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Publication Order of Harmony Pointe Books

Melissa Foster is a best-selling author who has topped the charts of publications like USA Today, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal. She has written over a hundred novels and counting.

Melissa is known for writing contemporary romance that is sexy and heartwarming and women’s fiction. She enjoys writing characters that are interesting and emotionally compelling that stay with the reader throughout the book and long after they have finished reading the final page. Her emotional journeys take place on the page and are what she calls ‘lovingly erotic’ as well as family oriented. She says that they feature sassy heroines, loyal heroes, and issues that are complex but often relatable.

Melissa also writes using a pen name for her sweet romance stories, using the name Addison Cole. She also likes to hear from her readers and encourages them to send her an email or go onto social media to chat with her. She also is open to the chance to talk with book clubs or different reading groups as well.

Melissa Foster is the creator and the author of the Harmony Pointe series. The series revolves around the quaint town known as Harmony Pointe, a place where magical things happen. A woman in this town is sure to have love find them, whether they have gone looking for it or not. The Dalton siblings live here and are single, and they might just be the next ones to get caught up in love. This series is a spin-off of the Sugar Lake series. They can be enjoyed on their own as standalone books or as part of the Love in Bloom series. This series got started in 2019 with Call Her Mine, continuing with the second novel This Is Love and the third novel She Loves Me.

Call Her Mine is the first book in the Harmony Pointe series by Melissa Foster. If you are looking for an enjoyable read, check this book out!

In this romance, two best friends and a baby just might make a great family. Ben Dalton has never had a problem being honest at all, but things are different when it comes to matters of the heart. He has no problem being straight up with himself, but it’s coming clean to other people that he has the difficulty with. Then again, there’s no law saying that you have to tell someone how you feel if you don’t want to.

The truth of the matter is that Ben is in love, and not just with anyone. The girl that is holding the keys to his heart just happens to be his best friend and the person that he cares about most in the world. He’s been in love with Aurelia Stark for what feels like forever. He loves everything about her, from how saucy she is to how she always has a smart mouth and something to say about everything.

Ben likes to plan things, and when it comes to timing, he’s never really gotten it down. Then he decides to finally make a move, deciding that it has been long enough. But by the time he gets around to it, it turns out that Aurelia has news of her own. She’s moving to a different town. So much for being together. Ben has to conclude that it just isn’t the time for them to be together.

Meanwhile, Aurelia really likes where she’s ended up. Her new life in Harmony Pointe is great, and the town is beyond charming. She’s landed a nice apartment and a bookstore to call her own to occupy her time and generate some income. Then there’s also the silver lining that her friend isn’t living right around the corner anymore. She had a huge crush on Ben for years, but it seems like he just wasn’t into starting anything with her. Maybe it’s better to leave it all behind and try to move on with her life.

Now all that’s left for her to do is to just get settled into her new life. But neither of the two see what’s about to happen coming. Ben finds a baby that has been left on his porch, and has no idea who left it there or why. He assumes that it’s his and that he’s the father, but until he does DNA testing, he won’t know for sure.

Aurelia ends up being there for Ben once she finds out about the scenario. Ben does not know the first thing about raising babies, and Aurelia doesn’t either, but they decide to take it on. The two care for the infant and find that their world together is lit up by laughter and love as they work to try and track down the true mother of the baby.

Ben and Aurelia just might end up finding their happily ever after, but it might not be the one that they expect. Can the pair find true love and finally pull the trigger on being together? Read this romance to find out!

This Is Love is the second book in the Harmony Pointe series by Melissa Foster. The second heart-pounding romance in the series, check this story out if you’re interested in a new romance to read!

Remi Divine is an actress, and she’s tired of all the trappings that come with fame. She’s sick of having to have bodyguards, of dealing with stalkers, and feeling that somehow, she’s always under the microscope. She may be a movie star, but she also isn’t helpless. She can be rebellious and knows how to indulge it.

Her first task is to evade and get rid of the bodyguards that are used to following her every move. She just didn’t count on Mason Swift. Mason is a guy that has made a career and life out of protecting others. Remi is able to lose his two best guys, and when that happens, Mason kicks into high gear and takes over.

Mason grew up in foster care and in the system. He also used to be a special operative, so he knows the tricks. He’s not about to let the beautiful Remi sneak by him and get herself into trouble. Mason thinks she’s a diva, while she views him as arrogant. But the sparks flying between them can’t be denied, and they slowly let their walls down as their connection moves ahead full speed.

Ultimately Remi will come to realize that being protected isn’t so bad. However, losing Mason would be. Will the pair be together, or will fate keep them apart? Read this romance to find out!

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