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The Dead Queens Club (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Golden Boys Beware (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
I Am Margaret Moore (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Hannah Capin is an American published author of fiction.

Now an accomplished author in her own right, Capin has always wanted to be an author. She got started on her craft at a young age, and when she reached eleven years old, she finally finished her first book. The story regarded a girl detective as well as a witty villain that was out for revenge.

It’s been several years since then and Capin has officially hit the scene in terms of the literary world. Hundreds of words put to paper later, Capin is still sticking to what she knows best and writing her main characters as intelligent girls and having her plots include the theme of vengeance.

The author attended the Indiana University School of Music, graduating with her degree. She would then attend and graduate from Columbia University with another degree. She currently resides in Tidewater, Virginia. She spends much of her time writing, but when she is not busy doing that, she can probably be found pursuing some of her other hobbies. These include singing, sailing, or just hanging out with her friends.

Hannah Capin first came onto the scene with the release of her first novel in 2019. The published book is titled The Dead Queens Club. This is a highly creative story that readers from the young adult genre to adult have really enjoyed! Check it out for yourself and see what you think.

The Dead Queens Club is the first fictional novel out from author Hannah Capin. When it comes to high school, it seems like the drama just never ends. But when it comes to this high school, it appears that the old meets the new and not that much has changed. That’s what one girl finds out when she starts to put the pieces together and realizes that the homecoming king at her school seems to have a lot of traits that are shared with Henry VIII. Yes, that infamous Henry.

In this story, readers get to meet the main character of Annie Marck. She has moved to a new town that is fairly small and by all accounts, she’s the new girl here. She also answers to the name Cleves. She thought that having to spend her senior year in this place would be forgettable and fairly boring. But she couldn’t have been more wrong.

Annie accidentally catapults herself from an unknown nobody into near-royalty pretty quickly. All because she decided to come into Lancaster High by being linked arm in arm with the homecoming king. Now her life has gone from zero to one hundred and eighty degrees of interesting, just from that act alone.

Who is this mysterious king that she has been linked to all of a sudden? His name is Henry, and if you looked at the statistics of this guy, you would have no problem seeing why this teen is so popular. He plays sports, so he fits well into the popular jock category. He’s also pretty smart and has that classic hot brooding look, making him akin to a James Dean type bad boy.

Together it’s all a recipe for being popular, and for making any girl connected to him popular and interesting by proxy. Henry’s also been through his fair share of girlfriends in this time. Currently he is dating the sixth girl in a long line of girls that have been associated with him over the past two years. Annie also explains that two of his girlfriends are also dead, a highly suspicious piece of information.

Annie’s best friend has some theories as to the dead girlfriends. She clearly thinks that the person responsible for the deaths is Henry in some way. Annie thinks that the theory is absurd. Sure, Henry is a bad boy by sorts, but there’s no way that he was capable of something like that. Still, Annie decides to investigate the situation, even if her nemesis thinks that no one should speak about the topic at all (which is also a fairly suspicious stance to take).

She’s not only directly potentially affected by it, but she’s also new in town and admits to being nosy. There’s no reason why she shouldn’t just innocently look into it a little further and see what’s going on. She’s also curious about these dead queens of Lancaster. The case is interesting, but it also is directly relevant to her and what is going on.

They say that you should be careful about learning your history, because those who don’t are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. Well, Annie is doing whatever she can to get to the bottom of Henry’s dubious dating history. If she doesn’t find out what’s going on, is it possible that she could join the ranks of those girlfriends that have passed on?

Desperate to keep history from repeating, Annie’s looking for answers wherever she can. Will she be able to discover what truly went on with the girlfriends from Henry’s past? Or will she be in the dark until it’s too late? Is her friend right that it’s been Henry that’s been behind this all along? Read the captivating first novel from Hannah Capin, The Dead Queens Club, to find out!

Foul Is Fair is the second novel to be released from author Hannah Capin. It is the first book in the series. This story is inspired by the play Macbeth by Shakespeare and is a modern spin on the classic tale.

Readers meet main character Elizabeth Jade Kanjara for the first time in this story about one girl’s search for revenge. She’s got a close circle of girlfriends in Los Angeles that rule their school. One night, they decide to go to a prep school party. There her world changes as she is drugged and then ends up being sexually assaulted.

She changes her name to Jade, dyes her hair black, and transfers to St. Andrews school. Swearing revenge, she comes up with a carefully crafted plan to take them down individually. As Jade’s coven and power take flight, her revenge takes on a life of its own. Read this book to find out who makes it to the end!

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