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Hanna Jameson is a reputed author from The United Kingdom, who is popular for writing thriller, dystopia, crime, and mystery novels. She is particularly famous for writing the London Underground book series. Jameson’s first novel, Something You Are, was nominated for the prestigious CWA Dagger Award. This novel’s success helped Jameson become a noteworthy name in the world of writing. She had penned the first draft of this book when she was just 17 years old. Recently, she wrote and published her 4th book called The Last, which is a partly a post-apocalyptic thriller and partly a murder mystery. In this novel, Jameson has described the story of an academic from America, who is looking for information about a girl who got murdered in his hotel in Switzerland following a deadly nuclear war that destroyed a large part of the Western world.

Jameson’s books have been translated into several foreign languages and are widely available in countries like Japan, Netherlands, Germany, and the UK. She was born in Winchester, UK, and currently resides in London. Jameson has gained a tremendous amount of inspiration from the works of authors like J.G. Ballard, David Peace, and Graham Greene. As of today, author Jameson is busy with some screenwriting projects. She is very fond of whiskey and history. In her spare time, Jameson loves to watch television shows that are emotionally taxing. She says that she has always been an avid reader of mystery and thriller stories. Her interest in such stories led her to develop a story of her own in 2012.

Jameson manages her time between her studies at Sussex University and her literary projects. She was lucky to find an agent for her first novel and get it published when she had just started her first term at college. Since then, Jameson has not looked back and has continued to produce excellent novels one after the other. Jameson’s writing is described as being an angel on speed. She likes to create dark, twisted plots in her stories that tend to remain in the heads of the readers long after they finish reading them. Jameson says that she got the idea for writing London Underground stories when she was very young. At the time, the story looked much more straightforward and more idealistic love story for her. It was after going through the multiple rewrites that the story became darker. The initial idea revolved around a contract killer, who goes through various phases in his life and weaves his story.

For Jameson, developing the character of the main protagonist Nic Caruana was a smooth experience. Many reviewers believe that it tells a lot about Jameson’s state of mind. Author Jameson likes to play with the idea that a character gets killed unexpectedly. She thinks that it provides much more intrigue to the story and attracts the attention of the readers. Watching films and reading books allows Jameson to make the plots of her novels more twisted and darker. A major influence on her style of writing has been the work of author David Peace. Reading his short, poetic, staccato descriptions have motivated Jameson to keep her narratives short and to the point. Likewise, Quentin Tarantino has had a great impact on her description of violent scenes in the stories. While growing up, Jameson used to read lots of crime novels. Hence, when the time came for her to develop stories of her own, she became bored with the crime genre. So, Jameson started writing her stories differently so that readers won’t get bored like her. Author Jameson hopes to write a lot many books in the years to come and entertain her fans with her unique stories.

The London Underground series written by author Hanna Jameson consists of a total of three books released between 2012 and 2017. Every book of this series is set in London and features the central character in the role of Nic Caruana. The other essential characters mentioned by Jameson include Daisy, Seven, Ronnie, Eli, Trent, etc. The debut book of the series is entitled ‘Something You Are’. It was published by the Head of Zeus publication in 2012. The story begins by introducing Nic Caruana as a man who kills people for money. Before he chose this path, Nic had a good opportunity to join a white-collar job. But, he ended up making one big mistake and the doors of a normal life shut for him forever. Nic lives in the dark, bleak city that runs beneath London. For his recent job, he is hired to track down an arms dealer’s daughter. Nic is given the liberty of using any means to find the truth about the daughter. When Nic comes across the wife of the dangerous employer, he falls in love with her. This disturbs his focus, making him commit a huge mistake. Later, the employer’s daughter gets killed. When this news reaches the mother, the grief-stricken lady decides to indulge Nic Caruana in twisted games. As he begins playing the deadly games, he realizes that he doesn’t have anything that can protect him from a miserable fate. This book appears to be a brilliantly plotted and taut story with intriguing twists & turns.

The next installment of this series is called ‘Girl Seven’. It was released in 2014 by Head of the Zeus publishers. In this novel, author Jameson has described the journey of a young Japanese girl in her twenties named Seven. Her real name is Kiyomi and she lives in London. After her parents and sister are murdered, Seven struggles to survive. She gets caught up in strip clubs, violence, criminal activity, and escorting. Seven longs to move back to her own people in Japan. Her prayers get answered when Seven gets an opportunity to find the killer of her family members. Seven takes this opportunity with both hands and sets out to leave London once and for all. The story follows the emotional roller coaster ride of Kiyomi as she discovers the truth. This novel is filled with mystery, suspense, pure grit, and betrayal. The readers loved the character description of Kiyomi as an intelligent, strong, and brave girl. They get to see various themes related to cultural differences, sexuality, and race. It was enjoyed by numerous readers all across the globe and received excellent reviews from most of them.

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