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H. Terrell Griffin is an American author of what is mainly mystery fiction. Born in 1942, he is a certified trial lawyer and practiced for thirty-eight years in Orlando, Florida. He is an award-winning novelist who lives with his wife Jean. Together they divvy up their time and spend some of their time in Maitland, Florida and the rest in Longboat Key, Florida.

H. Terrell Griffin’s time in Florida has also helped inspire his ideas and settings for many of his books. He is the author of the Matt Royal Mystery series, which features over ten books in the series. The first is Longboat Blues and it was published in 2005, followed by the sequel Murder Key and then Blood Island. Blood Island was named a finalist in the National Best Books Awards in 2008 in the Mystery and Suspense category of fiction and literature. H. Terrell Griffin is also the author of The Assassin’s Game, a 2013 novel that was the first in the Ethan Fitzgerald series.

Longboat Blues is the first book in the Matt Royal Mystery series. It was published in 2005. The main character in this book is Matthew Royal, although it’s his friends getting caught up in trouble. It’s just Matt’s option to get them out of it. But this is no small case as his friend Logan Hamilton has been indicted for murder.

It all started when Logan’s girlfriend is found dead on the balcony of his very nice condo that looks over the picturesque Gulf of Mexico. The authorities think that Logan did it (who else would they suspect?) and they officially level charges that he murdered his girlfriend. While things don’t look very good for Logan and he’s dealing with the death of his girlfriend as well as being charged for something he claims he didn’t do, he does have one thing that could help him out– Matt Royal.

Matt is a former trial lawyer that has officially burned out. He’s currently not doing too bad for himself though, living in a paradise of sorts on an island located on the coast of Florida in the southwest. Matt Royal is on early self-imposed retirement and it’s not a bad life to have. But he comes out of retirement in order to represent Logan. After all, he’s one of his oldest friends and if Logan needs him to get justice and prove that he didn’t kill his girlfriend, that’s what he’s going to do. Royal isn’t going to let an innocent man go down for nothing.

Filled with the heat and tropical allure of Florida and all the bustling rhythm of the cities of south Florida and the beaches of Egmont Keys and Longboat, H. Terrell Griffin brings readers an intriguing murder mystery that will have the pages constantly turning. Filled with great characters and introducing lawyer Matt Royal for the first time, you’ll be racing to find out whether Royal can save his buddy from a horrible fate.

Logan is not only on trial for murder, but he is also up for the death penalty and the prosecutor is a hardened female with a stunning track record. When the trial moves forward, the secrets that come out may be more than anyone is ready for. It’s the reveal that reverberates through the island and around the world. Pick up Longboat Blues and find out whether the burned out Matt Royal’s still got it when it comes to his career.

Murder Key is the second book in the Matt Royal Mystery series. Matt Royal is back again, and the lawyer is just off of representing his friend Logan in a case. Things are better than they were before Royal came in, so he’ll take that as a victory. But it’s not long before he comes into another disaster without even looking for it!

A stranger attempts to kill him while he’s fishing. Royal is at one of his favorite watering holes on a Florida island and he’s excited for a good day of fishing in the sun with his beer. However, it’s not long before in the wonderful sunshine of this autumn in Florida that someone is trying to kill him. What he thought would be a chill day turns into a journey that he never really wanted to take on but it seems he better if he wants to survive.

While Royal doesn’t know anyone’s motive for trying to kill him, his best bet is to try and find out who did it or who hired someone to do it. Matt sets out with his friends Logan and Jock to find out who the killer would be. Little do they know that they are about to start a huge odyssey that will take them a lot of places from the beaches of the islands of Mexico to the interior of Florida, where the sunshine state veers away from tourism and you can see the mines, the farms, and the labor camps there.

Most people never see this ugly side of Florida. They come for the beaches, and they come for Disneyworld. But like it or not, Matt and Logan and Jock are drawn into a world that is a lot different than what most people see when they come to Florida. This mysterious part of the state is one where men break their backs working in the labor camps and working hard in the phosphate mines. This is not the area where people have money and there is luxury after luxury. No extravagant lifestyles here in this part of the world, just bad breaks and hard work that never stops.

Before they know it, Matt and friends are caught up in a harsh world where death is just around the corner. From illegal immigrants to drugs and the black market, to the phosphate mines and migrant camps, to a love affair with a lawyer that is slowly falling apart, and the drive for survival, Royal is in over his head. But will he be able to keep it, or is the person out to get him just a short time away from completing their mission? Pick up the exciting Murder Key to find out!

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