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Happily Ever After / Fairy Tales Books In Order

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Publication Order of Happily Ever After... Books

Storming the Castle (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Winning the Wallflower (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seduced by a Pirate (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
With this Kiss: Part 1 (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
With this Kiss: Part 2 (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
With this Kiss: Part 3 (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Fairy Tales Books

A Kiss at Midnight (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
When Beauty Tamed the Beast (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Duke Is Mine (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ugly Duchess (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Once Upon a Tower (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Eloisa James is a well-established New York bestselling author, who specializes in the historical romance genre. Harper Collins publishes James’s novels, a majority of which have been well received by the readers and the critics as well. Library Journal and Harper Collins have given Eloisa James’s novels starred reviews. After Eloisa James successfully graduated from Harvard University, she joined Oxford University, where she was awarded a Master’s in Philosophy. Later on, James received her Ph.D. from Yale University and eventually became a Shakespeare professor. As a Shakespeare professor, Eloisa James published an academic journal in conjunction with Oxford University Press. Currently, Eloisa James serves as an associate professor and also doubles up as the head of creative writing at Fordham University.

Fairy Tales Best Books
A Kiss at Midnight
A Kiss at Midnight is the first installment in the Fairy Tales book series. It introduces the readers to Kate, an orphaned girl, who lives with a malevolent stepmother. After the sudden death of her father, Kate is stripped off her inheritance by the evil stepmother and instead it is given to her stepsister. Despite the fact that the family is not entirely evil, they are extremely selfish. Author Eloisa James has not over-emphasized on the selfish aspect and in the process has allowed the romance element to flourish. Apart from being extremely strong, Kate is also an extremely wonderful woman. Though Kate knows that she deserves much better in life, she has learned to accept a lot. In the process, she has been able to find contentment and satisfaction, which is admirable. Kate does not think a lot about her looks and has learned to accept who she is.

Apart from being extremely skinny, Kate also has callused hands and tanned skin. Kate has never seen herself the way other people do. However, despite questioning her looks constantly, Kate is later on sent to act as her stepsister in the home of a prince from foreign lands, Gabriel. Gabriel is a prince, who as expected has a lot of responsibilities on his shoulders. Upon laying his eyes on Kate, Gabriel is smitten. Gabriel cannot explain why he is attracted to Kate, but he decides to pursue her. Once the Kate and Gabriel got to know one another, the chemistry between the two was extremely strong. Kate had the ability of bringing out Gabriel’s mischievous and playful side. Kate also allows Gabriel to be himself, which makes him realize that he is falling for an extremely beautiful and honest woman. With that said, A Kiss at Midnight is a fabulous retelling of the epic narrative, Cinderella, with all the charm and wit that one may expect from author Eloisa James.

Author James has introduced little tweaks to the traditional fairy elements; a not so ugly stepsister, an earthly godmother, a not quite glass slipper. Furthermore, Eloisa James has also done an exceptional job of building on the appreciation that Gabriel and Eloisa have for one another and their wants as well. These two characters, Gabriel and Eloisa belong together and unlike the original narrative, author Eloisa James beautifully why. With that said, A Kiss at Midnight is a delightful read that will definitely keep the readers entertained. Gabriel is a sweet and caring character while Kate is extremely strong and sweet.

When Beauty-Tamed the Beast
When beauty-Tamed the Beast is a fairy-tale romance novel, which tells the story about Lennet, an extremely beautiful woman, who has the ability to make the angels weep in envy and one Piers, whose rather vicious temper eventually earned him the nickname, the beast. Miss Linnet, the daughter of Earl, is undeniably one of the most celebrated and uniquely beautiful woman, which in turn renders her susceptible to the dangers of a beast. The beast is her fiancée and the Earl of Merchant, one Piers Yelverton who resides in a castle located in Wales. Despite being an extremely competent doctor, he has a somewhat ruthless attitude and a cutthroat tongue. Apart from being an impossible person, Piers is also a stubborn man. Piers does not shy from announcing to his patients of an impending death brusquely without any compassion. Furthermore, he is also unrepentant about his irritating bedside manners.

Just like any other man, Piers is attracted to Linet but refuses to get married to her. Linet is more than confident that her outstanding beauty is going to bend his will. However, Piers has other plans and so does fate. With that said, in When the Beauty-Tamed the Beast author Eloisa James has joined the various pieces of the usual beauty and the beast narrative with slight changes. In the process, James ended up with a novel that has an unconventionally but extremely attractive hero and an extremely loveable heroine.

Winning the Wallflower
Winning the Wallflower is a fantastic story about a girl who feels awkward due to her height. One day, when the most handsome man in her town asks for her hand in marriage, she could not decline the offer. Cyrus is a man with a plan and nothing on his list has anything to do with emotion. After all, Cyrus mother caused quite a scandal, when she got married to Cyrus’s father, who was a mere solicitor because of love. Cyrus plan is to gain back the status of his mother by marrying a Wallflower. Lucy being an heiress is forced by her mother to break off the engagement because she has suddenly become very eligible. However, Lucy has finally found what she has been looking for her entire life in Cyrus. Thus Lucy comes up with a plan; kiss Cyrus in front of everyone to compromise herself.

When Lucy met with Cyrus, she asks him to find a room so that they could sit down and talk privately. Everyone in the main room thought that Lucy was going to call off the engagement. Lucy did not expect that she was going to call off the engagement; however, she surprisingly manages to call it off. Lucy does it in a passionate manner that surprises Cyrus. Cyrus finds Lucy’s passionate side rather entrancing. Immediately, Cyrus wants Lucy back and this time around it is not for her plans. Will Cyrus be able to win Lucy back? With that said, Winning the Wallflower is a passionate and delightful narrative that will keep the reader entertained.

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