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Hannah Nicole Maehrer otherwise known as @hannahbicolemae on TikTok is a BookToker and fantasy romance fiction author with a love for villains.

She first discovered her love for stories and writing when she was young. Her parents still have endless videos of Maehrer standing at the hearth of their fireplace at two years old telling them a story about Goldilocks and the three bears.
These were the types of stories that shaped her childhood and she still has memories of her father making a story of “Larry the Beetle” who made his home under the swingset in their backyard.
Every night, she used to create new adventures with Larry alongside her mother and father who loved hearing her new stories.

Storytelling never left her mind from that time and she would ultimately publish “Assistant to the Villain” her debut novel in 2023.

When she is not working on her nerdy skits about Assistant and Villaisn she can often be found trying to rewrite her favorite Taylor Swift songs.

Her biggest passions in life include laughter, magic, and romance and she can often find ways to incorporate them into everything she develops including her TikTok videos and her books.

“Assistant to the Villain” is a work that crept up on Hannah Nicole Maehrer. It often seemed as if pieces of the story were always present in her mind but she never put them together for years.
She had always had a desire to write stories about villains particularly how they came to earn their despicable titles, even if she mostly thought about how he could make them laugh.
These would then manifest in her TikTok video skit series.
Making people feel joy and laugh has always been a passion for Maehrer but with her TikTok videos, she thought she could parlay that into her favorite escape, books.

Much of the time, she was thinking of poking fun at some of the favorite tropes in fantasy and she made countless videos making fun of villains in different scenarios.
In these videos, Hannah Mahrer pulled at the threads of what made a fantasy fiction story so good and then remade it to become a very funny version.

Ultimately, she got into the making of “What if” situation videos that would then become “What if I was personal assistant to a fantasy heroine.” After sitting on the idea for several months, she realized it was impossible to silence her villains.
It was from this that her TikTok series about an assistant to an ethically grey villain came to be.

Hannah Nicole Maehrer began her videos very simply. She just wanted to take walks around her small college town and get her creative juices flowing.

She used to constantly improve her skits as she often circled whenever she felt something new come into her head. Surprisingly, she often managed to surprise herself with how good she was becoming.
Starting out, she had surface-level skits on the romance story in which the assistant is oblivious to the villain’s feelings. It was these stories that felt like an escape just like reading her favorite book even if this time, she was the writer.
Nothing about her videos was complicated as all she needed was her phone, a door to knock on, and a stream of imagination to get going.

Suddenly, she found that she was unlocking a high level of creativity since the skits were no longer about a little escapism as it became a real story.
With more than 200 posts, it took over her brain and the characters started to take a life of their own the more she produced videos about them.

Nicole Maehrer did her skits for months as she dedicated much of her free time to the story. After doing it for so long, she realized that maybe this was the story she had always dreamed of one day telling.
It had all her favorite things – fairytales, humor, villains, and a cast of quirky characters who just like the rest of us are trying to figure out things.

Given that she had more than 200 posts, much of the story was etched on her mind and hence it was not so hard to transfer this into book format.

It was all about just fleshing the characters, plots, and settings a bit and she published her debut work of fiction in 2023. Nonetheless, the skits are where the story came to be and where its evolution happened to make it into what it is today.
By starting with skits, she could be free to have fun and this fueled her creativity resulting in “Assitant to the Villain,” one of the most anticipated books of 2023.

Hannah Nicole Maehrers’s novel “Assistant to the Villain” is a work that follows a young woman named Evie. She is desperately looking for a job so that she can support her young sister and her ailing father.
She immediately takes a job when it is offered but the catch is that she is to be an assistant to the Villain of Rennedawn who is the biggest enemy of the kingdom.

The Villain has a reputation for hanging the heads of his victims from the ceiling and there is nothing he wants more than to sabotage the king.

It is a work that is told from the perspectives of the Villain and Evie which provides a better understanding of their motivations.

Evie is a big-hearted and compassionate woman who is loyal to her boss, her job, her friends, and her family. The Villain has a craving to be feared and maintain his evil empire by plotting against the king.
When someone attempts to take him out and destroy his empire, The Villain and Evie have to find the person who betrayed them before it is too late.

This is a story with everything you would expect from a fantasy with a slow-burn romance that is emotional, funny, heartfelt, and witty, with a frog wearing a crown and even a betrayal.

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