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Hannah McBride is an American published author of fiction, including stories set in the paranormal romance genre.

This author wasn’t always a writer. Like so many authors that have come before her, Hannah has worn many hats and had many day jobs. She has worked in positions as everything from a clinical research coordinator, a manager, an ambassador for a makeup brand, a blogger, event coordinator, dreamer, and more. But even though she has always found herself jumping careers, she has known in her heart deep down that she is a writer.

McBride finally sat down to write a novel and the rest is history. Readers will be thrilled to enjoy a new type of paranormal romance that breathes some fresh air into the genre. She put fingers to the keyboard and the result would be her debut novel, Sanctum. The book was first released for readers to enjoy in 2020 and starts off what is referred to as the Blackwater Pack, an exciting series of novels featuring the main characters of Skye Markham and Remy Holt. Check out this series and see for yourself what it is all about.

Hannah McBride is the creator and author of the Blackwater Pack. This series of fictional novels first kicked off with the release of the debut novel in 2020, titled Sanctum. It was quickly followed by the second novel in the series, Prey. This series follows the adventures of Skye Markham as she attempts to find sanctuary in the outside world. Check the first story in this series out and get the action started!

Sanctum is the first fictional novel in the Blackwater Pack, a series written by Hannah McBride. If you are a fan of the Twilight series or anything that involves the paranormal, romance, or just a good read, check this debut out and start Skye’s story from the beginning and follow along with the rest of the exciting books in this series.

Skye Markham doesn’t know it yet, but she’s destined to be a survivor. She’s on the run now, along with her mother. They are escaping out of necessity. They can no longer stay with their pack as their sadistic nature is now too much to be endured for them. They would rather flee and deal with the consequences than stay any longer.

Fortunately, the daughter and mother pair have somewhere to go. They are looking for safety, and they think that they can find it within Blackwater. This may be their only hope for sanctuary and security against their pack. Skye does whatever she can to try and adapt to the situation and is defying the odds by attempting to start her life over and create a new one. It seems incredible that she dreamed of a life similar to this, and it seems that she is so close to reaching it.

Meanwhile, there’s the alpha Remy Holt to consider. Remy has been working for years to protect his pack and make sure that they are safe. After all, his pack is his family and he would do anything to guard them and ensure their security. He’s the next in line to be the alpha and when the pack chooses to assist the Markham women, he is surprised when he finds that he and Skye have a quick bond.

Just like that, she becomes part of the pack and one of the family. He also feels a unique instinct to protect her and make sure that she is safe. This is no easy matter when they have a pack that’s still smarting from the exit of two of their members. Remy and Skye have now been thrust together, but the pairing of the two happens just as their shifter world begins experiencing major problems.

Their population is dying, shifters have gone missing, and there are wars among the pack. The safety that Skye and her mother thought that they had found may now be threatened. Can Skye truly find safety here, or is security in this world only an illusion? Read the first book in this Pack to find out!

Prey is the second novel in the Blackwater Pack written by author Hannah McBride. If you thought that the dramatic events of the first story were exciting, check out all of the action in this second installment!

Skye has been through a lot. She got away from the pack that she was born into, only to be quickly kidnapped. She nearly met her end while on a mountain, but that’s all quieted down and is over now. She’s currently just grateful that all of it is behind her and happy to have made Blackwater her home. She has friends and her family around her as well as her mate, and things couldn’t be better.

Skye is getting ready to attend Granite Peak Academy for what is going to be her last semester. She is hoping that this year is going to be less eventful than the year before. Then again, she knows that anything can happen. Sure enough, it doesn’t take too long before the academy is attacked and some shifters are taken. Just like that, Skye must go back to Blackwater with her pack.

Skye must face down her past and all of the demons that she still carries with her if she wants a fresh start. She loves Remy, but can she leave the past behind and find a new purpose and way of life in the present? Things have been so good between them that Skye wants to do whatever it takes to just finally get all of that bad stuff out of her system and begin again with clarity and space in her heart without walls or problems lurking.

She’s ready to do what it takes to protect her loved ones and fight for the future. But when a threat turns out to be someone that she thought she could trust, will everything be turned upside down? Find out by picking up a copy of Prey and reading until the end!

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