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Publication Order of Hacker Books

Hacker is a romance series by Meredith Wild. The series stars Erica Hathaway; a focused career woman focused on building her empire and the sexy yet controlling billionaire in her life. Erica’s past is traumatizing, but the determined woman will not let anything come between her and her dreams. The other main character s Blake London, a billionaire who finds Erica irresistible. As the series progresses, you will get to see Erica and Blake work to grow their relationship, deal with the demons from their past, and plan a future together. There are many steamy sex scenes in the story, not to mention the other intriguing characters you are going to meet. This is a perfect series for people who love erotica stories.


Hardwired is the first book in the Hacker series. The story features Erica Hathaway and Blake London. Erica has just graduated from Harvard University, and she is looking to grow her fledgling startup. While she went to an ivy-league university, Erica doesn’t have a lot of money, and she is looking for investors to take her fashion site to the next level. When she meets a panel of investors, she is unprepared for the gorgeous rich guy who makes her all week in the knees. The last thing Erica needs is a distraction, but she cannot seem to help herself whenever she is around Blake. What does this mean for her business? Why does this guy have such an effect on her?

Blake is a handsome billionaire who has made enough money from the internet. The rumoured hacker knows his way around computers, which explains why he is interested in Erica’s business. However, when he sets his eyes on Erica, her unassuming beauty and passion for her business make him want to know her more. All Blake can think of since Erica stepped in his bedroom is how to lower her defences and make her trust him enough to open her heart. However, Blake will realize that to have Erica in his life; he will have to give up control, something he is not accustomed to. When he discovers Erica’s secret, it is not just her trust that will be on the line, but the life she has worked hard to build for herself.

There is something about tough and slightly damaged females that make them irresistible. Add a smoking hot billionaire, some steamy sex scenes, and a healthy dose of humour, and you have yourself a page-turner. Blake’s mystery and possessiveness make him even more appealing, and it is admirable that Erica stays focused on her dreams even when things get intense between her and her potential investor. How does the story end for this lovely duo? Will Blake manage to earn Erica’s trust and heart despite the high walls she has put around herself?

Hardwired is an intense love story featuring lovable characters, a unique storyline, and steamy sex scenes that will leave you breathless. The author will keep you involved throughout the story, and it is hard to miss the good pacing and flawless narration. While Erica is careful to guard her emotions, she warms up to Blake, and it is beautiful following as their love story unfolds. It is sweet how Blake shows up just when Erica needs him not to mention how patient he is with her now that he knows about her difficult past. Other characters that you are going to love include Allie and Sid, Erica’s business partners.


Hardpressed is the second book in the Hacker series. This book starts right where the other one ended. Erica is still focusing all of her energies on the business, Blake is still as hot as ever, and the duo is working to grow their relationship. One thing that is clear is that both Erica and Blake are madly in love with each other. Erica is determined to ensure that nothing ever comes between her and the man she loves. Blake, on the other hand, wants nothing but spend the rest of his life by Erica’s side. However, a shadow from the past threatens their idyllic life and Erica is forced to make hard choices.

Blake is now a silent partner in Erica’s business. Thanks to his investment, the business has grown to include more employees, and this can only translate to more characters for the reader to interact with. Erica is learning how to allow Blake some control, both in and outside the bedroom. However, when the business is threatened, she has to put back her serious-girl shoes and try to find out what is happening. Given that she is used to handling things on herself, Erica has a hard time sharing her business woes with her investor and boyfriend. Who is targeting Erica’s business, and what is their motivation? Will the business still stand after the threat?

This is a fast-paced and gripping book that you will have a hard time putting down. Blake continues to push Erica in bed, but he is very careful not to bring back memories from Erica’s past. It is admirable how Erica shares her past, so her lover knows where to push and when to stop. However, she still has her guards up, and you can only hope that she learns to let go fully. The story comes with many twists and turns so you will keep on turning the pages to see what happens next. There is some love-triangle element even though things get resolved eventually.

Hardpressed is a perfect blend of love, treason, and everything in between. The story will have you hooked from the first page and keep you engaged all the way to the end. The tone is lovely, and the rising pace will leave you breathless. It is sweet to see how Erica and Blake act as a couple, even though they still struggle with power and balance. Get deeper into this love story and see how Erica and Blake grow over time. How far are these two willing to take their relationship? How about Erica’s baby, the business she has sacrificed everything to build?

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