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Publication Order of The Hidden World of Changers Books

The Gathering Storm (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Emerald Mask (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Power Within (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Selkie Song (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Spirit Warrior (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Shadow Fox (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Spider's Curse (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Changer War (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

H.K. Varian is a published author of fantasy.

Varian’s favorite things to read about are ruins, magic, and ancient mythology. The author did once long ago dream that he would have the cool powers that his Changers characters have. However, this author found that creative writing was nearly as good as having magical abilities.

H.K. Varian lives and writes in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is there that he has most of his adventures, even though the majority of the fun adventures that he has do not usually include taking on warlocks in battle, storming the castles, or getting enchanted objects.

He created The Hidden World of Changers series in 2016. This series started with the publication of the first book which is titled The Gathering Storm. This is the epic first fantasy book in this engaging series. Kids and adult readers and fans of fantasy will all agree that this is one worth checking out. If you liked the plot of the first, then move on to the exciting sequel and check out the rest of the books in this series too!

The Gathering Storm is the enthralling first book in the Changers series. This is a series that is ultimately meant for readers that are younger or are in the middle school area but anyone can read this urban fantasy series and check out what’s going on!

Four average kids in middle school are shocked to find out one day that they have the ability to change into animals. These mythological animals are part of some type of magic, and just like that, it seems that they have all entered into a totally new world that is hidden from view most of the time.

Fiona is not really friends with the other three kids that end up getting powers. Gabriella and Darren and Mack and Fiona all don’t really know each other. Even though they go to the same middle school, it’s clear to them all that they really don’t have all that much that they share in common.

The Changers world is something that none of them ever saw coming. But the four of them have all now seen that they are getting powers that give them this totally weird ability to become animals. Eventually they start to talk and look into it, and from there on out they find that they all are going through the same exact thing.

Changers, it turns out, is a line of shapeshifters extending through time. The past may have forgotten this magical line of people but now they are finding out that the present is not immune to this ability or type of magic. The kids all have a lot of questions, but there is not enough time for them to ask them.

That would be because a warlock with untold levels of power is coming to their town and he wants to do whatever it takes to try and get to them. He is destroying everything that comes into his path, so they’re all going to have to figure out what to do on their own.

It’s going to be a big fight and they are going to need their powers to take on this new villain. Can the four team up and look inside themselves to find the power that they all know that they have to defeat the warlock? Or is this new world and their powers all a little too much for them?

Fiona is desperate to try and get a handle on her powers, just as her friends are. They’re starting to collectively realize that in order to save the place that they all call home, they’re going to have to get their powers under control and work together to save the day.

A last bell is about to ring– is the group running out of time? Pick up a copy of the thrilling first book in the Changers series to find out for yourself!

The Emerald Mask is the second installment in the Changer fictional series by H.K. Varian. If you loved the events of the first book, then feel free to check out the second and see what’s happening with this magical quartet!

In the first story of the series, four middle school aged kids came together to figure out what exactly was going on with each of them. In this story, Gabriella may just find that when it comes to controlling new powers, it’s easier said than it is done.

Mack, Fiona, Darren, and Gabriella all are known as ‘Changers’. They all belong to this magical line of people that are able to shift their shape. This allows them to totally transform from their normal form to mythological creatures.

This involves everything from spirit foxes to selkies and werewolves and even lightning birds. In the first story, they did their best to take on an evil warlock that wanted to take out all life.

They may be young, but the Changers are doing everything that they can to try and get control over their powers, which only continue to grow. Darren, Fiona, and Mack are all having an easier time doing this. The only member of their group that seems to be struggling is Gabriella.

She likes turning into a jaguar, but it also comes with more strength and speed than she knows what to do with. Her transforming moments are starting to get increasingly less controlled, and it’s posing a real problem.

Gabriella knows that changing during something like a game of soccer or during class could mean that her secret gets out completely. Her curiosity is piqued when she goes into her attic and finds a mask and a newspaper clipping.

The clipping is an article focusing on someone referred to as “Emerald Wildcat”. Wearing a green mask, this heroine would go out and fight crime. Gabriella thinks that this woman was a Changer too and it might’ve been her mother.

If her mom was a superhero, can she help Gabriella manage her powers? Gabriella’s really hoping that the answer is yes. Pick up the second book in this series by Varian to find out!

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