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Publication Order of The Alamaxa Duology Books

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About Hadeer Elsbai

Hadeer Elsbai, an Egyptian-American fantasy author, enthralls readers with her magic-infused tales and compelling characters. Her unique storytelling abilities create a memorable narrative tapestry that bewitches from the first page.

Elsbai possesses an unparalleled knack to entertain. Her potent combination of vivid imagery and absorbing dialogue draws readers deep into her immersive fantasy realms. Every page thrums with anticipation, unfolding an electric blend of suspense, adventure, and a sprinkle of enchantment that magnetizes her audience, commanding their attention till the last word.

Elsbai not only pens entertaining stories but also delivers heart-stopping narratives. Her intricate plot twists unpredictably, keeping readers on the edge of their seats, their breath hitched as they anticipate the characters’ fates. Her narratives are thrilling joyrides, captivating the readers from start to finish.

Elsbai has the power to transport her readers to fantastical realms with her unique voice and distinctive writing style, dragging them into epic battles with mystical creatures or uplifting self-discovery journeys. Her stories are an exciting escape from reality, inviting readers to partake in unimaginable adventures.

To conclude, Hadeer Elsbai is a gifted Egyptian-American fantasy author, known for creating enduring characters and mesmerizing tales. Her books provide a magical diversion into a realm of thrill and adventure. As readers explore the enticing universe of Elsbai’s imagination, they will eagerly anticipate her next piece of literary artistry.

Early and Personal Life

Hadeer Elsbai, an accomplished Egyptian-American writer and librarian, has had an intriguing journey that has shaped her into the talented author she is today. Growing up between Queens and Cairo, she developed a strong passion for reading and writing from an early age. Her love for literature guided her to pursue a degree in history at Hunter College, where she discovered her knack for storytelling.

Continuing her pursuit of knowledge, Hadeer went on to earn her Master’s degree in library science from Queens College, showcasing her commitment to both her literary aspirations and her passion for the pursuit of knowledge. As a result, she not only possesses a deep understanding of the literary world but also a comprehensive grasp of the importance of curating and preserving information for others.

Throughout her life, Hadeer has drawn inspiration from various sources, including her love for cats, her enjoyment of iced drinks, and her fascination with live theater. Furthermore, her studies in 19th-century culture have undoubtedly influenced her writing, adding depth and richness to her stories.

In summary, Hadeer Elsbai’s journey as an Egyptian-American writer and librarian has been shaped by her upbringing in two diverse cities, her academic pursuit of history and library science, and her eclectic interests. It is this combination of experiences and passions that has enabled her to craft captivating narratives and create characters that resonate with readers. With each new project, Hadeer continues to evolve as an author, making her mark in the world of literature.

Writing Career

Hadeer Elsbai’s career as a fantasy writer is characterized by her captivating series and notable contributions. She has written the Alamaxa Duology, which consists of two books: “The Daughters of Izdihar” (2023) and “The Weavers of Alamaxa” (2024). These novels promise to whisk readers away into thrilling worlds filled with adventure and magic.

In addition to her own series, Hadeer Elsbai has also made notable contributions to the literary world. She has been a part of the Dark Issue series, specifically collaborating with Ray Cluley, Kristi DeMeester, and Karolina Fedyk on “The Dark Issue 25” (2017). This demonstrates her versatility as a writer, as she has the ability to engage readers with her own works while also participating in collaborative projects.

Hadeer Elsbai’s literary journey is further supported by her representation by DongWon Song of the esteemed Howard Morhaim Literary Agency. This valuable partnership not only highlights her talent as a writer but also showcases her dedication to pursuing a successful writing career.

As Hadeer Elsbai continues to write, readers can anticipate more thrilling stories and enchanting worlds to explore, further solidifying her reputation as a talented and imaginative fantasy writer.

The Daughters of Izdihar

‘The Daughters of Izdihar,’ the first book in ‘The Alamaxa Duology’ by author Hadeer Elsbai, was published on January 10, 2023, by Harper Voyager. As a Young Adult fantasy novel, it serves as an enthralling introduction to the series and the intricate world crafted by Elsbai. Readers would find a captivating and immersive adventure within the pages of this highly anticipated novel.

Nehal, a waterweaver with untapped potential, dreams of attending the Weaving Academy and joining an all-female military regiment. However, she is forced into marriage due to her family’s financial troubles. Giorgina, an earthweaver and member of a women’s rights group, shares a connection with Nehal and joins forces with her. As they navigate personal and societal challenges, they are drawn into a larger conflict threatening their freedoms as weavers.

‘The Daughters of Izdihar’ stands as a stellar testament to Hadeer Elsbai’s storytelling prowess. Readers are bound to appreciate the immersive fantasy world and the gripping narrative of women empowerment captured so eloquently within its pages.

This enthralling introduction to ‘The Alamaxa Duology’ makes an irrefutable case for Elsbai’s mastery – it’s a must-read for those seeking an engaging young adult fantasy novel.

The Weavers of Alamaxa

‘The Weavers of Alamaxa,’ the second book in ‘The Alamaxa Duology’ by author Hadeer Elsbai, was published on January 10, 2023, by Harper Voyager. As a Young Adult fantasy novel, it takes readers further into the enchanting world created by Elsbai, expanding upon the storylines and themes introduced in the first book. With its continuation of the captivating series, readers can expect another thrilling and immersive journey within the pages of this highly anticipated installment.

The Daughters of Izdihar have been silenced by the Ziranis, who view their voices as a threat to their way of life. Nehal and Giorgina, two weavers from different backgrounds, face challenges after an attack: Nehal wakes up in a Zirani prison, while Giorgina is on the run. If they come together, they can rally Alamaxa to fight the Zirani and protect their loved ones, but it won’t be an easy task.

Two women stand against an entire army, this time fueled by magic and blood, and they won’t back down.

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