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Happy Pants Cafe Books In Order

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Publication Order of Happy Pants Books

Happy Pants Cafe (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tailored for Trouble (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Leather Pants (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Skinny Pants (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Happy Pants Café Series

Happy Pants Café is a series of novels by a bestselling American author of paranormal, romance and contemporary books Mimi Jean Pamfiloff. Despite obtaining her MBA and working in the corporate world for more than 15 years, Pamfiloff believes it’s never too late to follow her dreams as an author.

Pamfiloff began the publication of Happy Pants Café in 2016 when Tailored for Trouble was published.

Tailored for Trouble

Taylor’s company HumanitE is to teach business leaders to manage their workforce better. However, it does not go very well, as there is a shortage of customers. However, then there’s Bennett Wade, who wants to take Taylor’s coaching. However, he’s an arrogant but hot gentleman, and Taylor does not know if he’s the right candidate for her program. Yet, she has no other choice – she has to try to make this arrogant person a better person and starts to see different sides of him as well.

Taylor Reed is a determined woman and has her goals, but is not so successful. She is appalled by Bennett’s behavior towards his fellow human beings, and especially women, and does not want anything to do with him. However, then she wants to hurt him instead of helping him, although of course, that would be an opportunity to make him a better person. However, on the one hand, she does not think that would help him, and besides, she suspects sinister intentions and does not want to be his accomplice. So she is true to her principles, but unfortunately, she is not so objective as far as Bennett is concerned. She is attracted to him, but his arrogant behavior irritates her, and by doing so she perceives everything so negatively, even though he has never done anything wrong such that he deserves an anti-coaching.

Bennett Wade is not a sociable guy, sometimes a real badass. For example, you cannot call him by his first name except his mother and the women he has slept with. Of course, Taylor calls him by his first name and everyone thinks that, but Taylor does not understand what people have. He likes to be in control, and he’s right: he’s successful in business and has that arrogant-laid-back attitude that people have who know precisely what they’re doing. Anyway, he’s just right for Taylor’s program, because his skills in social skills do not necessarily shine.

Leather Pants

Leather Pants is book two in Happy Pants Café series by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff. Pamfiloff is one of the few writers who can write novels in any genre and make each book fun, unique and full of surprises and a treat of happy ever after.

Some of Mimi’s novels are darker, others will make you smile, but above all, they are all amazing. Once again, Lucy’s magic cookies have found their spot in the respected Judge Sarah of San Francisco Superior Court.

Sarah has managed to hit every mark in her life with her next goal in life being the state supreme court. Today, Sarah is celebrating her 34th birthday, and she gets the shock of her life when going through her court schedule. Listed in her schedule is the Colton Young, a badass rock star. While this is not the first time Colton to appear in Sarah’s courtroom, it is revealed that his first time Sarah was completely taken over by his cuteness and ended up embarrassing herself with her words.

However, can Sarah keep her cool and maintain professionalism this time around? Colton is a public image for the young generation, but he seems to be wasting his life. However, it’s up to Sarah to hold the young man responsible for his action and make sure that he surely pays his deeds.

On the other hand, Sarah’s friends want to make sure that she celebrates her birthday in style even though she finds excitement staying at home and getting a glimpse of the next day cases. So her buddies decide to take her out, dress her in a sexy red dress, she has a couple of bottles and finally meets the lousy boy Colton who changes her life in every way possible.

The second novel in the series is a fantastic read. Colton is one of those men every woman wants to be associated with and with each layer peeled away, it only makes him more and more interesting. For Colt, it’s been a rough year, and when Sarah discovers his secret, she decides to help him. When the two are together, they seem to bring out the best of each other. For example, Sarah wants to help Colt while Colt helps her to see herself more than just a judge into a career driven woman. Colt make Sarah feel more desirable, beautiful and sexy. The story is full of twists and turns that the reader never sees coming. The story also revisits characters in the previous novel quite a lot who also play a role in the second book as well.

Skinny Pants

In the final book in Happy Pants Café, we meet Dr. Jack Reed who has been through hell. His wife had an affair with another man for years and moving on after the breakup isn’t easy for him. He also finds it impossible to trust women again that until when he meets a woman named Macie at his new hospital. There is something about Macie that makes him want to fight back and get his life in order.

Macie Franklin after years of failed diets was known as “the fat girl” and thinks that she is invisible to the males and no man would set eyes on her. However, one short moment of weakness and a couple of glasses she finds herself in a steamy chat with “Dr. J-Love” using the fake name size 8.

Their romantic conversation on the internet convinces Macie that it is high time to make significant life changes. However, when she decides to go and see Dr. Reed, the surgeon everyone in town is talking about she discovers its Dr. J-Love, and he is hotter in person than on the internet. They decide to hit off as just friends, but Macie’s heart is at risk of falling in love. Will her Dr. J-love ever love her back?

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