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Publication Order of Hard Rock Roots Books

C.M Stunich is a very popular author. She is a bibliophile. You will always find her surrounded by books. She is also a music lover. One unique thing about her is that she loves creating bad but talented characters. Some of her most popular series is ” Tasting Never” and ” The Bad Nanny Trilogy”. She has received several awards and recognitions because of her excellent writing skills. She is also very well known for her ” Hard Rock Roots” series. The series mainly deals with two main characters, Naomi and Turner and the always changing relationship between them.

Real Ugly is the first book of the famous ” Hard Rock Roots” series by C.M. Stunich. Right from the moment you start reading this book, you will get a feeling that you are in for an exciting ride. The main character of this book is Naomi Knox. Naomi is the guitarist of Anatory Riot and she is on a tour with a guy named Turner. Turner is someone who is known to Naomi for several years but she doesn’t like him. Turner is the kind of guy who is addicted to things like sex and drugs. He also doesn’t like Naomi because of her attitude. However, slowly he starts falling for Naomi. Naomi also had a very difficult childhood. Throughout her life, she didn’t receive love and affection from anyone. So once she realizes that Turner has affections for her, she also starts falling for him. This is the main premise of the story. It will be interesting to see what the future has in store for Naomi and Turner.

The book has a very exciting and engaging storyline. You will be hooked right from the start. It is actually difficult to leave the book midway. You will probably end up finishing the book in 1 day. Yes, the storyline is that interesting.

It is not one of those sweet and romantic love stories where the characters love each other right from the first chapter. It is a different type of love story. The always changing relationship between the two main characters is very interesting. They start out as worst enemies. However, they slowly start falling for each other. Even after that, there are some conflicts between them.

C.M Stunich has successfully managed to create two very interesting central characters. Turner is the kind of guy everyone should hate. He is a drug addict and uses women for his benefits. However, on stage, he is a god. His stage presence is incredible. Naomi is also a very confident girl and a very talented guitarist. Normally, in a relationship, one of the persons is usually soft and understanding. However, in this one, both of them are very explosive characters.

Both of them had a very troubled childhood. This is the reason behind their short tempered attitude. The two characters also don’t hold themselves back. Whatever they have to say, they say it on the face without any hesitation. Both of them, especially Naomi has many secrets. As the book progresses, some of the secrets are exposed. There are some secrets which will leave you gasping.

This book is not for everyone and definitely not for the faint hearted. At some times, the two central characters treat each other terribly. However, the one thing which unites them is their love and respect for music. The book also ends with a cliffhanger, which will keep you desperately waiting for the next book of the series.

‘ Get Bent’ is the second book of the popular franchise ” Hard Rock Roots”. This book doesn’t waste any time and starts right from where it left in the first book. After the Amatory Bus Riot, everyone is scared and trying to figure out what exactly happened. However, Tuner is freaking out because his love, Naomi is missing. He has no idea where Naomi was and he also doesn’t know whether she was even alive or not. However, he sets out on a journey to save Naomi even though he doesn’t know where to start from. If he is to find Naomi, then plenty of secrets needs to be revealed along the journey. This is the main storyline of the second book.

In this book, all the characters are dealing with their own problems. To start with, Turner is absolutely in a mess both emotionally and physically. He has become more addicted to drugs and is completely heartbroken at the disappearance of Turner. He wants to help Naomi but he also needs help.

On the other hand, Naomi also has to face an unknown enemy which is her past. She is searching for the answers to many questions. She is just as strong as she was in the first book. However, there are times in the book when her strong personality cracks down.

Just like the first one, the storyline of this book is also very gripping and will keep you hooked until you complete it. To make the storyline more wide and interesting, C.M Stunich has introduced several new characters in this book. For example, Ronnie is one of the most important characters in this book along with Naomi and Turner. He is the one who helped Turner when he was at his lowest point and helped him get back on track.

Just like the first book, the love-rate relationship continues between Naomi and Turner. However, eventually, they are able to sort out their issues and managed to develop a strong chemistry between them.
CM Stunnich also has a unique way of writing. She really loves music and through her writing, she is able to express her love of music. She also has a very simple way of writing. You don’t need to have a strong vocabulary to get the meaning of the book.

Overall, ” Get Bent” is an excellent addition to the series. The storyline is great. There is also a constant feeling of suspense throughout the book. It is unpredictable. You will have no idea what will happen next. This is what makes the book very exciting to read.

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