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Publication Order of Harmony Black Books

Harmony Black (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Red Knight Falling (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Glass Predator (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cold Spectrum (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Right to the Kill (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Black Tie Required (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Never Send Roses (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

An American author hailing from Chicago, the novelist Craig Schaefer is well known for his exciting and engaging stories, filled with compelling characters that resonate with the reader, along with narratives that draw his audience in making the most out of his protagonists and their situations. Over the years he has largely focused upon horror and crime novels, along with fantasy as well, something which, whilst high-concept in its genre and approach, is instantly accessible and easy to relate to for the reader. Creating long-lasting characters that not only has he become invested in, but his many readers worldwide have too, as he has built a number of highly regarded and well received series. One such series is that of his Harmony Black series of novels, which is a set of books based around that of the eponymous protagonist placed in the title lead. Following the investigations of the FBI agent Harmony Black it sees her working undercover on a series of cases, as she remains undetected by those around her. Operating within the United States government she manages to curb the tide of ‘black magic’, a force that the government wants to keep under wraps and hidden from the general public. As corporate entities are rising to power through rituals such as blood sacrifices, it’s up to Black to stop this along with her team ‘Vigilant Lock’, as they also attempt to keep it all out of the headlines and prevent mass-panic. With terrorists, corporations and oligarchs all looking to utilize this demonic and evil energy, Harmony Black and her team are all that stands between them and success, having already featured in the previous ‘Daniel Faust’ franchise whereby this world was initially built. Having focused on the character of Daniel Faust before who was somewhat of an anti-hero over the course of his eight books, this sets itself around a far more straight-forward premise for the duration of the franchise.

Running for over four books so far and counting, each title takes on a different case for Harmony Black and her fellow team of agents to contend with. This is expected to continue in the years to come as the concept expands, as Schaefer manages to draw upon a number of disparate elements from all over. Also known for other fantasy titles, such as his recent ‘Revanche’ series of novels, this series is definitely within the same vein as it follows the traditions of the genre, whilst making up some of its own along the way.

Harmony Black

Brought out in 2016 on the 5th of January, this was originally released through the 47North publishing house to much acclaim, having come off the back of the ‘Daniel Faust’ series. Marking the first title in this spin-off franchise, it manages to expand upon the world, building it even further through the character and FBI agent of Harmony Black. Setting up the tone and the overall premise of the series, it manages to create and establish a world with rules of its own to follow, something which is continued in the books to come.

Set in a fantastical world the series draws upon many genres and traditions, allowing itself to explore a number of them simultaneously, whilst also being true to itself. Taking place in contemporary America, it really knows its locations, as it spreads itself over a larger and far more expansive stage, across a variety of different platforms. Leading it is Harmony Black, a well drawn and intricate lead female protagonist who is both strong and resourceful, whilst also remaining entirely human and realistic.

Working as both an FBI agent and an operative for the undercover group ‘Vigilant Lock’, the agent Harmony Black really has her work cut out for her. With her last investigation having gone horribly awry leaving behind a trail of dead bodies, she feels that the wrong people have been unjustly punished for it, and that she also needs a vacation. That’s when she’s immediately pulled back to investigate the case of ‘the Bogeyman’; a dark and demonic creature who threw her childhood into chaos and terror. Will her team be able to stop this ancient threat, or will they succumb to it like so many others before? How will she deal with her new love interest now romance is also in the air? What will become of Harmony Black?

Red Knight Falling

Following on from the previous title, this manages to pick up from where the last book left off, as it marks the second book in the ongoing ‘Harmony Black’ series. Initially published through the 47North publishing house once again, this was first brought out in 2016 on the 26th of April, as it carried on the story of the first. Giving his readers more of what they have now come to expect, Schaefer manages to capture the tone and style of the previous books, whilst also taking it in new and interesting places.

After defeating the Bogeyman from the previous book it seems that this time the Vigilant Lock team have found a new type of enemy to contend with; one from outer-space. Back in 1954 there was the myth of the ‘Red Knight’, which was a mysterious satellite seen circling the earth after Sputnik had been sent into space, despite such technology being the capabilities of the time. Set to crash-land in Oregon, it now appears that this Red Knight is in actual fact real, as they all set out to secure the landing site, whilst ensuring the remnants don’t fall into the wrong hands. Can they keep the parts from the dark and mysterious forces of the occult? Where do Harmony’s growing powers truly lie? What will become of the Red Knight falling?

The Harmony Black Series

A high-concept action packed series of novels that really draws the reader into its world, regardless of whether or not they have come off the back of the previous ‘Daniel Faust’ set of novels. Working on its own it manages to stand apart, whilst also giving something to the long-term fans as well, ensuring that the world-building never strays from the initial concept. Following in the tradition of ‘urban fantasy’ it works at fusing the genres well, as it brings in elements of crime and thriller too, allowing it to find its own voice as a franchise. As more and and more readers discover this series every day, this is expected to continue for quite some time yet, on into the foreseeable future.

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