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Publication Order of Hard Ink Books

Hard as It Gets (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hard as You Can (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hard to Hold on To (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hard to Come By (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hard to Be Good (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hard to Let Go (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hard as Steel (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hard Ever After (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Hard Ink is a book series written by Laura Kaye, who is a New York Times and USA Today, female bestseller author. She has managed to publish over twenty books in various sections including romance, suspense, historical fiction, paranormal romance and contemporary. The novel “Hard As You Can” which is part of the Hard Ink book series as won her the “RT Book Reviews reviewer’s Choice Award” for the best romantic suspense novel of the year 2014.

The Hard Ink book series, which contains 9 book titles, is a unique romance series about a group of 5 ex- soldiers running a renegade vigilante like operation against a very organized crime ring from the back of a tattoo shop owned by their leader. It is a well-told story about how the ex- soldiers who were wrongfully dishonorably discharged try to have their names cleared to protect their tainted reputation.

A description section on some of the book characters found in Hard Ink

Nicholas Rixey

Nicholas Rixey is a former Army Special Forces soldier who gets dishonorably discharged from the military on malicious grounds. He is the co- owner of Hard Ink Tattoo together with his brother Jeremy. Nicholas is depicted as an intelligent and loyal individual who has suffered great betrayal from the people he had trusted. Apart from being an excellent investigator Nicholas is a talented tattoo artist whose services are quite popular in the region. He also happens to be very strong and quite protective of the people he loves.

Becca Merritt

Becca who is Nick’s ex- commander’s daughter is a smart likeable character who tends to listen a lot to other people’s opinion and advice. She is a very beautiful, warm, sexy and welcoming lady making her a wholesome- pure temptation to Nicholas Rixey. Despite being a sweet, down to earth girl, Becca can prove to be quite stubborn at times through ignoring the advice and warnings of those concerned with her safety.


Charlie is Becca’s brother who gets kidnapped after he stumbles across a deadly conspiracy involving their late father who was an Army Colonel that was killed alongside six of Nick’s men in Afghanistan. This conspiracy which involves well-connected members of the society results in Charlie, who is a computer specialist being kidnapped.

Beckett Murda

Beckett Murda is an ex- soldier who just like the others is struggling with the physical and mental after-effects of their unsuccessful mission that had led to the lose their careers, reputation and their brothers-in-arms. He is depicted as a damaged veteran who constantly blames himself for the fact that Marz had to be amputated as a result of their ambush. Murda is well endowed with a very sexy body. He also happens to be the most infuriating man ever.

Katherine Rixey

Katherine is Nicholas Rixey’s sister who is an educated lawyer working with the department of justice. She is strong, confident and quite determined to do all that she can to help her brothers and their partners against the evil forces they are constantly at loggerheads with. She is also quite seductive, feisty, confident, tough and very stubborn at times.

Novels in the Hard Ink book series

“Hard As It Gets”

This is an action-packed story about Nicholas Rixey who works with a team of ex- soldiers to uncover a military setup and cover-up that had been used to frame them and had led to the deaths of their comrades. The investigation is likely to clear their names after they were dishonorably discharged from the Special Forces. Charles, Becca’s brother who is a computer specialist manages to uncover a chilling conspiracy involving their father who was Nick’s Army Colonel and other bigger forces putting his life in danger. The conspiracy had led to the death of the Colonel alongside six of Nick’s men during a well-orchestrated ambush.

Charlie leaves her sister an important clue that sends her to Hard Ink Tattoo where she seeks the services of Nicholas Rixey in order to save her brother. Nick is stubborn at first, but when he realizes that the revelation is likely to clear his name together with those of his soldier friends, he calls the band together and they seek to unravel the mystery as a team.

During their investigation, the ex- soldiers stumble upon a ring of well-organized crime lords as well as other skeletons that had been long buried. They realize that their military commander was not a good man like they had believed as he was involved in other dangerous and illicit extracurricular activities that had cost them their jobs, reputation and the death of their comrades.

Becca is seen as the key piece of the puzzle that unites Nicholas with the other remaining team members. She also manages to capture his heart, making him feel the desire to protect her always.

“Hard to Let Go”

Hard to Let Go is a classic tale that focuses on Beckett Murda who is a member of the dishonorably discharged group of 5 ex-soldiers. Although Beckett is mostly a quiet individual who loves to take the back seat, this story has successfully made him the main hero and character.

Katherine makes an impromptu stop to visit her brothers’ shop only to be welcomed by the barrel of Beckett’s gun as he thinks that she might be an intruder ignorant of the fact that she is Nicholas Rixey’s sister. Katherine teams up with the band of ex- soldiers in a bid to conclude the ongoing investigation on what really happened and who really set them up. Although Beckett and Katherine are quite different and can’t stand the sight of each other, a special kind of romance gradually develops.

Beckett for being afraid to hurt Katherine requests her to stay away from him, but his plea falls on deaf ears as Kate now wants to know all about him. Katherine manages to touch critical parts of Beckett’s life that none had ever touched before and he finally gets to open up to her making him vulnerable to deep emotions.

Hard to Let Go provides some critical answers to various questions that have been left unanswered throughout the book series. It is however important to read all the book titles to get a clear grasp of what the story is all about.

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