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Triple Identity (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Red Syndrome (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Chameleon Conspiracy (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Triangle of Deception (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Defection Games (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Foreign Judgments in Israel (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

Haggai Carmon is a popular Israeli-American author and attorney, who likes to write spy thriller and mystery novels. He is particularly famous for writing the Dan Gordon Intelligence Thriller series. Author Carmon is also a well known columnist and international lawyer. He owns a law firm under the name of Carmon & Carmon. This firm has offices in New York and Israel. The thriller novels written by author Carmon are based on the years of undercover work that he has done in his law career, looking into the cases of money laundering and other frauds. Currently, author Carmon owns homes in Israel and New York, and resides in both the cities along with his wife and law partner named Rakeffet Carmon. The couple is blessed with a total of 5 children and a few grandchildren. Author Carmon started his writing career in the year 2005 with the publication of his debut book titled Triple Identity. Carmon followed this successful book with 4 more books over the course of his writing career. The chief protagonist created by author Carmon is Dan Gordon, who is seen in all the 5 spy thriller books written by him. Carmon has depicted Dan Gordon as an attorney from Israel, who has also received training to be a Mossad agent. Gordon works for the United States Justice Department for taking down the money launderers. After writing five successful novels featuring Dan Gordon, author Carmon is working towards developing the sixth one of the series. Author Carmon says that his intelligence thrillers are inspired by his professional background in Israel and his service of 20 years for the US Government.

During the years of his service, Carmon had a known daytime activity and a secret nighttime activity. He has been representing the government of United States in the civil litigation. He has appeared in the Israeli courts in which the US was an involved party. Away from the eyes of the public, Carmon was also involved in performing intelligence gatherings that needed sensitive undercover work in around 30 countries. In his years of service for the federal agencies, Carmon was not allowed to share the important aspects of his work with anyone else. He feels that many of the events that was engaged in are quite breathtaking and fascinating than the best fiction available. However, he also feels sad that he cannot use them in his books because of confidentiality. Due to his globe-trotting law practice, author Carmon could not take out enough time for any hobbies. However, he did manage to get some time off for fulfilling his urge of writing a story. It turned out to be his first book and was the outcome of a true life threatening experience. When Carmon was on government duty collecting intelligence, he received a call from the Interpol that his cover has been exposed. He was suggested to stay inside the hotel until a safe mode of passage was prepared for him. Author Carmon could not sleep for the whole night. After reaching home safely, he decided to use this experience as a background for the debut book. It brought some success for Carmon’s writing career. However, he did not stop writing and produced four sequels with the thought that he still had a lot of adventures to use in his stories. The readers often ask author Carmon whether the events that he describes in his books have really happened.

The Dan Gordon series written by Haggai Carmon consists of 5 books in total, which were released between the years 2005 and 2012. The first book of this series is entitled ‘Triple Identity’. It was released by the Leisure Books publication in the year 2008. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Dan Gordon is an investigating attorney, who works for one of the units of the Justice Department of United States. His main work is involved in combating money launderers outside of the country. A simple routine mission turns into a complex plot at the international level involving espionage, conspiracy, murder, romance, and kidnapping. Dan Gordon, the indefatigable bloodhound, makes use of the innate shrewdness, and the secret Mossad training and past, to bring out the reality. In the intelligence thriller, author Carmon has weaved a suspenseful and ingenious plot. He has enlightened the Byzantine and subterranean methods used by the rogue states to try to obtain nuclear materials. In this plot, Carmon has given the description of Iran’s theocracy. The critics have said that if the readers want to understand the ways in which the Mossad and CIA work together and alone, there is no better description than this compulsively readable thriller novel.

Another exciting book written by author Carmon in the series is called ‘Defection Games’. This book was published by the Thomas & Mercer publication in the year 2013. At the beginning of this book, it is depicted that a war is being fought away from the gaze of the media and the below the level of the surface. It is the clash of Iran’s theocratic pariah state against the civilized world. The race is to stop the development of Iran’s nuclear weapon. However, in order to fight this clandestine war under the shadows, it is first important for the intelligence services to gather information about the capabilities of Iran. The operations of gathering the information are quite conniving and intricate beyond the limit of anyone’s imagination. It is known very well by the intelligence operatives that betrayal, treason, and changing loyalties are not exceptions, but the rules that are followed. And in the ongoing secret intelligence war, there does not seem to be any long term loyalties, but only particular personal interests. Also, people change from being friends to enemies and vice versa on a daily basis. It is at this point that Dan Gordon, ex-Mossad agent and Israeli Lawyer comes into the picture. The CIA has contracted him to extract information about Iran’s secret plans and their capabilities. Dan Gordon is the lone wolf, who is not safe from the hostile moves, even by the ones he trusts completely. Dan Gordon is undeterred and the hurdles that he overcomes successfully only appear preludes to the newer ones. This is the reason why Dan Gordon remains alert all the time, and sleeps with an eye open. Author Carmon has given the description of the dangerous and messy intelligence operations business in quite a clear way. The story seems even more real because of the vast experience of the author himself as a clandestine officer of intelligence services. Many critics believe that even though Carmon has shown it as a work of fiction, it mirrors his personal experience. Overall, the novel is filled with plenty of realistic action sequences.

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