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Publication Order of Hailey Dean Books

The Eleventh Victim (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death on the D-List (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder in the Courthouse (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Hailey Dead book series is an excellent series of crime fiction, murder mystery, suspense, and adult fiction stories. It is written by a renowned American writer named Nancy Grace. Nancy began writing the series is 2008 and published three books until 2012. Each of the three books features the lead protagonist in the role of a TV personality and therapist named Hailey Dean. Hailey is depicted as a former district attorney from Atlanta and now lives in New York City. She uses her psychological skills to work on murder mysteries and catch killers when she is not busy with her TV program. Nancy Grace has set the stories mostly in New York City, Manhattan, Savannah, and Atlanta.

Besides Hailey Dean, other essential characters created by Nancy for this intriguing series include Julie Love-Adams, Chase Billings, Ethan Kolker, Will, Elle Odom, Alton Turner, and a few others. When the series’ first book achieved a bestselling status followed by the next two as well, Nancy Grace received an offer to adapt her Hailey Dean books into a movie series. She accepted the offer and allowed the production company to use the characters from her books to develop their own stories. Subsequently, Kellie Martin was roped in to play the lead role of Hailey Dean, who was depicted in the film series as a prosecutor who worked with the office of the District Attorney but left her job to become a therapist and marriage counselor. The film series was an American/Canadian joint venture production and was aired on the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel in the United States.

Other actors who were signed by the company to play other leading roles include Viv Leacock, Giacomo Baessato, Lucia Walters, Emily Holmes, and Matthew MacCaull. A total of 9 films were produced and aired from 2016 to 2019. Most of the shootings were carried out in British Columbia, Canada. Every Hailey Dean film was watched by the audience in great numbers, thereby adding to the success of the novel series. The characters created by Nancy were highly appreciated and praised. The authors who collaborated with Nancy Grace for writing the manuscripts for the films include Jonathan Greene and Michelle Ricci. The first two films were directed by Terry Ingram followed by Michael Robinson and Allan Harmon, who directed six and one films respectively.

The debut book of the Hailey Dean series written by author Nancy Grace is entitled ‘The Eleventh Victim’. It was released in 2008 by the Hachette Books publication. This novel opens by introducing Hailey Dean as a psychology student. Her world turns upside down when her fiance named Will gets murdered just a few weeks away from their planned wedding. The tragedy causes a deep wound in her heart that she tries to heal by prosecuting criminals in court. She makes it her life’s aim to put away bad guys, including drug dealers, killers, and rapists. After years of fighting courtroom battles and representing victims’ families, it begins to take a toll on Hailey. And just as she is about to quit, she comes to know about a serial killer stalking the streets of Atlanta. This brutal killer targets young prostitutes and murders them in horrific ways by inflicting a unique mark on their bodies.

Hailey Dean decides to help the authorities catch this serial killer and then quit. When she heads for Manhattan to collect the pieces of her former life that she had before the murder of Will, she thinks that she has left her ghosts behind. Hailey looks forward to training as a therapist and begins her new life. But, to her great shock, she learns that her clients her getting brutally killed after the other by a killer who seems to be using the same M.O. as the serial killer in Atlanta. As she prepares herself to face the ghosts again, the body count keeps rising. Hailey knows that she is up against a cunning killer, who would go to any lengths to target her as his next victim. She makes up her mind to return to the life that she left behind in Atlanta and catch the culprit for one final time.

The next installment of this suspense series is called ‘Death on the D-List’. It was published by the Hyperion Books publication in 2010. This book opens by depicting Hailey Dean’s return to her apartment Manhattan after spending a year-long vacation in her hometown. She seems determined to give a second chance to herself at living a normal life and settle down with her new therapist practice. But, fate had something else prepared for her. Hailey ends up fighting crime again, but this time from a TV studio. She agrees to host a TV show that shows stories of crime-fighting. The exposure of a TV studio makes Hailey realize that the TV industry is not so glamorous. Later, Lieutenant Ethan Kolker approaches Hailey to ask for her help in solving a murder case. Ethan is the same man who had labeled Hailey as the murderer of her clients before she succeeded in hunting down the real killer.

Nancy Grace is a renowned American author, television journalist, and legal commentator. She was popular for hosting the nightly celebrity current affairs and news show called Nancy Grace. She has also hosted a few other hit shows for various TV channels. Formerly, Nancy has worked as a prosecutor in the office of a local district attorney in Atlanta, Georgia. She is known for discussing issues regarding victims’ rights. Her outspoken style in such matters has brought her both criticism and praise. Nancy was born on October 23, 1959, in Macon, Georgia. She completed her graduation from Windsor Academy in Macon in 1977. Later, Nancy studied at Valdosta State University and Mercer University, obtaining her BA degree from the latter. When Nancy was a student, she was a big fan of Shakespeare’s work. She hoped to work as an English professor after her graduation. However, the shocking murder of her then-fiance Keith Griffin, when she was just 19 years old, forced her to join a law school.

After that, Nancy began prosecuting felony committers and fighting for victims’ rights. After working for several years, Nancy obtained her Master of Law degree in criminal and constitutional law from the University of New York. She has penned numerous opinion pieces and articles for legal periodicals. Some of the important cases on which Nancy has given her opinion include the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping, Duke Lacrosse allegations, Caylee Anthony case, Whitney Houston death, etc.

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