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About Hannah Kaner

Hannah Kaner is a talented British author known for her engrossing fantasy stories. With a background in the technology sector, she focuses on developing digital tools for communities that are often overlooked. This unique experience gives her a distinct perspective, which she skillfully weaves into her writing, making her work relatable and thought-provoking.

A love for histories and mythologies, along with the stories we tell about human experiences and emotions, greatly influences Hannah’s creations. Her fascination with these subjects allows her to craft intricate narratives and rich backdrops that draw readers in. Hannah is especially adept at creating complex characters and formidable protagonists, giving her stories an undeniable charm and depth.

Her interest in swords and fearsome heroines manifests in her vivid depictions of strong, spirited characters who face their challenges head-on. This flair for powerful storytelling makes her books incredibly entertaining and hard to put down. Her ability to communicate and challenge through her writing sets her apart, making her a compelling voice in the world of fantasy literature.

Kaner excels at making her fantasy stories authentic to her unique voice while ensuring they are accessible to a contemporary, universal audience. Her ability to draw from her background in creating digital tools for hard-to-reach communities adds a layer of realism and empathy in her storytelling that resonates with readers from various walks of life. This grounding in real-world experience helps her to craft narratives that feel genuine and believable.

At the same time, Hannah’s love for histories and mythologies allows her to infuse her works with timeless themes and cultural depth. She strategically blends these elements with modern sensibilities, ensuring that her stories reflect both the richness of the past and the vibrancy of today’s world. This combination makes her books appealing to readers who enjoy both classic tales and contemporary narratives.

Looking ahead, Hannah Kaner has an exciting future full of more captivating tales and dynamic characters. Her passion for histories, mythologies, and strong protagonists ensures that her upcoming works will continue to bege highly engaging and deeply resonant. Fans can look forward to more of her unique blend of intricate storytelling and contemporary relevance, making her a prominent voice in fantasy literature.

As she continues to write, Hannah remains committed to creating stories that challenge, inspire, and entertain. With each new project, she brings fresh perspectives and innovative ideas, guaranteeing that her readership will always find something intriguing and thought-provoking in her works. There’s no doubt that Hannah Kaner is just getting started, and her future projects promise to deliver even more of the imaginative and powerful narratives that her readers have come to love.

Whether it’s through exploring new mythologies, crafting unforgettable characters, or tackling contemporary issues within a fantastical framework, Hannah Kaner is set to make a lasting impact on the literary world. Her dedication to authenticity and accessibility ensures that her future books will continue to captivate and inspire a diverse audience.

Early and Personal Life

Hannah Kaner has her heart in Scotland, while her roots are set in the north of England, where her journey as a storyteller began. Growing up in Northumberland, she spent her time creating and unraveling mysteries with her friends, fueling her passion for narrative from an early age. This early love for storytelling set the foundation for her future as a fantasy author.

Her academic journey took her to the University of Cambridge, where she pursued her love for literature with enthusiasm and creativity. Known for her bold comparisons, she often engaged her supervisors by drawing parallels between Terry Pratchett and Charles Dickens. Her dedication and unique perspective culminated in earning a 1st Class degree in English, further solidifying her expertise in narrative theory.

Hannah’s interest in storytelling extended beyond traditional literature to include narrative theory in video games, showcasing her versatility and innovative approach. This blend of interests allows her to craft engaging and multifaceted stories that appeal to a broad audience. As she continues to grow as an author, Hannah Kaner’s deep roots in storytelling and her diverse inspirations promise a bright future filled with compelling and imaginative works.

Writing Career

Hannah Kaner is making her mark in the world of fantasy literature with her engaging series, ‘Fallen Gods.’ The first book in the series, ‘Godkiller,’ was released in 2023 and received considerable acclaim for its captivating narrative and vibrant characters. The follow-up, ‘Sunbringer,’ was published in 2024, delivering even more excitement and intrigue.

As she continues her writing career, Hannah builds on her foundation of storytelling to create compelling and immersive worlds. Her unique voice and narrative style have already established her as a notable author in fantasy fiction. With more projects on the horizon, readers can expect many more captivating tales from her.


Hannah Kaner’s fantasy novel ‘Godkiller’ was published by Harper Voyager on January 19, 2023. As the first book in the ‘Fallen Gods’ series, readers are encouraged to read the series in order for the best experience. The book sets the stage for the adventures and narratives that follow.

Kissen’s life changed when zealots of a fire god killed her family, leading her to become a godkiller by trade. Her routine is disrupted when she encounters Skedi, a god of white lies, who has bound himself to a young noble fleeing from assassins.

Along with a disillusioned knight on a secret quest, they journey to the ruined city of Blenraden, home to the last wild gods, to seek a favor. Pursued by demons and amidst a civil war, they each face a significant reckoning.


Hannah Kaner’s fantasy novel ‘Sunbringer’ is set to be published by Harper Voyager on February 15, 2024. As the second book in the ‘Fallen Gods’ series, it is recommended to read the series in order. The novel continues the intriguing saga that began with ‘Godkiller.’

Kissen and her companions, young noble Inara and knight Elogast, embark on a journey through lands filled with gods and demons. Their goal is to uncover a dark truth hidden at the heart of their world.

In this magical, dangerous, and beautiful realm, they face numerous challenges and adventures. The trio’s return promises to continue their winding and captivating story.

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