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Publication Order of H.I.V.E. Books

Prior to becoming a full-time author, Mark Walden would work for Sony Playstation, creating some major video-games, before going on to become a well known writer for children. Clearly knowing and understanding his audience, he’s really been able to effectively branch out into the world of science-fiction, creating some of the most memorable franchises and series to date. Previously developing video-games, he was able to effectively structure his style of storytelling, creating narratives that are insightful and well structured, with characters that speak directly to his audience, giving his readers something to immerse themselves in. Writing in a manner which flows effectively, he carries his audience along with a strong sense of confidence that has developed over the years to the writer that he currently is today. Largely focusing on science-fiction, he writes for a Young Adult audience, as his career has been picking up a lot of traction lately. This includes attention from major Hollywood studios, who have been looking at his work for big-screen adaptations, this mainly involving Paramount studios. Reaching a worldwide audience, he has been a hit with both the critics and the general public alike, with his stories reflecting on a universal level. Over time he has also created a number of series too, many of which have amassed a large audience of fans as well. One such series is that of his ‘H.I.V.E.’ novels or, to put it in full; ‘Higher Institute of Villainous Education’, as it follows a group of teenagers placed into an extremely special institute of higher learning. Following a highly select group of extremely intelligent and gifted individuals, it sees them as they are essentially kidnapped and placed in the institute, whilst being groomed for a life of villainy. This sees them trying to escape in a variety of different ways, whilst getting into a variety of adventures and escaped over the course of the entire series as a whole.

Starting out in 2006 it would continue on to 2019 with over nine books in the series and counting, as it has the room to continue expanding indefinitely. With Paramount studios optioning the film rights to the series as well, it’s a franchise that is extremely popular, and is perhaps the series for which Mark Walden is best known. Winning awards for it, such as the ‘Richard and Judy Best Kids’ Books Ever’ award, it is a series that will carry on growing in stature for many years to come.

H.I.V.E. Higher Institute of Villainous Education

Published through the ‘Simon Schuster Books for Young Readers’ publishing outlet, this would mark the first title in the ongoing ‘H.I.V.E.’ series of books. First brought out on the 22nd of May in 2006, this would establish the world, the premise, with all its various characters, setting up the atmosphere and overall ambiance. It would also provide an exciting action adventure of its own as well, as the characters all come together for the first time.

With this setting the series up, it also manages to introduce many of the core themes and ideas for the first time, bring them effectively to the forefront for the reader. There is also a bright and colorful cast of characters involved here, largely revolving around the central protagonist of Otto Malpense, as he leads the action. Taking place in a variety of exotic locations too, it really works at bringing the story to life, especially with the setting of volcano.

Starting out with the thirteen year old character of Otto Malpense, it sees him running the orphanage where he lives, with plans to manipulate the most powerful man currently in the country. This leads to him being kidnapped by none other than ‘H.I.V.E.’, the ‘Higher Institute of Villainous Education’, which has been operating out of a volcano for many decades. Now looking to escape with the help of his classmates, they all aim to break out of the institute, something that will prove harder than they first expected. Will they manage it, or are they stuck there for the duration? Can they survive their first year? What will they all learn at the H.I.V.E. Higher Institute of Villainous Education?

The Overlord Protocol

Brought out through the ‘Simon Schuster Books for Young Readers’ once more, this would continue in a similar vein as before. Released on the 20th of August in 2007, it would continue to develop both the world and the characters. Not just that, but it would also provide another challenge for the ever intrepid students.

Now that the action and narrative is firmly in full flow, the story manages to jump straight into the main action, with the premise already being firmly established. Developing the characters even further than before, it works at building upon their various backstories, allowing the reader gain an even deeper level of insight into their personalities. Moving on from the volcano this time, this title takes in a whole array of different locations, allowing the world itself to develop even further too.

Following their first year at the H.I.V.E. Higher Institute of Villainous Education, it would seem that Otto and his classmates have never experienced anything quite so exciting. This then leads to Otto being given leave with his friend Wing, in order to attend Wing’s father’s funeral, only to find that it’s a trap setup by none other than the super-villain Cypher, who wants them to retrieve the Overlord Protocol so he can rule the world. Things go wrong though, leaving Otto and his classmates to reap their revenge, whilst stopping Cypher, otherwise the world will change as they know it forever. Will they be able to put their differences aside and team up? Can they overcome this new nemesis? What will become of the Overlord Protocol?

The H.I.V.E. Series

Following all the beats of the genre, this really understands the format of the territory it’s working in as a series, whilst also taking it in new and wildly exciting directions. Constructing characters who are fully three-dimensional, it manages to bring its world to life, allowing the readers to really immerse themselves within it, something which has clearly been transferred from Walden’s video-game production days. Leaving behind a strong legacy, this is a series that will live on into the foreseeable future for many years yet, as it continually grows from strength-to-strength.

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