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Publication Order of Dirty 1st Dates Books

Publication Order of Losers Books

Publication Order of Souls Trilogy Books

Her Soul to Take (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Her Soul for Revenge (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Soul of a Witch (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

His Sniper (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Riley's Punishment (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Paddled for Panties (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Poolside Punishment (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Paddled by Krampus (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Spanked Brats: The Trespasser (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Harley Laroux

Harley Laroux, an accomplished author based in the U.S., specializes in New Adult Erotica, Erotic Horror, and Dark Romance. As a writer, Laroux passionately delves into the intricate world of dark, steamy, and occasionally eerie erotic narratives, capturing the readers’ attention with a unique hint of creepiness. Now, making Washington their home alongside their spouse and trio of feline companions, Laroux immerses themselves in the process of spinning these all-encompassing tales. Their fondness for horror films, rich dry red wines, and the soothing ambiance of flickering candles influence their writing style significantly.

Instilling life into their stories, Laroux’s ability to craft characters and protagonists is remarkable. Their intrinsic storytelling knack is reflected in their well-delineated characters, each meticulously crafted to drive the narratives forward. As a writer, the author thrives on keeping the energy high and the readers engaged, ensuring that their tales are nothing short of captivating. Moreover, working most of the time from their desk, often sharing the space with a feline companion, Laroux’s creativity thrives in such a cozy atmosphere.

Furthermore, Laroux has an innate gift for weaving compelling stories, spotlighting their strength in presenting engaging narratives. Their vivid imagination and the unique manner in which they blend dark themes into their stories consistently keep readers entertained.

Her storytelling sparks magic as it converges captivating characters with enchantingly engaging plotlines. With every tale spun, Laroux manifests an inherent talent for creating unique and refreshing narrative compositions encapsulated in a world of steamy and gothic romance. Each character reveals a distinctive voice and offers depth embedded intricately into the overall story, leading to an incredibly immersive reading experience.

Laroux’s distinct approach in merging characters to narratives breathes vibrancy into her erotica and horror-induced romance tales. They skilfully fuse compelling personalities into the heart of intriguing stories, creating a synergy that continually captures readers’ interests. Laroux’s uniqueness lies in the fresh perspectives she brings into the genre, successfully pushing boundaries and defying the norms.

It’s through this artful blend of engaging characters and captivating narratives that Laroux continues to offer something both new and compelling. As she conjures up fresh narrative directions and daring personalities, readers find themselves engrossed in the seamless fusion of dark romance, steamy scenes, and captivating horror elements. It’s this continuous output of unique and compelling tales that affirm Laroux’s place in the canon of New Adult Erotica, Erotic Horror, and Dark Romance authors.

Early and Personal Life

Harley Laroux is a well-regarded American novelist whose love for literature sparked at a young age. Growing up, books were an integral part of Laroux’s life, fueling a blossoming fascination for the realm of the written word. As these seeds of curiosity took root, they cultivated a deep-seated passion for reading and writing, paving the way to a distinguished career as an author.

Within Laroux, the reader became a writer, finding inspiration in every corner of life. The author’s rich tapestry of narratives is woven from experiences, observations, and a boundless imagination. Laroux ingeniously transforms everyday life into engaging narratives, a testament to their dynamic growth as an author.

Every step of the way, Laroux’s evolution as an author has been marked by a steadfast dedication to the craft, and an untamed desire to create. Continually drawing from their well of inspiration and pushing creative boundaries, Laroux has made a distinguished mark in the world of literature. The journey of Harley Laroux indeed mirrors the quintessential progression of a passionate reader evolving into a successful author.

Writing Career

Harley Laroux’s writing career kickstarted with the creation of the “Dirty First Dates” series, which includes the exciting titles ‘Halloween Haunt’ (2019), ‘The Arcade’ (2020), and ‘The Museum’ (2020). Following that success, Laroux authored the compelling ‘Souls Trilogy’ with the first two books, ‘Her Soul to Take’ and ‘Her Soul for Revenge,’ both published in 2021, and the third book, ‘Soul of a Witch,’ released in 2023. Their collection also adds another series named ‘Losers,’ with the first two parts released in 2022.

It doesn’t stop there; Laroux has demonstrated versatility by writing standalone novels as well, with ‘The Dare’ released in 2021. They have also ventured into short-stories and novellas with the publication of ‘Paddled by Krampus’ in 2019. Harley Laroux, with an impressive list of works under their belt, continues to write, affirming their unwavering commitment to crafting intriguing narratives.

Soul of a Witch

‘Soul of a Witch,’ penned by the talented Harley Laroux, is the third installment in the engaging Souls Trilogy. Published on August 31, 2023, this captivating paranormal fantasy romance reached its readers through the Kindle platform. The book presents a fresh coupling within the fascinating, fictional world of Abelaum, running on a timeline akin to its series predecessors.

Everly, a long-repressed magic user controlled by others, stumbles upon a mysterious house carrying an ancient demon after a violent incident. This demon claims her power has the potential to change the world and destroy the being she once revered. Callum, a solitary entity for over two millennia, has pledged to protect the witch who has long occupied his dreams, now identified as Everly.

Yet, when the destiny of Earth, Heaven, and Hell hangs in the balance, the safety of Everly’s soul becomes uncertain, forcing Callum to decide on protecting his love or the world’s preservation.

Losers: Part II

‘Losers: Part II,’ a riveting reverse-harem romance, was authored by Harley Laroux, demonstrating her prowess in manipulating multiple character dynamics. The book came to life on December 9, 2022, through the Kindle platform, capturing readers’ attention with its compelling narrative. As the second part of a duet, it is advised to read the books in sequence for an optimal experience of Laroux’s expert unfolding of the plot.

Jess, after making a rash decision, finds herself indebted and reluctantly succumbs to the control of men she professed to despise. Amid their dominance, she experiences a cathartic awakening and unearths concealed aspects of herself. Torn between an envisioned future and a once-dreamt fantastical life, Jess grapples with weighing her sacrifices.

As she contemplates on giving up her pride, independence, newfound limitless life, or potentially losing some people, she learns the depth of her feelings.

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