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Publication Order of Haggerty Mystery Books

Betsy Brannon Green was born on 1 June 1958 in Salt Lake Utah, a time when her father was still a student at the University of Utah. After his father completed his undergraduate studies, the family relocated to Birmingham, where he was admitted to one of the leading medical schools. Once his father graduate, he decided to join the army. Thus the years that followed Betsy and her family had the opportunity of living in different cities including, San Antonio, Honolulu, Colorado Springs and Ft. Knox. The family eventually settled in Decatur, Alabama. At Decatur, Betsy Brannon Green met one Robert green which became her husband in the year 1979. Because Betsy Brannon Green had a passion for writing, she began working on her debut novel in the year 1999.

It took Green more than nine months to complete her debut novel, which unfortunately was rejected by the publishers. Hearts in Hiding was her second attempt, and unlike the first one, this was accepted and published by, Covenant Communications in the year 2001. Ever since her second attempt was accepted, Betsy Brannon Green went ahead and published 19 more novels with Covenant Communications and two other Christmas books. Green’s self-published novel, Pivot Point was released in the year 2012.

Haggerty Mystery Series Best Books

Hearts in Hiding

Hearts in Hiding is the first instalment in the Haggerty Mystery series. In Hearts in Hiding, author Betsy Brannon Green introduces the readers to Kate Singleton, who is 8 months pregnant. Kate is still grieving the death of her husband, one Tony Singleton, who was an FBI agent. Because her husband death was still a mystery, Kate has no option but to be placed under witness protection. She relocates to Haggerty, GA with her new husband, Iverson, an FBI agent who was a part of the witness protection plan. While in Haggerty, Kate realises that she is now living a life that she has always wanted. She was given an opportunity to pretend to be someone else. Despite the fact that this instalment at certain points can prove a little bit difficult to read, it still presents the readers with an interesting story on how the small adventures can change the readers’ perception of life.

Later on, these two characters begin to fall in love. One day, Kate’s water breaks and her neighbor has no choice but to rush her to hospital. Eventually, Marks arrives when the baby is being born. With that said, Hearts in Hiding is an exceedingly sweet love story that is filled with mystery and suspense as well. If you are looking for something which is inoffensive and light to read, then you are going to enjoy Hearts in Hiding.

Until Proven Guilty

Until Proven Guilty is the second installment, in the Haggerty Mystery series. In Until Proven Guilty author Betsy Green introduces the readers to Beth Middleton. Beth is working for the local, library, and at this point, her life is not exciting at all. A few years ago, something bad happened to Beth on her wedding day. Before she began working at the local library, Beth had a good education. It does not take long before she receives a job offer, where she will be an advocate for a 5-year-old girl. The young girl is going through a custody struggle between her grandparents and her dad. As Beth moves into Jack Gamble’s house, one of the prominent attorneys’s in Haggerty to look after his daughter. While taking care of the child, Beth also takes note of the father daughter relationship for the family courts. Jack’s parents are more than determined to claim custody of the child. As Beth is taking care of the child, Jack is working on a high profile case, where he is defending one of the best country singers who had allegedly killed the boyfriend to his ex-wife. It does not take long before one of the witnesses disappears, as well as the District Attorney.

Just like the first installment, Until Proven Guilty is set in the small town of Haggerty. Until Proven Guilty is filled with highly entertaining and quirky characters, who are steeped in the Southern traditions of propriety, small-town gossip, and religion. The book has a suspense/mystery plot integrated with a sappy romantic plot. If you are a fan of LDS romance with a little bit of suspense and mystery, then you are definetely going to fall in love with Until Proven Guilty.

Above Suspicion

Above Suspicion is the third installment in the Haggerty Mystery Series. Above Suspicion begins as the Haggerty Ladies are enjoying their vacation at the Bethany Arms Hotel. One Miss Euginia manages to convince Mark and Kate Iverson to join them on their trip. Mary Grace is the current owner of the Bethany Arms Hotel and had inherited the hotel from the previous owner. Mary feels that she is obliged to ensure that the hotel keeps on running despite the fact that she has two misfit employees. Furthermore, she is also getting more than enough pressure from her attorney to sell the place. John Wright is sent to Bethany Beach to look into several unsolved murders in the area including the killing of a 25-year-old. Initially, John and Grace had met, way before she had joined the church. This time around, their romance is rekindled, and several major secrets are revealed in the process.

As the two begin working on the case, they begin to uncover some hidden secrets. They discover that the dock, which is located below the Bethany Arms hotel, is used to smuggle drugs. Several events lead to Mary Grace, the protagonist almost being shot by her friend Heath Pointer in the head. It eventually turns out that Heath Potter was a part of the smuggling ring. Eventually, Mary Grace decides to sell the Bethany Arms Hotel. Mary Grace the main character begins as a kind, stubborn and quiet person. Despite the fact that there is so much work to be done, she chooses not to ask for help. As the book progresses, she begins to get quite bolder. She begins to do things that one would have never thought she might have done.

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