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Harrison Investigation Books In Order

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Publication Order of Harrison Investigation Books

Haunted (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Presence (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ghost Walk (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Vision (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Seance (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dead Room (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Death Dealer (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Nightwalker (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Unhallowed Ground (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Killing Edge (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

Chronological Order of Harrison Investigation Books

The Presence is set between Unhallowed Ground and The Seance.

An American author, Heather Graham has been writing for quite some time now for an ever eager and equally ever increasing worldwide audience. Writing historical fiction, thrillers, mystery and romance novels, she is a consummate professional of her craft and of her art-form, with an extensive backlog of work to date. Knowing her readers well, she is able to easily entertain and engage them, creating a narrative that they can effectively relate to on a far more personal level. One series that she has become particularly well known for is that of her ongoing Harrison Investigation series, which totals over ten titles so far and counting. With two of the titles, ‘The Presence’ along with ‘The Killing Edge’, being two stand-alone novels featuring characters from the series, there are eight titles following in chronological order. The series itself manages to chart the investigations of a paranormal investigator, as it looks into the case files that track investigations of the supernatural variety.

Throughout the series there is an ongoing working relationship between the sheriff Matt Stone and the psychic Darcy Tremayne, as they come together to work on their case files. Over the course of the novel they manage to put aside their differences and create an effective working relationship, as Matt is initially a hard-boiled skeptic, whilst Darcy has her mind set firmly within the realm of the paranormal. This creates an initial working friction between the both of them, one which they eventually overcome as the series progresses, along with that of their character arcs.


Originally published in 2003 on the first of September through the Mira Books publishing label, this was set to be the debut of the ongoing Harrison Investigation series. Setting up and establishing all the characters of this universe, it manages to create a certain sense of style that is entirely unique to the world that it’s set within. It also manages to introduce the characters, whilst simultaneously bringing in characters that offset their investigations well, allowing them to fully flourish and explore their arcs.

Using her knowledge of history, Heather Graham is able to incorporate this into the novels overall story-line, as it has a clear understanding of the past. Whilst it may be set in the modern world within the current context of modern times, it manages to take and comprehensive idea of history and insert it into the plot-lines. This then gives it an air of realism, despite it being based on the supernatural, as it allows the reader to immerse themselves deeper into her universe. Set within Virginia it also makes great use of its location as well, as it manages to build upon its sense of atmosphere, creating an ongoing sense of foreboding and dread. Clearly knowing the area well, she has been able to lay it out through her highly detailed, and equally highly descriptive, prose detailing the area. This then allows the reader to become more heavily invested in the story-line, especially when the Virginia estate that it’s set within is so evocative of a mysterious, almost haunted past. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly are her characters, as they are also introduced her for the first time, along with their relationships to one another. Darcy Tremayne has her head firmly open to a variety of different possibilities, ones that many would likely ridicule under different circumstances. Offset against this is the character of Matt Stone, who is a hard-boiled sheriff who doesn’t really have any time for these otherworldly ideas of the supernatural.

Starting out with Matt Stone looking to get to the bottom of some mysterious events taking place at his estate Melody House, he wants to fully understand and put behind what is happening at this old Virginia estate. That’s when he reluctantly calls in the paranormal investigator and supposed psychic Darcy Tremayne, along with her agency ‘Harrison Investigations’, done so on the recommendation of others, as they seek to get to the bottom of what’s been going on. Following this Darcy finds that the past may hold some extremely unpleasant truths here, one’s that they must all face together, as the realms of the dead and the living threaten to converge and submerge them all, along with a deep dark mystery from the past. Will they find out what’s been going on? Can they learn the truth behind the mystery before it’s too late? How is Melody House haunted?
Ghost Walk
This was set to be the second title in the series and a direct follow-up to the first, with a number of the plot-lines and character arcs continued from the previous novel. Initially brought out through the Mira Books publishing house in 2005 on September the 20th, this worked at building upon the sense of style that came before as well. Knowing her audience well now, Graham has clearly developed herself here, fitting into her genre and world well, as the confidence shines through on the page.
Set in New Orleans this time, the story manages to continue in much the same vein as before as it evokes a past that’s particularly atmospheric and haunted. The characters all return as before, with many of them continuing their arcs from before, allowing them to develop in the process as well. In regards to the themes and ideas laid out previously, it also manages to build upon these, as this time the paranormal investigator Brent Blackhawk is also introduced.
Having apparently seen Andy her newest employee in her bedroom at the time of his murder, the haunted tour-manager Nikki DuMonde calls in the paranormal investigations team. Stepping up is one Brent Blackhawk who feels that it is imperative for Nikki to keep listening to the dead, especially if she hopes to keep on living herself. Will she be able to do it? Can she keep herself out of harm’s way? Does she have what it takes to make the ghost walk?
The Harrison Investigation Series
With it being a fairly long-running series, this particular franchise from the author Heather Graham has managed to stay fairly true to its roots. Understanding her story clearly and maintaining a strong level of consistency throughout, she has also worked at creating a very real and very vibrant set of characters. It is because of this that it has gone on to become one of her most popular franchises to date, with more and more discovering the work every, something that will continue for some years to come.

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