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Hank Green, Born William Henry Green II, is an American author and internet sensation that is responsible for Youtube Channels like ‘SciShow’ and ‘Crash Course. Working alongside his brother John Green, Hank has built an internet video empire.

Hank Green was born in 1980 in Birmingham, Alabama but most of his childhood memories revolve around Orlando in Florida because that is where he was raised.

A former student of Winter Park High School, Eckerd College (B.S. in Biochemistry) and the University of Montana (M.S. in Environmental Studies), Hank Green was an active child.

He knew he wanted to pursue information technology as a career because, by the time he got to high school, he had already begun building websites for his own personal use. His college years found him working with actual paying customers, people who recognized his talents and saw fit to pay him to build websites for them.

Hank made some waves with web projects like ‘Mars Exploration Page’ and ‘’ both of which grew popular enough to attract the interest of the local press.

Hank also created ‘EcoGeek’, a blog that began as a class project and eventually evolved to become a significant environmental publication. The blog compelled Hank to pursue environmental activism, and by the time he left graduate school, the author had decided to focus his web development efforts on building websites for educational institutions and environmental organizations.

Most Hank Green fans you speak to know very little about his earlier escapades as a web developer, with the author’s success in the entertainment business in his later years having eclipsed and largely buried his efforts and achievements as a young adult.

It often comes as a surprise to a number of his followers when they learn that Hank Green is actually an avid musician. His first song was actually the result of a challenge. Green was told that he had to perform an original song bi-weekly during the Brotherhood 2.0 project.

Not only did Green meet the challenge head on but he enjoyed the experience so thoroughly that he went on to write several more songs, going so far as to release his first studio album in 2008.

For so many people, the author’s accomplishments start and end with Vlogbrothers, the YouTube channel Hank Green and his brother John launched in 2007. The project, titled ‘Brotherhood 2.0’ at the start, was initially designed to run once a day every day for the entire year.

The project was such a success, not only empowering Hank and his brother to communicate better but also building their fanbase that it paved the way for the duo to create and produce web projects like ‘Crash Course’, ‘’, ‘Complexly’, and ‘The Project for Awesome’ to mention but a few.

Green and his brother also created ‘Vidcon’, a massive annual conference deigned to celebrate online videos.

Hank Green has done more than most to support and encourage the creation of online video content.
His literary career officially kicked off when he announced the publication of ‘An Absolutely Remarkable Thing’, his debut novel in 2018. The book tells the story of an art student who stumbles upon the sculpture of a giant robot and immediately becomes an internet sensation as a result.

It might feature a few extraordinary elements but its foundation was inspired by Hank Green’s personal life, specifically his experiences with internet fame and the anxiety that unexpected success attracts.

Green’s revelation of his intentions to pursue a literary career caught many of his fans off guard because he always presented the sort of goofy, enthusiastic personality online that did not lend itself to the serious business of fiction writing.

In truth, Green was writing fiction in his spare time long before he announced the publication of his debut novel. His brother John was aware of Green’s side hobby, though he admitted that even he was caught off guard when Green announced his intentions to write a proper novel.

The author of ‘Paper Towns’ (John Green) was a great inspiration for his brother Hank; though Hank has admitted that he has never been able to wrap his head around the idea of his brother producing successful fiction.

To Hank, John Green the author and John Green his brother have always felt like two completely different people. And at one point, it occurred to him that if his idiot brother to write several successful novels, then Hank had no excuse for not following his dream to become a published author.

Even though Hank was already approaching his forties when he first sat down to write his debut novel, the author first began toying with the idea for ‘An Absolutely Remarkable Think’ in college.

But his other endeavors, in particular, his online projects kept distracting him. Then when he was thirty-one, Hank had a strange dream with a strange mystery plot which reminded him of the story he had conceived in college.

For a little while, as he developed it, Hank considered publishing his story as a graphic novel. Over time, as he threw science fiction into the mix, and as he read Frank Herbert’s Dune, Hank realized that he had the makings of an actual novel.

Of course, the author knew that it would take incredible discipline for him to shut his other projects out of his mind so as to focus on his writing. So Hank looked to his fans for help, opening up a Patreon account and promising to write a chapter for every dollar that was donated.

By the time he finished his manuscript, Dutton, an Imprint of Penguin Random House, was ready to swoop in, offering Hank Green a two-book deal.

+An Absolutely Remarkable Thing
April was 23-years old when the most amazing thing happened. She was loitering through New York City in the early hours of the morning when she came across a sculpture designed to look like a transformer adorned in samurai armor.

April and her friend Andy took a video of it and uploaded it to YouTube. Then they went to sleep and woke up hours later to find that their video had gone viral, the result of multiple other sculptures of the same make being discovered all over the world.

Now April is determined to seize the opportunity, to use her temporal fame to leave a lasting impression on the world.

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