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Godly Heathens (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
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The Witch King (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fae Keeper (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

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H.E. Edgmon
H.E. Edgmon is a young adult author known for his debut novel, The Witch King. This talented author is militant queer, a college dropout, and a talented individual who enjoys writing radicalized stories about trans people and those who have survived trauma.

Edgmon says that he wanted to write as soon as he learned that he could be an author. Choosing a genre was easy for him, given his personal experience growing in a world that felt strange to him. After spending his teenage hating his life and the world around him, he found solace in his imagination.

The author understands what most young adults are going through and hopes to connect with them through his writing. Edgmon is currently based in Brooklyn.

The Witch King
The Witch-King comes first in The Witch King series. This book introduces Wyatt, a Trans witch born in the Asalin faerie world. In this world, witches usually are looked down upon, and Wyatt experiences a lot of discrimination in his early years. When he is betrothed to Emyr, the faerie prince, he hopes life will be kinder. However, everything changes when he transitions.

Wyatt thinks that his marriage contract is no longer viable now that he is no longer a woman and cannot carry the royal line. One night, he also loses his magic and decides to flee the faerie world and settle in the human world. Can Emyr forget about their betrothal and move on to find another woman? What will the faerie prince do when he discovers that Wyatt has disappeared?

This is the story about Emyr and his effort to take his betrothed back to Aslan. The story is funny, intelligent, and unforgiving. While he is full of rage, Wyatt is a lovable character. He often acts and reacts without giving his actions much thought, which often lands him in trouble. However, it is easy to understand where he is coming from. Growing up in a world that felt unsafe sure left him with deep-seated trauma.
You will enjoy seeing Wyatt’s transformation as the story progresses. The man who is angry at the world that refuses to see him and accept him for who he is turns into a savior for others like him.

Wyatt learns to transform his anger to power and work towards healing his broken world. He also reconnects with his values and realizes that he is enough, even without all his labels.

This is also a story about reconnection. Emyr goes in search of Wyatt only to discover that he is nothing like he was before. Both of them have changed, and they have to learn to adapt to these changes and mend their relationship. Wyatt has to reconnect with Asalin and also come to terms with the damage he caused to his world on the night he left for the earth.

The author also highlights how the witches reconnect with themselves. While some, like Wyatt, had given up, they begin to understand the kind of power they hold in Asalin. They also start to come up with ways to survive the oppressive system.
The fae are also forced to reconnect with the reality of their abusive past and figure ways to be more accommodating to others going forward. This story also recognizes anger as a part of love. It is an important part of humanity and helps recognize when things are not going right.

If you are looking for a captivating queer fantasy story with a touch of romance, this book is ideal. You will enjoy witnessing the growing bond between the dark faerie prince and an impatient and impulsive witch. The banter between characters is captivating, not to mention the unforeseen twists that come when you least expect them.

This story is centered on a broken system with power struggles and injustice. The author paints a perfect picture of the faerie world you wish you could join in the fun and all the adventures.

The Witch-King is a vivid fantasy story that takes you deep into the fantasy world where angry trans boys exist together with faeries who make good use of internet connections. This story comes loaded with political intrigue, dangerous magic, and romance. All characters are deeply human, and they all have an innate desire to evolve. The ending does leave some strings untied, but this only adds to the excitement of reading the next installment in the series.

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