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The “Harris Brothers” series are a set of novels by Amy Daws, an Amazon bestselling contemporary romance novelist with more than a dozen titles to her name. She has made a name for writing novels set in the United States as well as in England. Daws made her debut with “Chasing Hope,” a novel that she first published in 2014. Since then, she has written several other single standing novels, and the “The London Lovers,” “Harris Brothers,” “Lost in London” and the “Wait with Me” series. As a teen, Daws went to the University of Northern Iowa, where she got an electronics media communications degree. She then went on to work as a newsroom intern for KWWL Television, video shooter and switcher, and commercial producer for several TV stations. Since Any published her novels and became a bestselling author, she now spends much of her time writing, singing karaoke with her daughter while her husband watches bemused or watching reruns of the Gilmore Girls.

Having taken the plunge, Amy Dawson is now fortunate that she gets to write full time. She usually spends much of her day exploring fictional worlds and developing her novels, which have been known to deeply touch people on an emotional level. She loves to make her readers cry and laugh with every novel. As a self published author she has also learned aspects of brand growth, marketing and development that she now does on a daily basis. As a self published author this is something that she has to do to sell her novels and stay relevant in a constantly changing publishing environment. She believes that she is just a small business owner and not just a writer of stories. She still remains incredibly thankful for all the people that made her dream possible. Dawson usually blogs about her novels at her website

The “Harris Brothers” series of novels follow the life and times of four gorgeous brothers that are all professional football players in England. Each of the brothers have their own storyline in their own novel. Their mother had died of illness when they were young, leaving them under the care of an overbearing sister. They had also been living with their father who loved football and coached them to become professional football players. While he had been very successful in helping them get into professional football careers, the loss of his wife had been too much for him and he has never opened up completely. The professional footballers run the gamut from defender, goalkeeper, striker and midfielder all of whom have some spicy relationships with the women in their lives. The “Harris Brothers” series of novels are written in the typical outspoken, irreverent and dirty way of writing that has come to be the hallmark of all Amy Dawson works. They are stories in which things often start on the wrong foot which are succeeded by tension filled moments and ultimately the love and passionate filled endings.

In “Challenge” the debut novel of the “Harris Brothers” series we are introduced to Camden Harris, the first born son of the Harris family. He is a handsome hulk of a footballer who is currently recuperating at a London hospital where he is being taken care of by Indie Porter. As her doctor and him the patient, they know they should never have romantic relations but every fiber in their being wants to. He has an injured knee but is running a great game against the red headed physician. He doesn’t think she is her type but she could make an excellent distraction while he recovers from the serious injury that could cost him his career. On her part, Indie has always been naive but is fwd up with always having a target on her back. Since she was a child she had concentrated on education at the expense of everything else. Something like a fling with Camnden could just be the ticket out of her rut. She had a plan that had been rotting on the shelf for the better of two years and he could just be the man to actualize it. But their feelings finally turn up on the scene and it is clear that all the medicine in the world cannot heal the injury done to their hearts.

“Endurance” the second novel of the “Harris Brothers” series of novels is the story of Tanner Harris and Dr. Belle Ryan. She loathes him as he had once upon rejected him but they now have to pretend they like each other in front of everyone. He had been engaged in shagging every female in East London but when the paparazzi got him with his member in his hands buck naked, he knew it was the end of the road for his philandering ways. Belle always thought he would make a perfect stress reliever for her especially since her job as surgical fellow was particularly intense. But what she got from the slutty footballer was an icy rejection that cut really deep. Since then they have been at each other’s throats but now have to get along to save their careers. Rage is soon transformed into passion and while the tempers sizzle ,they come to the realization that they are jumping head first into a romantic relationship. Neither of them can do anything to stop it.

“Keeper,” the third novel of the “Harris Brothers” series is the story of Booker Harris. He has spent years trying to become the elite goalkeeper in the Championship League. After several years of toiling, he was finally on the cusp of making it and getting out of the shadow of his more illustrious siblings. On the other hand is Poppy McAdams, who was always content living in her own fantasy world. But then Booker Harris the boy with the pained eyes and dimples had barreled into her world demanding her attention. They had been good friends for most of their lives but when Poppy upped and left for university, everything had changed. She is now back in town and is a beautiful woman harboring some secrets rather than the awkward and shy girl he had known before she left. They are soon more intimate than they ought to be and soon what they have is anything but innocent and sweet.

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