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Publication Order of Hainish Cycle Books

Rocannon's World (1966)Description / Buy at Amazon
Planet of Exile (1966)Description / Buy at Amazon
City of Illusions (1967)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Left Hand of Darkness (1969)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Word for World is Forest (1972)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dispossessed (1974)Description / Buy at Amazon
Four Ways to Forgiveness (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Telling (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon

Hainish Cycle series is some science fiction novels and stories by renowned author, Ursula K LeGuin. The series has been set in a future history/alternate history, where the civilizations of human beings who are residing on the planets that are orbiting the nearby stars, are not only containing each other but are also trying to establish diplomatic relationship between one another. The worlds are trying to set up a confederacy which will be overseen by the oldest planet, the peaceful Hain. According to history, human beings did not evolve but rather emerged from the colonies that were set up by Hain, many years ago. Some of the races possess genetic traits that are much similar to the residents of Hain, while other possess new genetic traits due to the numerous laboratory experiments that were done by planet Hain.

Some of the new genetic traits include dreaming while awake and also a group of people who came into active sexuality once every month and their gender could change. The author, Ursula K. Le Guin uses varied environmental and social settings to explore the sociological and anthropological outcomes of human evolution. Many years ago, the inhabitants of Hain colonized several worlds including earth. A majority of these worlds were much similar to one another such that inhabitants of one world could pass as relatives of the inhabitants of a different world. However, there is one generation, the Hilfs, who came into existence due to genetic engineering. Eventually, the Hanish civilization eventually collapsed, and the colony planets eventually forgot that the human worlds existed.

The Ekumen stories talk about the efforts that were put in the re-establishment of civilisation on a colossal scale through NAFAL. From the look of things, this happened in two phases. An alliance of planets, most of whom are the descendants of the inhabitants of Hain formed The League of Worlds. The nine known worlds were united with various other colonies. Roccanon’s World is the third book in the Hainish book series. In this book, the author takes the readers to a world that is apparently shared by three humanoid races, the Gdeimiar, Fiia and Liuar. A fleet of ships that came from the stars suddenly invades the world. Roccannon, an earth scientist, is on this earth. He not only gets to witness the destruction of his spaceship but also the killing of his friends as well. Roccannon, eventually creates an army and leads it to reclaim back their land.

Hainish Cycle Series

The Dispossessed is one of the best books in the Hainish Cycle book series. In this book, the author, Ursula K. Le Guin introduces the readers to Urash, an exceedingly beautiful and lush world that is populated by a race that is much similar to human beings. Anarres, on the other hand, is a dessert world that is home to some species. However, the planet is largely devoid of water and the biological diversity that is necessary to support life. More than 150 years ago, a group of dedicated revolutionaries decided to leave Urras for the anguish of Anarres to create a political utopia. Science fiction is perfectly suited as a setting for the exploration of utopias. The story is presented in two threads, one being set in the present focusing on Shevek’s trip to Uras, while the other gives the readers the background of Shevek’s life. The plot is perfect, and it is written in the present time thread. The author, Le Guin is an excellent writer who does not let elucidation overwhelm her story.

The Day Before the Revolution is the epilog to the Novel The Dispossessed by Ursula Le Guin. In this book, Odo is referred to her real name Leila and she is an exceedingly old woman who has just suffered a stroke. As Leila feels death closing by, she spends more time thinking about the past. Leila is transfixed, and from the look of things, she is frozen in her thoughts and her memories of Taviri, her young husband who is commonly known as Asieo. She remembers their romance and also his sudden death in prison at the hands of a dictatorial government. Taviri’s death was used as a catalyst for Leila’s revolutionary writings, which eventually became in the long run, the words that fuelled the revolution. The world that the protagonist now finds herself is mainly in her design.

Despite the fact that she admires the teenagers and all the other young people who live with her, she still feels quite distanced from them, especially considering the fact that she was not brought in the freedom that they now experience. A freedom that she helped create. This is mainly seen as Leila expresses a sense of shame as the young people parade around in several states of undress. The use of freedom of undress is quite common among the younger generation, a policy that Leila herself helped to create and implement as well. The discomfort between Leila and the rest of the inhabitants of the Odonian House manifests itself once again when Leila refers to Asesio as her husband while everyone else refers to him as her partner. Despite everything, Leia still feels exceedingly close to the young generation and even in the process; she develops a sexual attraction with a young man, Noi. When she is around Noi, Leia feels self-conscious.

Noi, in turn, plays the role of Leia’s assistant. Apart from dictating to her the contents of her letters, he also assists her, when her memory fails. Ever since Leia experienced her stroke, she has always been trapped in the house. Thus one day she decides to take a stroll. While walking, Leia arrives in one of the town’s roughest neighborhoods, which was once used as a black market area. Despite the fact that she is happy to have left the house, she is still afraid that she is going to fall. As she began heading to the house, she meets with one Odonian, who assists her to get home. Once she arrived in the house, she begins to listen AS the rest of the inhabitants begins to plan a revolution. She is more than content because she believes that it is high time for the young generation to lead their own revolution.

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