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Hailey Dickert is a contemporary romance fiction novelist from Florida who is best known for the “Crystal Bay University” series of novels.

She published “The Sister Between Us” her debut novel in 2023 and has been writing ever since. Upon the release of her debut, it would almost instantly become a bestseller as it made the Amazon Top 100 list. She would then release “Return Policy” her second novel and the first of the “Crystal Bay University” series in the same year.

Dickert now has at least three works of fiction to her name.

Dickert was born in a very small town on the Florida coast and during her childhood, she loved to write songs in her bedroom. Once upon a time, she had a blog where she used to document her journey of leaving the place she called home and moving to Germany, that she would make her adopted home.

When she is not writing her blockbuster works of fiction from her favorite local brewery or her kitchen table, she can be found traveling and spending time with her son and husband, but the thing she loves to do best is reading.
Since she is a sports fanatic, she usually feeds her football addiction on Sunday afternoons by watching “Minnesota Vikings” and “Miami Dolphins” games.

Hailey Dickert sometimes keeps up with her fans and readers through the newsletter on her website and her social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.
She is represented by Two Daisy Media’s Savannah Greenwell.

Hailey Dickert’s “Return Policy” follows Sophia Summer, who is heading to college and is all grown up. She is looking for a new start far away from her toxic former boyfriend and to get away from her family and the past.
On the night she graduates, she stumbles upon an attractive stranger named Elijah, with whom she develops a deep emotional connection, as she shares things with him she never shared with anyone.

But the man is in town for just a night when he finds Sophia in the woods as he is looking for a quiet place to think. He finds her very easy to talk to but they go their separate ways following a perfect moment they shared. Years later, they meet once again resulting in an epic love story.

Sophia and Elijah are the perfect match even though Dickert writes her characters with all their imperfections, flaws, tragic pasts, and drive to deal with whatever challenges come at them. Sophia and Elijah start as strangers before they become friends, as they spend more time together and then end up lovers.

“Merry Mischief List” by Hailey Dickert tells the story of Andi and James Porter.

Andi just broke up with her toxic girlfriend and was heading home for a white Christmas only to find herself stuck at the airport thanks to grounded planes and inclement weather. But then she has a run-in with James Porter, who is better known as “Coach Buzzkill,” who sure does need a break from his crazy routine.

However, the man is known for stringent boundaries and might not agree to some of the naughtier items on her merry list. Still, they agree that whoever loses will have to streak for their college football team after the bowl game.
She finally gets her Christmas spirit back and is excited to head home only to be informed that she would never complete the list since her flight was cancelled.

Overall, Porter comes across as a lovable fellow and despite his initial grumpiness once he lets down his walls he turns out to be a jolly good fellow. As for Andi, she is a loveable confident, quick-witted, and spunky girl who just wants to have a good time.

Hailey Dickert’s novel “The Sister Between Us” tells the fascinating romance fiction story of Leah and Jake who were once neighbors in high school.

Leah had been best friends with Jake’s twin sister Chloe as they all grew up together. As for Leah and Jake, they have loved each other for years even though they always denied their connection. But everything started coming together during their senior year, following a life-changing event that changed everything.

Eight years later, Leah and Jake could have been living more differently. Nonetheless, they have never forgotten the love that they had for each other. They always thought of each other as soulmates and when they run into each other in an Amsterdam bar, it is fireworks.

It is a beautiful work that shows how these characters grow, as it rips out your heart and pieces it back together to make for a sweet ending.

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