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H.A. Wills
H. A. Willis has a BA in Art, specializing in digital media, however after spending ten years working as a graphic designer, she could no longer ignore all of the voices in her head and decided it was time to begin writing their stories down.

This Southern California native dreams about far off places, yet knows that she is much too spoiled with everything the state has to offer to ever stray all that far from home.

When she is not glued to her computer, she enjoys long weekends spent reading and the occasional game of D&D.

For as long as she’s been able to talk, she has told herself stories. Growing up, she would make up stories at night to entertain herself, in order to drift off to sleep. As she got older, she began writing them down and sharing them with her friends, even getting super creative with every writing assignment in school.

She also loves stories in general in any form she can get them in: television shows, books, film, video games, and comics. Willis also likes making up stories or tweaking them in her head of said favorite stories (yes, she’s talking head canons), and after a time, she began writing these down and posting them online.

Everything inspires her to write. She takes in as many stories in as many ways as she is able until she is practically bursting at the seams, then out of all that madness her stories begin to bloom, and she writes them down as fast as she is able to before she loses them. No matter how weird they may be, or just how they don’t feel as though they will go anywhere, she jots down what she has, because she never knows when it may be useful later on.

Willis is a plotter to an almost horrifying degree. Her content editor makes jokes about how all she’s missing is the sensory input and dialogue to have a finished novel. But it helps her out on the days when her brain isn’t up to cooperating with her, because at least she knows what is supposed to happen and try to get that stuff down. Then she can come back later and attempt to make it closer to what she really wants.

Willis’ favorite part of being a writer is getting to dye her hair any color she wants, and being able to work in her pajamas is pretty awesome too.

“Bound Spirit” is the first novel in the “Bound Spirit” series and was released in 2018. Callie, age seventeen, believed that climbing out of her hell of an abusive home life was gonna be her biggest struggle, however it was just the start.

Beginning again in a small nowhere town in Oregon with an aunt that she did not know existed until just a week ago, she makes five new guy friends that are something otherworldly. Something supernatural, and they say that she is as well. As if high school was not hard enough already.

In this vivid and captivating, paranormal reverse harem, join Callie on her quest of healing from the horrors of her past, as she learns that the world is much weirder than she could have possibly imagined.

“Free Spirit” is the second novel in the “Bound Spirit” series and was released in 2019. The world is an incredibly weird place, and for Callie, it has gotten a lot weirder. The paranormal is real, and not only are her five new male friends some sort of supernatural creature, however she is as well, and actually, she is the most powerful one of the bunch. As a spirit witch, she is part of this ancient sect of witches which were thought to have been wiped out millennia ago and have the power to control life itself.

Unfortunately, her magic is bound by a spell. Good news is that this spell is weakening. Bad news is if it breaks before she’s able to get it removed, half of the town may just go up in smoke atomic bomb style. Add into the mix this jealous witch that has it out for her. The growing awareness that her newfound friends are incredibly attractive. As well as the murderers who killed her buddy Felix may be after her too. Callie’s got more than her hands full this time.

Forget making it through her junior year, she only wants to make it through the month of October. In this intense paranormal reverse harem, join Callie on the next chapter of her journey of healing from the horrors of her past as she finds where she fits in the world of things that go bump in the night.

“Save Spirit” is the third novel in the “Bound Spirit” series and was released in 2019. Supernaturals are real, and Callie is the strongest of all. As a Spirit Witch, she is a member of this ancient sect of witches which were wiped out millennia prior. Not only does she have control over the four elements, but death and life itself as well, and she has been tasked with maintaining the balance within the mortal realm. So no pressure.

At least her magic is unbound finally, so life should get much easier for her and have a whole lot less exploding trees. Except nothing is ever easy for her. Her magic was not the only thing unbound. It is getting more difficult to remain “just friends” with the guys, particularly since they each seem interested in tasting her chap stick.

Not to mention her incorporeal best friend, Felix, decided to reject his door to the afterlife. It means he either blinks out of existence or Callie figures out how to use her powers to break the one natural law that all supernaturals can agree on: the dead need to remain dead.

Join Callie on her journey while she learns who she is, where she fits, what matters the most, and which rules are meant to be broken in this universe of things which go bump in the night.

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