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Nalini Singh is an accomplished New Zealand author that is of Indo-Fijian descent. She is known for writing books in the genre of paranormal romance.

Nalini was born on September 7, 1977 in Suva, Fiji. She moved to New Zealand to live in Auckland with her family when she was just ten years old. She went to school at Mount Roskill Grammar School. For higher education, she attended the University of Auckland where she studied law and English literature. She graduated with honors in 2001.

Nalini has also been writing for some time. She has published over two dozen novels and has self-published many short stories. She came in third in 1999 in the Romance Writers of New Zealand’s Clendon Award Competition. “Coaxing the Sheik” was her manuscript that would win the Jane Porter Award for the highest-placed Mills and Boon in 2001, and also won the Clendon Award’s Readers’ Choice Award. The manuscript would be her first work to published, which was released under the title Desert Warrior in 2003.

Nalini has had her books appear on various best-sellers list, in publications such as USA Today, the New York Times, and Publishers Weekly. The author has also received more awards and has twice-received the Sir Julius Vogel Award for the best novella or novelette. In 2020, she received the Favorite Paranormal Romance category at the 2020 Australian Romance Readers Award for her story Alpha Night. Her crime book Quiet in Her Bones was also a finalist at the 2022 Ngaio Marsh Awards for best crime novel.

Nalini Singh has been writing for as long as she can remember. She says that all of her stories always had a romantic thread, even if it was a story about a prince that has lasers coming from his eyes. She enjoys coming up with unique characters and giving them happy endings to enjoy. She loves hearing the characters’ voices in her head and says that there is no other job that she would prefer to be doing. She describes receiving a phone call in September of 2002 when she got the news that Silhouette Desire wanted to buy Desert Warrior, her first book, and says it was a dream come true. Nalini says that she hopes to keep on living the dream until she dies of old age at her keyboard.

The author was born in Fiji but grew up in New Zealand. The author has also lived and worked in Japan, having been there for three years. It was during that period of time that Nalini jumped at the chance to go see Asia and travel around. Even though she eventually came back to New Zealand to live, she says that she is always planning new trips to go on. Readers that have an interest in seeing some of her photos from her travels can go onto the travel diary page of her homepage to see where Nalini has been!

The author has held many jobs before she settled on becoming a writer. She has worked as a lawyer, a general hand at a candy factory, a librarian, a bank temp, and an English teacher, and not in that order. She credits it all as giving her more material to work with for writing. She’s written several novels and continues to put out great books for her fans and readers to enjoy!

Nalini Singh is the creator and author of the Hard Play series of novels. Published in 2017, the first novel in the series is titled Cherish Hard. It was followed by the second book in 2018, Rebel Hard. The third novel came out not too much later after that, with Love Hard being published in 2020. The fourth novel in the Hard Play series came out in 2022 and is titled Kiss Hard.

Cherish Hard is the first book in the Hard Play series by Nalini Singh. If you’ve been looking for something new and fun in contemporary romance, check out the sizzling story that will have you turning pages until you get to the end!

Main character Sailor Bishop has only one thing in mind for the future, and that’s centered around work. His goal is to make a landscaping business that is successful. To do so, his plan is to tackle it without anything distracting him from his goal of making it into a flourishing endeavor. But then he also didn’t count on meeting a woman that could take his mind off of all of that.

The woman blushes like she’s innocent, but kisses just the opposite. Isa Rain is a woman that knows what she wants. She wants a man that is going to take care of her, cherish her, and wants to start a family with her. Isa really wants a loving family that she can share. She knows that kissing the attractive gardener in a parking lot is probably not true love, but what can you do?

Then she makes a deal with her CEO mother which makes her a corporate VP that summer. Her main charge involves working closely with that same gardener. Over the course of the summer, she starts to fall for Sailor, who is already falling for her. At the end, she’s going to have to pick whether she wants to play it safe or roll the dice and see what happens. Will Sailor break her heart, or could they be good together? Read this romance to find out!

Rebel Hard is the second book in the Hard Play series by Nalini Singh. If you love romances and liked the first book, check out the second too!

Nayna Sharma only went along with her arranged marriage to try and heal her family and not cause divides. But she soon realizes this type of marriage is a nightmare and she doesn’t want it. She puts on a cute dress and in a panic somehow ends up in a handsome and tall muscled man’s arm.

The guy has abs of steel, but between kissing, she manages to insult him. Raj Sen was taken in as a child into a loving family after being abandoned. Raj believes in certain things like tradition. He might be called old-fashioned and even stiff by others. But Raj also knows what he wants, and it’s a life that is structured and has rules.

The only thing is, he can’t seem to get the infuriating and beautiful woman that kissed him in the moonlight out of his mind. She just kissed him and disappeared, leaving him to wonder about who she is and more. Then his parents introduce him to someone new, and who else should it be but the very same woman?

She’s just as beautiful as she was before, and just as maddening. He can already tell she’s a rulebreaker, which he thinks should make them all wrong together as a couple. But is he mistaken? Could this be love? Read this book to find out!

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