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Hannah F. Whitten
Hannah F. Whitten is a fantasy author best known for her Wilderwood debut series. Since she was a little girl, Whitten has always been writing. She initially wrote to amuse herself, but when in high school, she realized that her work could also entertain others. Her debut novel, For the Wolf, was first published in 2021.

When Whitten isn’t writing, she enjoys making music and reading. She also loves baking, even though she hasn’t mastered the art yet. The talented author currently lives in Tennessee with her husband, children, and their temperamental cat.

For the Wolf
For the Wolf comes first in the Wildwood series. The book introduces Redarys, otherwise known as Red. As the second daughter in this kingdom, Red had always known her fate. She is to be sacrificed to the Wolf and Wilderwoods, keeping her kingdom captive while her sister Neve ascends to the throne. Her death is supposed to mark a new beginning for her people.

While death seems scary to anyone, Red doesn’t seem to mind her fate. After living with an unknown power that puts her family in grave danger, she is hoping that death will end it all and she will never hurt her loved ones again. However, on the day that Red is designated to die, she uncovers a colossal truth.
All the legends she heard from a young age are untrue. It isn’t like everyone was trying to mislead her, but it is clear that her people don’t know what has been working against them.

Red quickly discovers that the Wilderwoods protection is weakening, which can only mean trouble for her people. She also finds that the Wolf is a man and a victim of circumstances like her. It turns out that Red is what the woods need. Her power will help free those who help in captivity in this cursed forest.
However, she must first learn to control the power that had tormented her for years. With not much time on her hands, Red has to move quickly before the weakening forest is overtaken by the gods keen to destroy her world.

Eammon the Wolf makes this story even more exciting. It is great that he turns out to be the opposite of what Red expected. This young man is caring, and he is willing to sacrifice himself so that others can be safe. While the past had burdened him enough, Eammon doesn’t complain, and he takes every opportunity that benefits Red and those around him.

If you like getting lost in the world of fantasy, you will find this book irresistible. The story features a cursed forest, wolves, and crumbling estates, to mention but a few. Red is such a lovable character, and you will enjoy seeing her in action. Eammon and the rest of the cast are also well developed.
The Wolf is also likable, and once you hear his story, you cannot help but sympathize with him and hope that Red brings the relief he and others have been waiting for.

This is a story rooted in folklore and masked by political turmoil. The themes of the danger of obsession and religion are well highlighted here. It is sad how the people in Valley are brainwashed and frightened thanks to religion. Fortunately, there is a savior among them who is going to bring the much-needed change. There is also some mystery around Valley that you will find intriguing.

Overall, this extraordinary story will have you hooked from the start to the last page. The slow-burn romance with its underlying tension will leave you yearning for more, not to mention the brooding monster boyfriends. Away from the romance, the author also explores sisterhood and its associated sacrifices and dynamics. It is easy to sympathize with Red and keep hoping that she will make the best out of her situation.

For The Wolf is an intriguing story characterized by rich prose, detailed imagery, and a lot of action. The fantasy world and characters are well developed, and the ending will leave you wanting to get lost in a cursed forest. This story is told from different perspectives, which makes it even more intriguing.
It is nice hearing from Red and Neve and seeing how divergent their views are on their odd circumstances. There is also a third act, and this will catch you by surprise. You can only hope that the second installment will tie all the strings left handing in this book.

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