, Lucian Lupei, Dalton Black, Jewel Stone, Gem, Volcan, Anna, Gustavo, Djinn, Stella, Heather, Kara, and several others. The series begins with the introduction of the pack of Grey Wolves from Romania. It is shown that this pack has finally found peace after years of turmoil.

Perizada is a fae and is depicted as the longtime ambassador to the Grey Wolves. When the Great Luna gives her a new mission, Perizada decides to put it on hold and instead go for fulfilling her heart’s burning desire of taking revenge against her evil sister named Lorelle. The matters go on to get complicated further for Perizada when the great white wolf named Lucian Lupei returns to his pack after being stuck in the Dark Forest for centuries. His presence around her makes Perizada a little uncomfortable as she begins to get feelings of falling for his charm. It appears that the two are destined to be together, but Perizada doesn’t to hurry up things and wait for things to unfold on their own. She wonders if she is capable of putting her thoughts of revenge aside and accept the love of Lucian as well as complete the task given to her. The series then goes on to describe other events that Perizada has to face in her life.

Quinn has also introduced several essential secondary characters in the later part of the series that play important roles to keep the series going. All the novels of this series have fared very well in various places of their release. They have received immense love and support from the audience and have succeeded in becoming widely successful. All the individual successes have helped the series to achieve new heights of popularity and success as a whole. The success of this series also brought many accomplishments in Quinn’s writing career. She went on to establish herself among the prominent writers of the fantasy and paranormal romance genres.

A popular book written in the Gypsy Healers series by Quinn Loftis is known as ‘Wolf of Stone’. It was released in 2014 by CreateSpace. This novel opens by introducing Dalton Black as a Canis lupis. He is always filled with anger and guilt and never thought he would come across his true mate. With slowly losing himself to madness, Dalton had resigned himself to the thought that he would have to live without his soul’s other half for the rest of his life. He was sure that he committed enough sins to not receive any blessing from the Great Luna. Dalton knew that it was better for him that way. After running from his dark past for 3 centuries, the memories have now started to catch up with him. But, all the resignations of Dalton Black evaporated all of a sudden when he saw Jewel Stone’s bloodied and broken body lying on the altar.

Though the human side of Dalton didn’t recognize her, the wolf in him did. He had saved her through battle & bloodshed from a deadly evil that had had kidnapped her. But now, Dalton needs Jewel Stone to save him from no other evil but himself. Previously, Jewel had no idea about the Gypsy Healers’ ancient bloodlines, Canis lupis’ mates, and packs’ protectors. She was not even aware that she carried the same blood herself. When she was ripped off from her realm by a beautiful & deadly woman, Jewel knew that her life is not going to be the same again. Jewel’s mother is a fortune teller and she had given her a warning about what was coming for her and how her life was about to undergo a dramatic change. But, just like all others, she too had dismissed her mother’s warnings thinking that she was a crazy woman.

The other students at Jewel’s school used to laugh at her because of her mother. She was facing only disappointments, one after the other. To prevent herself from more embarrassment, Jewel hid herself in books, trying to gain enough knowledge to keep her from thinking about anything else. Jewel delved deep into the worlds of others and accumulated too many facts so that she could keep the hurtful words of others away from her. Despite all the knowledge and fantastical stories, Jewel Stone never thought that her own future is going to be filled with danger, adventure, passion, and a possible unconditional love.

As she was lying unconscious following a bloodu encounter, her very first, in the realm of faes, the only chance of survival she had was with Dalton Black, a man with a scarred past and disfigured emotions. It looked like he needed help more than Jewel. They wonder if they can help to mend each other’s broken life and regain the innocence that was taken away from them. They think of giving healing love a chance to overcome the difference in experience and age, as well as the difference their realms and species.

Another excellent novel of this series is called ‘Jewel of Darkness’. It was also published by CreateSpace in 2016. Initially, it is seen that the Great Luna gave Dalton Black a worthy soul and helped him overcome his dark past. It was because of the Great Luna that he could get his true mate in the form of a gypsy healer. But, as soon as Dalton finds his soulmate, she is snatched away from him and held captive by a corrupt high fae named Volcan. Dalton knows that Volcan is mad for power and would to any lengths to achieve it. He decides to stop Volcan in his mad pursuit and rescue his soulmate, Jewel Stone, from his clutches. If Dalton doesn’t stop Volcan in time, he will succeed in using Jewel’s blood for creating witches and throwing off the balance between evil and good. Some of Dalton’s close and powerful friends come forward to help, including Perizada. As they begin the rescue mission, Perizada decides to take several wolves and head for bringing down the evil. But, they seem to be completely unaware that Volcan has already made all preparations to fill their path with darkness.

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