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Hannah Gray is a new adult romance fiction novelist from Maine who is best known for her university-based novels. Living in a quaint town on the Maine coast, she loves to read contemporary romance and has consistently beat her record of reading more novels each year.

Gray published “Chasing Sunshine” her debut novel and the first of the “NE University” series of novels in 2020. She now has more than sixteen novels published and is not slowing down any time soon.

Like most mothers, she spends many of her days taking care of her three daughters and trying to be the best mother ever. However, once she tucks her children in at night or they fall asleep next to her, she dives deep into the world of fantasy.
Like many of her contemporaries, she can usually be found staying well into the night, coming up with all manner of interesting characters and plots for her university-based series.

Even though she loves being a mother and a wife, her main outlets are her writing and reading, as they make it possible to travel far away while still being close to her family every day.

In 2013, Hannah Gray got married to her husband who has been the best as he puts up with all manner of craziness. He has been her one constant anchor in the forever-changing world of writing.
When she has the time, she can sometimes be found on her social media profiles on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Hannah Gray’s “Puck Boy” is a gripping work of fiction that tells of Addison, who is in college studying to be a nurse. While she looks like any other student, she has a three-year-old kid back home. As such, she spends much of her free time at home and takes care of her kid while her peers go out.

On the other hand, is campus playboy Cam who usually gets any girl he wants with hardly any effort. He is the best hockey player at the college and his future looks bright. Given his star status, he never gets hung up on women as all he is interested in over the long term is hockey.

When Addison’s best friend convinces her to go out one night to party, she meets Cam and their lives change forever, even though it was supposed to be a one-night thing.

It is a captivating novel that will make you want more as you read along. You will love how Cam falls over heels for Addison and her daughter as well. It is also touching how he changes focus from just thinking about hockey to having a family, as he comes to acknowledge that life is nothing without Addison and Cam.

“Broken Boy” by Hannah Gray is a work full of swoon-worthy moments, angst, witty banter, and a lot of spice.

Link and Tate are inseparable best friends whose lives are changed following their graduation night. When Link voices his feelings to her, she leaves leaving him heartbroken and angry. Things are made worse by the fact that he lost his best friend and his mother at that time too, just when he needed them most.

Tate had vowed to never date hockey players since her father had once chosen fame over his family and she would not want to relive that again.

Two years later, she is in a situation, where she is looking for a room after she transferred schools. The only available room is in a house full of Hockey players one of whom is Link. He has never forgiven her for leaving him and makes her life hard, even though it is quite clear that he still loves and cares for her.

Even though it is a story of reconnection, it is also about healing, and finding oneself.

Hannah Gray’s novel “Filthy Boy” is a fascinating romance fiction work that tells the story of Bria and Brody.

The latter is the star defenseman on the hockey team at Brooks University, who is known for his sociability and larger-than-life personality. But this is only a facade, as he only has surface relationships given his traumatic past. But then he meets Bria who is new in town, as she moved there to do her masters at Brooks University.

It is at a modeling gig where she meets Brody and they start working together and become close friends. Bria also had a very troubling childhood and is one of the very few people who can understand Brody’s darkness.
Even though they have some incredible chemistry, they try hard to deny it but ultimately end up in a friends-with-benefits relationship. But this is just the beginning and things will soon start getting very messy no matter how hard they try.

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