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Hanover Chronicles Books In Order

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Publication Order of Hanover Chronicles/Evelyn Talbot Chronicles Books

Brenda Novak is a published author. She resides in Sacramento with her family. She and her husband Ted have five children.

Brenda decided that she needed to do something in the home when she had a bad experience with a day care provider drugging her children with Tylenol and cough syrup. Since then she decided that she must be home to oversee her children and their well being and decided to find a way to work from home.

She tried her hand at writing and once she had attempted to write her debut book then the rest fell into place. Novak has since bloomed into a best selling author. A few of her novels have been in contests and placed or else won. She has received the Beacon Award, Award of Excellence, and more.

Even though she has always enjoyed books, writing as a profession was about the last thing that Brenda ever expected. She thought that she didn’t have a single creative bone inside her, but it turns out that she was wrong! Brenda thought that she might not be equipped to take on an area such as this that was so abstract due to the fact that science and math were her preferred subjects where she had done the best in school.

Even when it was the time to go to college and select a major, Brenda did not choose English or literature and instead went with business. She had a scholarship to attend Brigham Young University when she was younger, but abandoned it in order to get married at the age of twenty years old to start a family. It was then that she was working in commercial real estate and decided to become a loan officer.

She says that when she first arrived at the idea of starting out as a writer, it took five years to teach herself how to write as well as complete the first book she took on. She recounts that she took on writing by reading what other authors had composed. That is the advice that she would give to any author that wants to take on writing– get plenty of familiarity with how to do it by picking up a novel!

When this author is not busy writing or spending time with her family or just living life, she is working on her contribution to diabetes research. Brenda throws a fundraiser every year and the proceeds go towards research on diabetes.

The auction is held online from the first to the thirty-first of May annually. It is a cause especially close to her heart since her son Thad is her youngest and has diabetes. It is the author’s goal to help those dealing with diabetes. This fiction writer also enjoys biking, observing sporting events, and traveling. She rides twenty miles on the bike every day.

Brenda Novak is the creator and author of the Hanover Chronicles. The series kicked off in 2015 with the publication of the prequel in the series, Hanover House. Her Darkest Nightmare came out in 2016 and the second book came out next year. It is titled Hello Again. Face Off, the third full book in the series, was published in 2018.

Her Darkest Nightmare is the first book in the Hanover Chronicles. In this exciting crime adventure, readers get to meet Evelyn Talbot for the first time.

Evelyn was just sixteen years old when she had a traumatic experience. Now she knows that just because someone might look or appear normal, it doesn’t mean anything. They can still be a psychopath. That was something she found out first hand when her boyfriend tortured her and eventually left Evelyn behind for dead.

Instead of letting this event run her life, Evelyn decided to take charge and let herself be the own author of her own destiny. She became a psychiatrist and has done quite well. Her specialty is the mind of a criminal, something that she is all too familiar with.

She is also the power behind an Alaskan prison known as Hanover House. Located in a small town, this is a maximum security facility that she is convinced needs to exist. But someone else is not so sure that it is serving a purpose as much as Evelyn is.

That person would be Sergeant Amarok. He thinks that the community is threatened by Hanover and it would be better if it didn’t exist at all. Evelyn’s job may end up putting her in a situation where they butt heads– but he never counted on falling for her.

Evelyn is beautiful and everything that he ever dreamed of. However, could they ever be together? Or do their opposing stances mean that they could never truly work out? He has no idea, but he may not have too much time to ruminate on the subject. A mutilated corpse has been discovered, and it turns out that the identity of the victim was a woman who lives in town.

This comes just as the severe winter that Alaska always endures happens to cut off the town from all contact with the outside. Amarok thinks that the murder is due to the prison and is convinced this is evidence that the Hanover facility must go.

Evelyn thinks that it may be something different. She has more than enough motivation to be worried that it is a sign to her. Could this be a message from a would-be killer from her past? It’s taken everything that she has to rebuild her life. Now it could all be in jeopardy once more. What will happen? Pick up this book to find out!

Hello Again is the second book in the Hanover series. This psychiatrist is used to studying criminals and killers for a living. Now she is going to take on her most challenging patient to date.

The Zombie Maker is known for killing people and doing lobotomies via an ice pick. She believes that he may also be a genius cancer researcher. Will a new death prove Bishop was innocent after all? It could be Jasper. He killed her three friends. Could this be him? Read to the end to find out!

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