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The American author Harper Sloan has been writing for a number of years now, with a number of books under her name. Setting the standard in the world of romantic fiction, she has gained a level of commercial popularity that many writers strive for. Reaching bestseller status on numerous occasions, she is appreciated by scores of readers worldwide, largely due to her highly accessible and engaging style.

Whilst she may feature many of the tropes commonly found in the genre, she has managed to subvert them creating something new and interesting in the process. Featuring masculine men and elements of eroticism, she has built herself a brand name that is unlike any other within her field. Knowing her genre well, she has made it work for her and her readers, giving them something different with her unique and distinctive voice.

Early and Personal Life

The future author to be Harper Sloan was born in Knoxville, Tennessee in the United States, as she harnessed her passion for both reading and writing from a very young age. Taking in inspiration from the world around her she would always have her head in a good book, building up her material and ideas. Creating her voice, she would constantly hone and refine her skills throughout her childhood, setting up her style and voice.

This was something that she took on into her education, as she would also continually work on her stories throughout school. With a keen love of reading and all things literature, she’s find herself constantly getting lost in new and exciting worlds. Taking an academic approach to her work later on as well, she grow to understand her voice and what it was that she wanted to write about in time.

Gaining inspiration and ideas from the world around her, she’d also go on to gather a lot of experience prior to writing full-time as well. This experience would then all go back into her work, creating a more well established backlog of material to work upon. With many of her ideas and themes recurring, she’d give her stories and characters a personality that was previously unseen, providing her readers with something new and exciting in the process.

Still writing to this very day she has a lot more to come yet as an author, as she continues to write from her home in Cumming in Georgia. Living with her husband and their three daughters, her home is situated just hours away from Peachtree City. With a lot more novels set to come from her in the future it appears that she’s not stopping anytime soon as her writing career grows from strength-to-strength.

Writing Career

Bringing out her first book back in just 2013, she has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time. Making her debut with the title ‘Axel’, she arrived on the scene with the first in her ongoing ‘Corps Security’ series of novels. Setting the tone for a lot of her novels to follow as well, it was an erotic romance that was both fun and engaging at the same time.

With four series so far and one stand-alone novel, she has built for herself a long and extensive backlog of work in not much time at all. A very consistent writer who continually maintains a high standard, she has produced her ‘Corps Security’ series, her ‘Hope Town’ series, her ‘Loaded Replay’ series and her ‘Coming Home’ series. Many of them contain recurring themes and ideas, something which her readers have also come to appreciate over the years as well.

Not just gaining commercial success, having reached bestseller status through the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and USA Today, she’s also gained critical success too. Reaching a worldwide audience she has gained numerous positive reviews for her work as well, having achieved a global level of success for her novels. Nominated for awards as well, she is fast becoming one of the most prolific writers within her field to date.

Many readers have found themselves becoming more and more invested in her characters over the years, with many of them recurring. This allows her audience to become more engaged, as they find escapism and solace through her story-lines and narratives. Knowing and understanding this well, Sloane has managed to effectively build an entire brand round this premise, something that will ensure her success for many years to come.

With a lot more to come yet, she continues to write, along with maintaining her own interests alongside her husband and children. As each of them feed into each other, she is constantly on the lookout for new and interesting ideas, as she develops and builds upon her stories and characters. Set to bring out plenty of novels on the horizon there’s a lot more titles set to be released, as her writing career continues on into the foreseeable future.

Perfectly Imperfect

Initially brought out in 2015 on the 17th of November, this was originally released through the ‘CreateSpace Independent Publishing’ label. Working as one of her only stand-alone pieces, it creates an entirely self-contained story that draws the reader in for its duration. Setting up compelling characters alongside an engaging narrative, it’s the perfect introduction for anyone looking to get into her novels.

Willow Tate is a woman who feels less than confident with her body image, as society has given her issues with her own self worth. That’s when she meets Kane Masters the Hollywood movie star and man of her dreams, someone she feels no hope of getting. She might be wrong though, as a romance soon blossoms between the two of them, and they start to develop feelings for each other. Could he be the one? Will they become an item? Is she perfectly imperfect?


First brought out in 2013 on the 23rd of December, this was all set to be the third title in the ongoing ‘Corps Security’ series of novels. Connected to the ‘Hope Town’ series of books as well, the two franchises are interchangeable with one another, as they take place in the same world. With different characters and relationships for each novel, they manage to effectively tell a story that’s all of their very own.

This title relates to the relationship between Dee and Beck as they find themselves coming into each others paths and lives. Dee feels that she is a strong independent woman who doesn’t need a man, that is until Beck enters her life. Beck feels a strong passion for her immediately, as he vows to find out about her mysterious and secret laden past. Will they come together? Can they overcome the past? What will become of Beck?

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