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Hans Rosenfeldt
Hans Rosenfeldt is a Swedish mystery author known for his well-written psychological thrillers. Born in Borås in 1964, he held different odd jobs until he started writing for television. The talented writer was once a driver, a lion keeper, an actor, and a teacher. In 1992, Rosenfeldt started writing screenplays for television, and his talent was hard to ignore. He has written for over twenty drama series and hosted many TV and radio shows. He enjoys playing video games and spending quality time with his wife and three kids in his free time.

Dark Secrets
Dark Secrets comes first in the Sebastian Bergman series. The book starts with the disappearance of Roger Eriksson, a sixteen-year-old boy. A group search organized by local scouts result in an awful discovery, Roger is dead, and his body has been hidden in a marsh. This case nearly brings Västerås town to a standstill. Who killed Roger, and what was their motivation? Sebastian Bergman, a criminal profiler and psychologist, is in town for totally different reasons. His mother has just passed on, and he is in town to settle her estate. When Sebastian is asked to help in the case, he accepts the offer even though he does so for selfish reasons.

Sebastian is a pain to work with, which means he is frequently stepping on the toes of the crime investigation officers at Västerås. He is rude, cruel, and self-important. Outside work, Sebastian is a sex-obsessed man who is disloyal and not a great person to be around. However, he has a soft side and a presence that makes him hard to ignore. Sebastian is a professional who is really good at what he does. He can think like a criminal and solve the hardest of mysteries. The author also lets us in on his personal life and the losses he had endured in the past. After losing his daughter and wide in a tsunami in 2004, Sebastian had withdrawn from police work.

So, will this wounded criminal psychologist manage to solve this bizarre death? Well, Sebastian’s arrogance alienates him from the team, but once the truth starts coming out, he has to work with the rest. Startling discoveries about the school Roger attended before his death are made, and the detectives start to unravel what led to this boy’s death. You will enjoy seeing how Sebastian and the investigative team come to different conclusions. Nothing is certain from the start, and just when you think you know who the killer is, an unexpected twist will throw you in a totally different direction.
Dark Secrets is a well-written mystery story that will keep you guessing until the end. The story begins on an exciting note, and the tension doesn’t ease up to the last page. However, the fascinating thing about this novel is the characters. All are well fleshed out and come with vices weaknesses that make them memorable. It is refreshing having a protagonist who seems so unlikable in the beginning. You will also hate many other characters, but a few good ones that will melt your heart. If you are a Nordic fiction fan, you will love this book. The ending will leave you yearning to read the next instalment in the series.

Lärjungen is the second book in the Sebastian Bergman series. The story starts with the savage killing of a woman inside her home. The Riksmord, which is the national police homicide unit, is called to investigate the killing. Sebastian at the time is following a strange woman after some information he gathered in the first book. When he hears of the woman’s murder, Sebastian persuades the unit investigating the case to include him. The murder is similar to those done by a serial killer he interacted with over fifteen years ago. Sebastian was instrumental in putting the serial killer behind bars, so it is understandable that he is so keen to join the current case.

Following the happenings in the last case, the unit is not so keen to work with Sebastian. His attitude left everyone pissed, and no one liked that he never took responsibility for his actions. However, the Riksmord keeps hitting one dead end after another and pressure to find the killer is mounting. When a fourth body shows up, killed just like the other three women, Riksmord’s boss Torkel Hoglund has no choice but to consult Sebastian. This marks the beginning of a tension-filled working relationship where two brilliant men will be at times working against each other. Fortunately, the fourth murder reveals a pattern which was missing in the previous investigations.

Follow Sebastian and Torkel as they hunt down a serial killer who seems to be leaving loads of confusing clues in each murder scene. Through this case, we also get to learn about Hinde, the serial killer Sebastian put behind bars and even wrote a few books about. Sebastian uncovers links between the current murder victims and those of 15 years ago and it is clear the investigators have to move quickly before more women turn up dead. It seems like Sebastian’s star is about to start shining again. This investigation is keeping him occupied, and he is spending less time pursuing lonely women for one-night stands.

Lärjungen is a chilling psychological thriller that throws you into the world of serial killers. The book comes with an eclectic mix of characters all with secrets they are trying to hide. Reading through this story feels like watching Criminal Minds, and it is clear that the author is talented. You will love getting into all the characters’ personal lives and seeing frustrations at home spill into the workplace. The reader also gets to meet the killer, read flashbacks from childhood that explain his twisted mind, and the thing that links the current murders to a serial killer convicted 15 years ago. The book ends with a cliffhanger, and you can bet that your curiosity will leave you searching for the third instalment in the series.

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