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Publication Order of Harbinger P.I. Books

The Harbinger PI series is a set of novels by Adam J. Wright, a bestselling British author from Derbyshire that is best known for “The Murder Force” series of novels.

The author published “Dark Peak” his debut novel in 2017 and has since then gone on to become quite the author. He now has more than half a dozen works to his name including the top-rated “Harbinger P.I.” series.
The fantasy author has said that he has always been a huge fan of urban fantasy. In his childhood, he used to love watching the likes of Constatine, Buffy, Moonlight, Angle, The Dresden Files, Supernatural, The Originals, and Grimm in addition to reading all manner of thrillers and crime fiction works.

He currently makes his home near the small town of Hellmuth on the east coast of England where he lives with his partner and three cats.

The “Harbinger PI” series of novels introduces Alec as a detective that has been posted to Dearmont, Maine a backwater town. He is a likable main hero that is unlike the lone wolf or sarcastic types found in the urban fantasy genre.
Nonetheless, he does have daddy issues since his father is a member of the Society where he ranks. Still, Alec has no deep anger or rebellious streak toward the man.

Over the course of the series, Alec goes to work on all manner of cases as he makes friends with all manner of characters including faeries and witches.

Alongside Alec, the works also have several other interesting characters including his friend with benefits Mallory and Felicity his assistant. The work comes with some life hanging on and intense situations as Alec solves all manner of intriguing mysteries.
While Alec was sent to Maine for his own safety, he soon finds himself trying to keep himself from getting killed as he is involved in all manner of strange business.

“Lost Soul” the first novel of the “Harbinger P.I.” series introduces preternatural investigator Alec Harbinger. He is the man people go to when their spouses get bitten by werewolves or when their wife is kidnapped by a demon.
He is knowledgeable of how to get out of a sorcerer’s spell. At least he was that guy until he was sent to Dearmont, Maine by the Society of Shadows. It was a small sleepy town that on the supernatural occurrences scale often scored zero.
With so little happening in the town, he had planned on spending most of his days sitting at the office eating apple bakes made by his new assistant Felicity and drinking coffee.

But then he is hired by a woman that wants him to investigate if her son has been possessed by a demon while attending a party at some rich kid’s residence.

Soon after, a young man arrives at his office and insists that he has been bitten by a werewolf. This turn of events makes the small town surprisingly interesting and this become even more so when he discovers that some higher-ups in the Society want him dead.

“Buried Memory” by Adam J. Wright is the second novel of the “Harbinger P.I.” series of novels. Despite its reputation of nothing much happening in the small town, things have recently been getting hot in Dearmont, Maine.
Things get very interesting when the dead begin to crawl out of their graves. If there is one thing that Alec hates more than zombies, it has to be having his memories blotted out by magic.

As such, when he gets a chance to break the spell that had been put on his mind he takes it. He even engages in ancient Egyptian sorcery which might turn out to be a huge mistake.

Sometimes, it is always advisable to leave buried things undisturbed since you may end up having to confront an army of the dead otherwise.

The work is a link of the strands that were left loose in the first novel. It is all about the buried memories of the dead combined with a ton of Alec’s own buried memories.

In the third novel of the “Harbinger P.I. series” “Lost Soul,” there have been reported zombies on Main Street. This means that Alec is not in the good books of the police at this time.

But then some cold cases with a whiff of the paranormal begin to heat up and suddenly the sheriff needs his services urgently. When the case really starts to heat up, he finds himself dealing with ritual killings, black magic, and monsters.
In the process, he discovers that the only way to do this was to ask for help for the craziest witches in town.

Could he have bitten off more than he can chew?

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