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About Harloe Rae

Largely writing novels in the New Adult romance category, Harlow Rae is a bestselling American author with a lot to offer. Hugely popular, her writing is fun and entertaining, allowing readers to essentially escape into her many engaging and compelling stories. Many readers from around the world have come to appreciate her books, as she has become a household name both nationally and internationally. Her stories also have something to say, with many recurring themes and ideas, as it’s clear that Rae has something to say through her work.

Setting herself apart, Harloe Rae really has become a singular voice within the romance genre, ultimately creating her own niche. Publishing several series over the course of her writing career, Rae has established many long-running and equally long-lasting franchises. Knowing her genre well, she really makes the most of it, using the format to its fullest potential and creating something quite different. Readers continue to come back for more time and time again, as her writing resonates universally with audiences far and wide.

Another arena in which Harloe Rae excels is in her use of characterizations, creating highly iconic personalities and protagonists. These characters have, in turn, led to a number of well written books, as readers feel they can easily relate to the many people populating her novels. With both the critics and the general public alike singing her many praises, she continues to reach readers from all over. There’s so much more to come in the future too, as her career as a writer carries on growing both onwards and upwards.

Early and Personal Life

Born and raised in Minnesota, in the United States, Harloe Rae would grow up with a keen passion for literature. Focusing on romance, she would concentrate on the genre over the years, developing her love for the craft as the years went on. Finding her own style and approach to the genre, she would come to establish her own voice, allowing her to become the writer she’s known as today.

Looking for inspiration from the world around her, she spends a lot of time lakeside, living a rural life with her horses whilst drawing from her real-life experiences. Reaching bestselling status, her career would develop into her becoming one of the leading figures in the romance industry. Currently living in Minnesota with her partner and her son, she continues to write to this very day, as there’s plenty more on the horizon.

Writing Career

It was in 2017 that Harlan Rae would write her first novel, which would be called ‘Redefining Us,’ and would also begin her first series titled ‘Reclusive.’ She would quickly follow this up that same year in 2017 with her second novel in the series, this time called ‘Forget You Not.’ In 2018 the following year she would go on to publish her ‘#BitterSweetHeat’ series of three romance novels, starting with ‘Gent,’ followed by ‘Miss’ then ‘Lass.’

She would also write a number of stand-alone titles too, many of these also being romance novels in much the same vein. With omnibus editions of her work too, she’s a more than prolific author, as well as contributing to various series alongside other romance novelists too. Reaching the top of the USA Today bestseller list, and the Amazon Top 100, she’s become hugely popular, appealing to an ever increasing audience.


This book would first come out back in 2019, with it being released on the 29th of January to an already eager audience. Marking the third title in the ongoing ‘#BitterSweetHeat’ series of novels, it provides another entirely self-contained romance story. Understanding her audience, Harlan Rae draws them in with ease, taking the two leads and providing a good solid romance with them.

Focusing on the relationship between Addison and Shane, this sees the two of them building their chemistry with one another. New in town, Shane is someone who’s somewhat naive, whilst Addison has lived there for all her life, as she waits for him to make his move. Thinking he’s never going to make a move, the chemistry between them both builds up over time, as it finally gets to boiling point. Will he finally make his move, are they both going to end up together, and what will happen between the man and the lass?

Both the lead characters are endearing, and the reader really roots for them, as they really do have a strong chemistry on the page. It’s well written with a fun and engaging story that’s told confidently, keeping the reader completely invested the whole way through. The characters themselves are well drawn too, as they really do feel alive upon the page, really drawing the audience fully in.

There’s Always Someday

Originally brought out in 2021, this would first arrive on the 28th of September of that year, coming out as a stand-alone romance title. Not a part of any series as such, it’s a book that can be read by itself, with a straightforward and engaging romance story. While it does much of what it sets out to do not disappointing fans of the genre with its feel-good narrative, there are still plenty of twists and turns along the way.

A brooding neighbor for over six years, Nolan Jasper has always seemed to keep his distance from Clea, believing someone worthy of her love will come along. She’s always wanted just him, though, ever since she’s known him as the chemistry between the two of them is certainly undeniable. Close to his daughter too, Clea yearns for Jasper, and she can only keep getting pushed away for so long before she stays away forever. Will he finally make his move, can Nolan see himself worthy of her love, and what will happen when he finally stops making excuses saying ‘there’s always someday?’

This book is definitely an easy-going one with plenty of fun to be had, making it simple to pick up, yet difficult to put down. There’s a lot of interesting character development here too, as the central leads really do feel like real authentically genuine people. Setting the scene, Harlan Roe makes the most of the premise, really pushing it to its full potential, keeping the reader glued to the page every step of the way.

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