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Halloween Carnival Books In Order

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Publication Order of Halloween Carnival Anthology Books

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Writing for a variety of different publications and periodicals, the fictional writer Brian Freeman is an American novelist who has been writing for quite some time now, having produced an extensive backlog of work throughout the years. Clearly showing a passion for his work, he mainly focuses on the genre of horror, as he follows on in the footsteps of such luminaries as Stephen King, creating imaginative and highly creative takes on the format, building a style that is fast becoming recognized worldwide. Knowing and understanding his audience on an almost personal level, he is able to speak to them in a way that no other author within his field has been able to.

Getting to the heart of some very real and very human issues, has managed to set himself apart from the rest within his area, building an understanding with the reader that draws them, as they find themselves continually coming back for more time and time again. Creating characters that are also well equipped to lead his stories, they resonate with their audience on a very grounded level that sets them apart from the rest. Producing short stories as well, he manages to write in a highly succinct and to the point manner, as he compels the reader in a very down-to-earth style that is clearly garnering a lot of attention from all across the globe. Gaining success for his many stories and novels that speak of very real issues in a somewhat fantastical style, he has been turning the heads of both the critics and the general public alike.

This also rings true for his many series and various franchises, as they manage to follow along clear and articulate narrative arcs that engage their readers for the duration of the entire series as a whole. A perfect example of this respect he has garnered would be that of much beloved Halloween Carnival series, a series which he edits and compiles from various other writers within his field. Creating a franchise that compiles collections of shorter stories, this series really manages to have fun with itself, whilst being scary and compelling at the same time. Whilst Freeman himself doesn’t really write so many of the stories himself, as he leaves that to others, he makes a great job of bringing them all together and really finds what works with them. Showing a clear eye for what makes great horror, he has been able to craft a quality and entertaining series from this simple premise.

With over five books in this specific series so far and counting, with all of them being published in 2017, each title itself has roughly five short-stories in total as well. Featuring inclusions from such well regarded horror writers as Robert McCammon and Kelley Armstrong leading the books, this is a particularly well laid out anthology franchise. Collecting a different set of writers each time, it really manages to create a collection of novels that really ensure that the reader is never entirely sure what they’re going to get next. The stories themselves a contemporary set of horror titles that move along quickly, giving the reader a chance to try a variety of different and equally compelling writers over the duration of the entire series as a whole.

Halloween Carnival Volume One

Published through the ‘Random House Publishing – Hydra’ outlet, this marks the first title in the ‘Halloween Carnival’ series, with it being released on the 3rd of October in 2017. Setting up the series, it manages to clearly give an idea of what to expect in the many books to follow. It also manages to provide five conclusive horror stories as well in the process.

With a total of five different stories, this title is comprised of the following: ‘Strange Candy’ written by Robert McCammon, ‘The Rage of Achilles’ by Kevin Lucia, ‘Demon Air’ written by author John R. Little, Lisa Morton with ‘La Hacienda De Los Muertos’, and ‘#Makehalloweenscaryagain’ created by novelist Mark Allan Gunnells. Each title manages to make the most of their respective concept and premise, allowing each different story to come alive for the reader in the first volume of five.

Halloween Carnival Volume Two

Released not long after the first, this was first published on the 1oth of October in 2017 as well. Using the ‘Hyrda’ label once more too, it continues in a similar style to the original. It also manages to give readers a whole entirely new range of stories in the process too.

Containing five horror stories yet again, this collates the work of: Glen Hirshberg with ‘Mr. Dark’s Carnival’, Lee Thomas with ‘The Facts in the Case of My Sister’, ‘Mischief Night’ written by Holly Newstein, ‘The Ghost Maker’ written by Del James, and Al Sarrantonio with his story ‘The Pumpkin Boy’. All of these once again allow the reader to find a story that they like, giving them a variety of choice, all of which is overseen by editor and curator Brian James Freeman in this, the second of five volumes of Halloween Carnival novels.

The Halloween Carnival Series

A fun and engaging series, the hand-prints of Brian James Freeman are all over this particular collection of horror titles, as they all never fail to entertain and grip their audience. Harnessing a clear love of the genre, Freeman has definitely managed to collate a collection that will stand the test of time for many years to come, whilst also ensuring that they entirely original and exclusive to the series itself. It is also a series that will give readers the chance to find new and exciting writers that they may never have discovered otherwise, giving them the opportunity to explore them further in greater depth. Given that the series is curated by Freeman himself, each story is sure to keep the reader hooked though, if they are already a fan of his. With a whole range of stories that are both entertaining and scary in equal measure, this series is a must for any fans of the horror genre, as this is a series that will bring in readers for many years yet.

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