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Publication Order of The UCMH Books

Hannah Grace is an English author of romance and children’s books. She is a self-labeled fluffy comfort book author focusing her writing energy on contemporary romance and new adult and children’s books in her quiet home in Manchester.
When she is not writing, you will find Hannah you will find her spending time with her husband and their two dogs, Bear and Pig.

Her books Held in Heaven’s Hand, Forgiving the Monsters, and Heavenly Hugs are a special dedication to all families undergoing difficult and delicate life situations. If you’re dealing with a sick child, trying to come to terms with the loss of a child, or want a book touching on the delicate theme of abuse and how to respond to it, then these three books are a good match for you.

Published in 2022, Icebreaker is the first book in her UCMH book series. If you’re a fan of new adult sports romance, then Icebreaker is a recommended read for you. The story is character-driven, and the greater part of the story revolves around the relationship between Nate and Anastasia and their toxic skating relationship with Aaron.

We meet Anastasia Allen, who’s spent almost her entire life training in the hopes she would get selected to play for Team USA. She has been a competitive skater since she was five, won a complete college sponsorship thanks to her participation in Maple Hills skating team, and has a schedule that would make even the most clear guided person weep.

For Nathan Hawkins he’s never faced a problem that he couldn’t solve. He’s the captain of Maple Hills Titans and understands too well the responsibility of keeping his team on top-notch rests on his shoulders. When a conflict results in the two teams sharing the skating arena, leaving Anastasia wounded, Nate soon finds himself swapping his hockey stick for tights.

The two find themselves entangled together in more ways than they ever imagined, but that’s fine since Anastasia does not even like the male players…right?

Icebreaker is not a novel full of drama or angst. The characters get together in the first few pages, and the relationship between Henry and Anastasia is one that most novels lack, especially for that specific age range. The two communicate about everything in their relationship, and it is beautiful to see them moving along nicely.

This is a type of romance where the majority of the narration focuses on love but does not exclude the themes of conflicts which is something that anyone in love experienced at one point. Spiced in this story is sex, but one where the two parties involved give consent. Another theme Hanna Grace discusses in the story is the theme of therapy. She portrays it in such a fantastic way giving it the sufficient emphasis it deserves.

Additionally, there’s a diversity of supporting characters. While it can be overwhelming for the reader to meet them all in the first few pages, the author does give each character a separate scene throughout the story allowing you to give them a chance to love them.

The heroine, Anastasia, is a relatable character on so many different levels. Hannah Grace does a fantastic job of depicting a clear picture of adoption, how it affects a person throughout their lives, and how it shapes one’s romantic relationship. The way the author handles mental health challenges and therapy is something every reader will appreciate. Therapy in the story was never brushed off, stigmatized, or used as a punchline. Not only did the heroine continue with her therapy sessions even when in a romantic relationship, but also Nate cared for and supported her in each and every step. He gives her space when she needs it, supports her when she needs his support, and cheers her when she was all low.
Anastasia and Nathan are both relatable characters. But if you don’t identify with them, well, the rest of the supporting cast would deliver. But overall, Icebreaker shows you how, little by little, the two fall in love without getting rushed, or forced, allowing the reader to explore the dynamics of their relationship.

Heavenly Hugs
Hannah Grace wrote Heavenly Grace as a dedication book for kids ailing from serious diseases. The book is filled with comforting statements on how God instructs his angels to watch over and take care of sick little children. The angels are always keeping watch when the child is playing, sad, hurting, and sleeping.

The picture illustrations in the story show winged angels from all races on earth watching over sick children. The story is narrated in the first-person perspective, and it explores some of the emotions children experience when they are sick. Written with compassion, this story is full of the love of the merciful God in heaven who feels the hurting pain a sick child experiences.

What makes this book even much better are the paged lines at the back of the book where a child can write their prayers and letters to God about how they are feeling.

Heavenly Hugs is a book that will definitely bring comfort to children who are sick. The author stresses that there always comes a time when everything else seems hard for a child, and while the illness may prevail, the loving God sends his angels to comfort the pain.

She also emphasizes that the story was inspired by a family member close to her who dealt with a terminal illness. She also dedicates the book to other families who have to deal with such changing circumstances and points out that it’s important to treat such families with love and compassion. While there’s no specific reason or answer to the families that have children who are ill, she sends out a message of hope to such families. The story itself does not end in sorrow but instead offers hope and comforts the families in need of hope and comfort. The book also gives assurance to those who are sick, reminding them that God’s love and the angels are always beside them, even in the darkest hours.

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