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Hadley Vlahos is a hospice nurse from New Orleans who is best known for her debut novel “The In-Between.”

She has nearly a decade of experience working as a registered nurse including half a dozen years during which she worked in hospice settings. As such, she has some profound insights into healthcare particularly the care of patients in a hospice.
She has not only made headway in physical settings but she is also very active online where her more than two million followers affectionately call her “Nurse Hadley.”

Vlahos usually makes use of her experience working as a registered nurse to tell heartfelt stories of which “The In-Between” is one.

The surprising thing is that she did not start out working in a hospice as her internship was in a hospital where she did everything from immediate care to delivery before she ended up a manager at a nursing home.
It was while she was working as a manager that she got introduced to hospice care given that she was in charge of 40 patients.

As for the origins, Hadley Vlahos has said that writing is always something that she wanted to do. However, things would take a different turn when she got pregnant in college and soon after a single mother.
Since she needed a lot of financial stability, she switched majors to nursing as she believed finding a job would be easier.

About a year into her career, she was feeling burnt out from the stresses of raising her kid alone and professional challenges in nursing that she found herself drawn toward hospice care.

Vlahos never expected that the patients that she would be taking care of would bring so much change into her life. She was soon sharing stories that changed her life on social media.

She also shared about how she found life at the bedside of her dying patients. It was in 2020 that she began going on social media where she shared her stories about being a hospice nurse.
Hadley Vlahos was surprised at how much resonance her stories found with most people since she knew that most people hate talking about dying or death or hospice.

One day she got a DM from someone who was taking care of her dying husband. She had been religiously following Vlahos’ videos on social media and this had brought her a lot of peace.
She told Hadley that she often felt like she was there and hence Vlahos decided to write a novel that would go deeper than her one-minute videos as she believed these would have an even greater impact.

It was in January 2021 that Hadley Vlahos decided to post her first TikTok Video. In the video, she asked if anyone would read a book she was writing on her experiences in hospice care.
After getting some interesting responses, she began researching traditional publishing versus self-publishing, even as she penned the manuscript for her debut.

Despite being very hopeful, she soon found that writing, particularly publishing was not so easy.

By March of 2021, she sent her first email to Noah who would become her literary agent. She used to work on suggestions, edits, and revisions to her book late at night since she spent much of her day taking care of patients.
By August of that year, she was ready to begin submitting to editors.

However, she turned a corner in that month as the publishers to which she submitted her manuscript all wanted it and hence a bidding war ensued, until she finally accepted an offer from Ballantine.

“The In-Between” which was published by Penguin Random House/Ballantine would immediately turn into a New York Times bestselling title.

It is a skillfully woven and heartwarming memoir with moving stories, profound wisdom, and life lessons from her many patients. The work is a beautiful reflection of how hospice care provides enlightening lessons on how to truly love and on mortality.
With a passion for changing her community, Hadley is working on a nonprofit respite hospice house. It is a house that will provide comfort for families to congregate in celebration of the life of their loved ones in a supportive and peaceful environment.
In this regard, she seamlessly infuses her talent for telling stories in all her endeavors and leaves you very entertained even if unaware of how much knowledge is inside the story.

“The In-Between” is an unforgettable memoir in which Hadley Vlahos the TikTok star and passionate advocate for hospice care shares moving stories of redemption, wisdom, and joy.

Much of what she writes in this memoir is derived from her experiences working as a hospice nurse over many years. She starts by asserting that dying and death are not subjects that most people like to talk about, particularly in polite company.
However, attitudes are changing and Hadley Vlahos shows us that we can learn a lot about how to live from hospice care.

The author was brought up in a home that was very religious and strict but when she was in high school, she began questioning her father following the unexpected death of a friend.
At only thirteen, she got pregnant and got into nursing school to escape from the scornful community.

But while practicing as a nurse, the profession became more than what she thought it would be as she got into hospice work and palliative care which became a calling.
In her memoir, Hadley Vlahos tells some very interesting stories about the people she worked with.

From the old man who often saw visions of his recently deceased daughter, to the woman who never had any doubts about her faith until she was at death’s door.
There was also the case of a young woman who complained that she spent a lot of time worrying about the opinions of others. Lastly, Hadley Vlahos also talks about her journey.
It is work written with utmost respect, humility, and insight which shows how taking care of others could also impart comfort and wisdom and transform lives.

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