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Hannah’s Daughters Books In Order

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Publication Order of Hannah's Daughters Books

Courting Ruth (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Miriam's Heart (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Anna's Gift (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Leah's Choice (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Redeeming Grace (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Johanna's Bridegroom (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rebecca's Christmas Gift (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hannah's Courtship (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Hannah’s Daughters series is a well known novel series based on the contemporary romance genre and written by one the prominent authors from The United States named Emma Miller. It is comprised of a total of 8 books, which were released between the years 2010 and 2014. Author Miller has set the books of this romance series in the Amish community of Delaware, The United States. In each of the novels, the author has described the romantic love story and the subsequent marriage of the daughters of Hannah Yoder to the men of their dreams. Hannah Yoder has been described as an Amish widow, who has 7 daughters in all. When all of them reach the age of marriage one after the other, Hannah prays to God that they find a loving and caring husband. Her eldest daughter is Ruth Yoder, who stays at home and looks after the upbringing of her younger sisters. While caring for her sisters, Ruth hopes that a handsome man will come, hold her hand and marry her. The youngest of the 7 daughters of Hannah Yoder is Rebecca Yoder. She goes on to help a widow preacher named Caleb Wittner in taking care of his mischievous daughter Amelia. With her love and care, housekeeper Rebecca helps bring smile and laughter in the life of Caleb and Amelia. This makes him wonder whether he should invite Rebeca into his life forever. One of the other daughters is Miriam Yoder. She falls in love with the dependable and steady Charley Byler living in the neighboring farm and hopes to get married to him. But, when another Amish man named John Hartman comes into her life and she finds him charming too, Mirian wonders whom to go for. She had always prayed to have a good Amish community man in her life, but God has given her two and therefore she is in a dilemma.

The next Yoder sister is Anna, who does not wish to get married. She appears to be a plow horse among her other 6 pretty sisters. Anna has loved a widower named Samuel Mast secretly for years. She could not believe her years when he comes forward and asks Anna to get married to him. Anna thinks that Samuel wants her only as a mother to look after his 5 children. But, his love and affection make her feel otherwise. The two go on to indulge in a romantic relationship as husband and wife. The next story written by author Miller in the series is that of Leah Yoder, who also hopes to marry a respectable Amish man. When a missionary from Mennonite, Daniel Brown, arrives at the Delaware church, she gets fascinated by his charm. Later, she starts living in courtship with Brown, against the rules of the Amish community. Brown’s love removes all the fear of the community from her heart. Grace Yoder is the 5th daughter of Hannah, who is a young widow and has a son. She arrives in the Amish community to reunite with her family. When her mother and sisters welcome her humbly, her heart gets filled with gratitude. And when John Hartman offers a job to her in his office, she becomes overwhelmed.

Grace hopes that Hartman will ask her to remain in his life forever. The next story described by Emma Miller is about Johanna Yoder, who lives a widow with her two children. She asks Roland Byler, who is also a widower with a son, to indulge in a marriage of convenience. Years before, Roland and Johanna were in deep love with each other, but they went on separate paths because of one big mistake of Roland. Now that he has got a second chance, he hopes that he will correct his mistake and enable the stubborn Johanna to start loving him again. In the series’ last book, author Miller has mentioned the story of Hannah’s marriage. She had never intended to get married again in life as her daughters had reached the age to marry and settle down. But, Albert Hartman’s friendship makes her feel special. Albert had always hoped to meet the perfect woman all his life and he realized that Hannah has always been there by his side, only he failed to see her as more than a friend. But, the problem is that Albert is a born and bred Mennonite and being an Amish, Hannah does not wish to give up her faith of the Amish community. Now, it is up to Albert to do the needful if he wants to get wish of having the right woman in his life fulfilled.

The debut book of Hannah’s Daughters series was published under the title of ‘Courting Ruth’. It was released by Steep Hill publishers in 2010. Author Miller has set the plot in Kent County, Delaware, United States. In the opening sequence, Hannah Yoder is introduced as a widow having 7 daughters. She always prays that all her daughters find the perfect man in their lives someday. In spite of that, her oldest daughter, Ruth Yoder thinks that it is the will of God that she stays home and take care of her sisters. It is only when a charming and handsome man arrives in the Kent County that she starts rethinking about her plans. This man, Eli Lapp, has not yet joined the church and so he tends to do wild things in life. Due to this, Ruth seems a little bit worried as she cannot be as wild as Eli because she is bound by her Amish faith. When Eli seems the gentle behavior and sweet smile of Ruth, he thinks to get settled down in life. Now, he wonders how to convince Ruth about his plans about marrying her. The only option left with him is to start following the path of God and only by doing so Ruth will happily agree to marry him.

The series’ second book was released as ‘Miriam’s Heart’. In this book, Miriam Yoder is shown having a soft corner in her heart for Charley Byler. As he is a dependable man, she hopes that she will get married to him someday. The fact that Charley has always been sweet to her, raises her hopes even more. However, when Miriam sees the local vet named John Hartman, she begins to fall for him too. He appears to be a caring, handsome, and charming man and loves animals. Now, even though Miriam is a wild girl as opposed to her sisters, she still expects to marry a sensible Amish man. But, she sees both Charley and John in that sense. Now, it is up to her to decide by listening to her heart as to which man will become a part of her love life and her future.

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