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The Hannah Smith series is a popular series of mystery, suspense, and fiction novels. It is written by a reputed American writer named Randy Wayne White. This series is comprised of a total of 4 books, which were released between the years 2012 and 2016. Each and every book of this series features the chief protagonist in the role of Hannah Smith. Author White has described Hannah Smith as a tall and strong woman hailing from Florida. She is depicted as a formidable woman, a descendant of the generations of tough women from Florida. Hannah Smith earns her living by working as a fishing guide. She also works as a part time investigator. Her friends clients, and neighbors know Hannah Smith as a resourceful woman, who has a keen interest in justice. Knowing that Hannah cannot be bullied or forced to back down, the people acquainted with her come with the problems of their lives and ask for her help.

All the four books have gained a wide popularity among the fans of mystery and suspense stories. Numerous readers from all across the globe have appreciated the unique stories and characters. They have also liked the excellent writing style of author Randy White. The critics gave praising reviews to all the books in various literary journals and magazines as well as on many online platforms. Even the fellow writers of Randy White praised him for his dedicated efforts in coming up with this exciting mystery series. The large scale success and wide appreciations motivated author Randy White to a great extent. It increased his popularity and fame even further.

Randy Wayne White is a NY Times bestselling writer from Ohio, United States. He is well known for his nonfiction and crime fiction adventure stories. White has won several awards and accolades for his work. He is particularly popular for the creation of a retired NSA agent and a current marine biologist living in southern Florida’s Gulf Coast named Doc Ford in a series of successful crime fiction stories. Author White has also written a TV documentary. His contribution of materials on a wide range of topics in various magazines is highly appreciated by many. White has even delivered lectures in many parts of the US. Randy White has been a Southwest Florida resident since 1972. As of today, he resides in Pine Island. Apart from writing novels, he takes active participation in the civic affairs of South Florida. Author White was born in 1950 in Ashland, Ohio. A large part of his earlier life was spent on a farm located just outside Pioneer in Ohio. White used to spend his summers in Rockingham, NC, which was the hometown of his mother.

During the early 1960s, White’s family shifted to Davenport in Iowa, where he studied at the Davenport School. He was a member of his school’s football, springboard diving, and baseball teams. After completing his high school graduation in 1968, White spent some time traveling to different places in America before settling down in 1972 in Southwest Florida. The first job taken up by White was with Fort Myers Press, where he was employed for 4 years. During this time, he earned the captain’s license and became the owner of a charter boat. Subsequently, he started working as a light tackle fishing guide on the Sanibel Island. White spent 13 years in this profession. His interest in writing stories began after some time into the fishing guide profession. Initially, he wrote 7 books under the pseudonym of Randy Striker. Another eleven of his books were written as Carl Ramm. With the federal government’s decision of closing the powerboat traffic in Tarpon Bay, author White gave up his prior profession and settled down as a full time writer and adventurer. He has traveled a lot and has participated in various adventurous activities like dog sledding, ferrying, etc.

The debut book of the Hannah Smith series written by author Randy Wayne White is entitled ‘Gone’. It was released by the GP Putnam publishers in the year 2012. The lead characters of the book include Hannah Smith, Doc Ford, Tomlinson, and a few others as well. At the start of the story of the book, it is shown that Hannah Smith gets her case as a investigator when she learns about a missing girl. As Hannah is known to follow unorthodox methods to make the ones at the receiving end very unhappy, the devastated father of the disappeared girl comes to her for help. Hannah grew up assisting her father in his fishing guide business and also in his one-agent detective agency. A rich fishing guide customer approaches Hannah’s father to ask for Hannah’s help in tracking down his missing daughter. The man expects that Hannah Smith will make use of her high contacts in Florida’s Gulf Coast communities and help find his little girl. After the initial investigation, Hannah Smith discovers that the man’s daughter was involved with a tomboyish man, who runs a service of private cruises and takes rich people out on fancy yachts for luxurious orgies and entertainment. When Hannah realizes that one particular suspect is very brutal in his treatment of women, she feels pressurized to act fast and save the girl. During the course of the investigation, Hannah Smith makes some mistakes and lands herself in trouble. It takes her a lot of effort to avoid becoming a victim herself and get the girl back safely.

Another interesting book penned by Randy White in this series is called ‘Deceived’. G P Putnam published this novel too in 2013. At the beginning of the book’s story, it is depicted that Hannah Smith’s attention is shifted towards a 20 year old unsolved case of murder mystery. Along with this case, Hannah faces another immediate problem in life. The government of Florida announces to build a private museum that will be solely devoted to the pioneers and earliest settlers of the state. And for building the huge structure, the government asks for donations from the residents of Sulfur Wells. A number of Hannah Smith’s neighbors and friends feel pressured for making the contributions. Many suspect that it a big scam and worry that their hard-earned money will be going in someone else’s pocket. Hannah Smith decides to discover the person behind this scam and unravel the truth. But, it turns out that things are much worse than anyone can imagine. Her investigation of the scam makes it clear that a big power play of real estate is being played in the name of museum construction. As a result, her whole village is in the danger of getting wiped out. What worries Hannah Smith more is that the ones involved in this huge scam are very dangerous people and they won’t let anyone or anything come in the way of their plan. In spite of the huge dangers and risk to her own life, Hannah sets out to prevent the evil plans of the scammers from succeeding. She gets the supports of the village’s people, her neighbors, and close friends in this effort.

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