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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Stomping Grounds (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
Why Moths Hate Thomas Edison (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood and Thunder (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Ghost Soldiers (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hellhound on His Trail (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
In the Kingdom of Ice (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
On Desperate Ground (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Exotic (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Wide Wide Sea (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Wild Stories(2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fourteen Days: An Unauthorized Gathering(2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Hampton Sides is an American journalist, historian, and author who is best known for his narrative and literary fiction novelist. He has made a name for himself with his detailed and well-researched non-fiction works depicting epic explorations.
He was brought up in Memphis and attended PDS Memphis. When he was older, he went to Memphis University School. Sides would then graduate with a bachelor’s degree in history from Yale and from Colorado College, he got an honorary doctorate.
He published his debut work “Ghost Soldiers” in 2001 and now has at least half a dozen works of fiction to his name.

He also works for “Outside Magazine” as an editor at large and has written pieces for prestigious periodicals such as “Men’s Journal,” “National Geographic,” “Preservations,” “The Washington Post,” “Smithsonian,” “Esquire,” and “The New Yorker.”
His magazine work published in several anthologies has received several nominations for feature writing in National Magazine Awards.

He currently makes his home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he lives with Goodwin Sides his wife who is a former NPR editor and journalist.

Outside of his writing, Hampton Sides is a Santa Fe Institute Miller Distinguished Scholar and an advisory board member of the Author’s Guild and the Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference.
He also partners up with an independent film company that develops historical stories and non-fiction stories for the screen known as “Atalaya Productions.”

Since he frequently lectures, he normally splits his time between Colorado College, New Mexico, and Santa Fe, where he serves as a Journalist in Residence and teaches narrative non-fiction.

Her talks are often accompanied by multi-media presentations and slideshows that often leave audiences in thrall about the white knuckle stories behind the novels. Hampton Sides usually discusses his writing process and how he finds and ties in his research from obscure documents and his experiences on trips.

The author and his wife have three adult kids named Graham, McCall, and Griffin.

Throughout his writing career, Hampton Sides’ fiction has focused on high-risk tales of the great outdoors, adventure, exploration, and discovery, in addition to profound war and historical narratives.

His interest in such themes probably began when he was working for “Outside” magazine as an editor. It is a publication that has been known for running some of the very best sports and adventure writing in the United States.

While Sides worked there, he got to work with the very best writers in the US, who taught him how to make his writing muscular and vivid in addition to how to make it come alive on the page. When he decided to go into fiction writing, he used those same concepts and then hunted for the things they used when he was at “Outside.”

Many of his novels are about the theme of human endurance such as grace under pressure, how people survive terrible ordeals, ingenuity, and courage.

Ever since he published “Ghost Soldiers” in 2001, Hampton Sides has become an award-winning journalist and one of the most popular and respected voices in literary non-fiction and narrative history. He has developed a reputation for having a reporter’s eye for unique stories and the attention to detail of a historian.

His works such as “In The Kingdom of Ice,” “Ghost Soldiers,” “Hellhound on His Trail,” and “Blood and Thunder” have all become bestselling titles.

Hampton Sides’s novel “Blood and Thunder” is an elaborate and sweeping tale of glory and shame, that tells of how the West was won.

The novel is set in 1846 during the fall when Narbona a venerable Navajo warrior who is chief of his tribe is looking down on Santa Fe a small town. As the greatest chief of his tribe, he has been fighting this center of Mexican settlers for much of his adult life.

He had heard that an army wearing blue suits had come in from the east and thoroughly defeated the settlers and had come to see it for himself. Gazing down on the cannons and battlements of a mighty fort put up by the invaders, he knows his enemies had well and truly been defeated.

But what does the arrival of the blue-suited men mean for the future of the Navajo? He had no way of knowing that this new force was the vanguard of an unstoppable tide driven by “Manifest Destiny.”
On the longest march in military history in the Americas, they believe they are destined to conquer the American continent from coast to coast.

For twenty years, the Navajo who ruled supreme over vast pasturelands and mountainous desert would have to ferociously resist the flood of settlers and soldiers, who were intent on destroying them or changing their way of life.

Hampton Sides’ novel “In the Kingdom of Ice” is a work set in 1879 and tells the story of Captain George Washington De Long.

Together with thirty-two men that form his crew, they set sail on the USS Jeanette from San Francisco. They head deep into uncharted Arctic waters and with them aspirations of a young country that wants nothing more than to be the first to ever explore the North Pole.

Two years into their voyage, the hull of the Jeannette is breached by an impassable stretch of pack ice, and Washington and his crew have to jump out as the ship is flooded by gallons of water. Hours late,r it sinks beneath the waves and maroons the men a thousand miles north of Siberia.

They now have to deal with minimal supplies, even as they face a horrific march across the endless ice pack. They face everything from labyrinths of ice and ferocious storms to polar bears and snow blindness and battle starvation and madness as they struggle to survive.

With thrilling turns and twists, it is a work full of determination and heroism set in the most brutal place on Earth.

“Ghost Soldiers” by Hampton Sides is a work set in 1945 in the Philippines.

Here, several U.S. soldiers slip behind enemy lines on an important mission. They are to march for about thirty miles and head to a hellish camp to rescue 513 prisoners of war among whom are the last of the infamous “Bataan Death March.”
Given that the Japanese had committed a massacre in one of the prisons, the stakes are very high and there is little time to come up with an intricate plan for the operation.

In this work, the author recreates in vivid detail what is a daring raid as he provides minute-by-minute narrations in addition to writing about life in the camps. Inspiring, poignant, and harrowing, it is a mesmerizing novel that is an account of self-sacrifice, and enormous bravery and a testament to the human spirit.

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