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The “Hannaford Prep” series is a set of bestselling novels by Australian author J Bree. She loves to describe herself as a cat wrangler, dreamer, farmer, mother, and author.
The author lives on a very tiny farm in rural Australia and spends her days holding battle royales with her children, listening to her partner moan about his grape farm, and chasing alpaca.
J Bree published “Just Drop Out,” the debut novel of the “Hannaford Prep” series of novels in 2019, and since then has written more than half a dozen novels in the series.
Besides her newsletter, Bree also interacts with her readers through a readers group she runs.

The “Hannaford Prep” series of novels is set at one of the most exclusive schools in the country from which the series takes its name. The lead in the series is Eclipse aka Lips who gets a full-ride scholarship.
The scholarship made it possible for her to leave her hometown of Mounts Bay with its dangerous streets. But while the scholarship is the opportunity of a lifetime, it may be a poisoned chalice given that no scholarship student has ever gone further than their freshman year.
Nonetheless, Lips is determined to survive through it all since, unlike the rich kids, she has lived the rough and tough life of Mounts Bay. She has fought to get where she is and there is no way she is going back to the crime-filled streets where she has innumerable killers looking to take her out.
Everybody has underestimated her but she is a wolf and that comes with some cunning.

“Just Drop Out,” the first novel of the “Hannaford Prep” series introduces Eclipse “Lips”, the newest student at the exclusive Hannaford Prep school. She comes from a shady background and hence she can take all the bullying without breaking.
Lips is more than what she seems as she is known as the “Wolf,” having risen through the ranks of the criminal underworld. She is respected and feared on the streets but now is facing a different kind of threat as one student has said he will pay $700,000 to anyone that can sleep with her.
But Lips is not stupid as she can take care of herself and others too. The biggest bullies in the school are a girl and three guys who happen to be siblings. Lips happens to be attracted to all three of the bullies.
What the bullies do not know is that she can call in favors from outside and get out of any kind of trouble they throw at her. But an infamous criminal known as “The Jackal” owes her and thinks he can use the situation to start controlling her.

In “Make Your Move” the second novel of the “Hannaford Prep” series, Eclipse is using the many favors she is owed to ensure the safety of people she cares about. She Is known for never backing down but given that she has never had any real friends, things can sometimes become hairy.
But she is now learning to trust her newly made best friends even as she plays smart. Lips managed to win over the school queen but had alienated her brother who wants to take her out. He believes she is a spy in cahoots with a psychopathic drug addict that has been stalking students on the school grounds.
Now every choice Lips makes is being watched and the situation has become even more dangerous than when the privileged students wanted her gone.
But even if she survives the threat from the students at Hannaford Prep, she will still have to face her biggest threat yet in the Jackal.

“Play the Game” the third novel of the “Hannaford Prep” series sees Lips enjoying the fruits of her hard work. She now has a family of her own as she lives with her three boyfriends Blaise, Ash, Harley, and her best friend Avery.
But with many people looking up to her, the stakes have never been higher. Eclipse had finally managed to get out from the thumb of “The Jackal” and gotten the men she always wanted and is not going to let anything get in the way of her happiness.
However, that is easier said than done, as they are all being stalked by sociopaths and serial killers. Moreover, there is some nondescript teacher trying to sleep with her boyfriends and this is causing her nightmares especially when she thinks of the gifts which constantly arrive at her door.
Once upon a time, she lived as a lone wolf but now she lives to protect her pack and this means keeping them safe from all kinds of threats including the romantic obsessive kind.

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