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Publication Order of Amateurs In Love Books

Craving The Player (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Taming The Player (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Player Of Mine (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Publication Order of Greatest Love Books

Her Greatest Mistake (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Her Greatest Adventure (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
His Greatest Muse (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Swift Hat-Trick Books

Hannah Cowan is a Canadian romance, contemporary, and sports author. She has an obsession with swoon-worthy romance, forcing her to take a chance at creating romance stories that will leave you giggling and yearning for more. Her Greatest Mistake is the first book in Greatest Love, a sports romance series featuring friends to strangers, strangers to lovers, and fake dating sports romance that will hook you right from the first page to the last.

Meet Maddox, a popular NHL hockey player who almost ruined his professional career thanks to a one-night stand. He now works to ensure that his image and career aren’t compromised and is willing to do anything and everything, that includes fake dating his childhood friend, who he has never spoken to or seen for the past eight years. The girl that left him shattered his heart and changed his life forever.

Both Maddox and Braxton grew up as childhood best friends; the two have always been in love with each other. Hanna Cowan takes the reader through their life journey, with several flashback scenes from when they were 14-18. Even through these flashbacks, it’s evident that Braxton and Maddox were true soulmates, making their love story both beautiful and sentimental. They solved their issues amicably, and their bond has never changed. You will love their banter, angst, push and pull and how they supported each other and wanted love and happiness, but deep down, they know they were just the endgame for each other.

Maddox is highly protective. And even though he’s got a filthy mouth, it’s not the same case when it comes to Braxton. He literary worships her and wants the best for her. On the other hand, Braxton is strong, witty, confident, kind, and got the kindest heart.
Hanna Cowen takes the reader behind the scenes and gives them a glimpse of what it is like for an NHL player. Maddox has been through a lot throughout his career, especially regarding the draft, finding the best team, and making a name for himself outside his father, who was also an NHL legend. He will do anything it takes to secure a contract with his team. On the other hand, Braxton is willing to do whatever it takes to gain Maddox’s trust and forgiveness for what happened years ago. And if a fake girlfriend is what Maddox needs, she is willing to commit to it. But as expected, the faking concept does not last long since the two have a strong connection that causes them pain when they separate. As a reader, you will enjoy seeing them forced to work through their issues and give each other a second chance at love and relationship.

Lucky Hit is the first book in Hannah Cowan’s Swift Hat Trick trilogy. The story begins with Oakley Hutton playing in his final hockey game of the season for his local club, the Penticton Storm. Lee is exiting the club season to play hockey in Vancouver, British Columbia, for the WHL. It is tough for him to leave his mother and sister. Playing for the Saints is their closest rival. After his father’s death, he owes his coach a tremendous debt for guiding him. In addition, the manager and his girlfriend occasionally provided meals and helped out when he had to rely solely on his efforts to get them through daily struggles. He was exhausted by the time dinner arrived.

The coach agrees with his mother that he should have joined the Ontario Rebels for a stronger draft standing in his last year of eligibility. Nevertheless, he is ready to take a chance. Andre, his best buddy, is throwing him a farewell party. Even though parties aren’t his thing, he attends his friend’s celebration. Soon after, he is seated on the back porch. Neither drinking nor large gatherings are his interests. So, resting in the backyard fits him perfectly.

When a female approaches the stairs stumbling, he immediately sees she has been sobbing. She looks gorgeous despite her smudged makeup lines. Because he can sense she’s sad, he asks if she wants to sit on the chair. She is seated on the grass with her legs pulled to her chest. She informs him that she found her ex-boyfriend in the bathroom with some random girls and asks him if she if he has ever loved someone else and left them in a room to be relieved by another. He desires and wants to hug her, believing that no girl should be treated this way. When they get to know each other names, she only gives him the name Ava, but her true name is Octavia Layton. Soon two unlike poles attract with only one thing in common, their ability to keep off from each other. This forces them out of their comfort zones, making them forget their uniqueness. Craving the player is the first book in the Amateurs in Love series. We meet Braden, who has never been the type of person to plan on settling down with a woman. Just the thought of committing to a woman is enough to make him to want to settle down.

On the other hand, after finally getting free of a toxic four-year-old relationship, Sierra decides to stay single for as long as possible. She only has her eyes set on getting a very much-deserved promotion at work; to her, the promotion is a straightforward plan. But after sending a one-night stand entangled in Braden’s sheets, the two will find it harder to continue living their normal lives. Or are they read for sex with no strings attached? One risky sex arrangement later, and they find their lives intertwined. Will they be able to keep their distance while having sex without strings attached, or will they give in to their strong desires for a relationship?

If you enjoy reading books featuring a strong female lead character with a dirty talking boxer, “give no shit attitude”, family dramas, adorable friendships, love, banter, sexy scenes, and tons of hot smuts, then Craving the Player is highly recommended.

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