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Harry Bryant is the pseudonym for Mark Teppo, a niche author with an interest in the occult. Mark is best known for the Codex of Souls series.


Born in 1968, Harry Bryant made a name for writing urban fantasy novels. The Harry Bryant pseudonym was created as means through which the author could explore other genres of fiction.

Even before he became an author, Harry was drawn to the liberal arts. When he wasn’t working as a music journalist, he was reviewing various forms of media, this while writing articles for different sources.

His foray into fiction was an extension of his love for the occult. The family man was always fascinated by the nature of the occult and the fact that, despite the massive differences separating the various fields of the occult, each and every one of their followers was a man or woman merely seeking to understand the unknown.

Mark Teppo’s books always had a dark edge to them, and that edge is still present in the Harry Bryant books.

However, the author’s bibliography as Harry Bryant is definitely a far cry from the books he produces as Mark Teppo. Harry’s books take the mystery aspect and apply it to unconventional situations.

Like his urban fantasy novels, Harry Bryant’s books are not exactly popular. But they do have fans, readers that appreciate Harry Bryant’s particular brand of storytelling but they are not the kind one recommends to the average reader primarily because of the edginess of the concepts.

However, most critics agree that the author has a better chance of hitting it big as Harry Bryant than he does as Mark Teppo. This is because Mark Teppo’s writing style seems to come to life with the smart, funny and sexy mysteries he writes under the Harry Bryant name.

The books are short, fast paced and very easy to read. And while Mark probably designed them to appeal to the masses, it’s possible he didn’t realize just how well his writing style would blend with characters like ex-porn star Robert Bliss.

The author’s journey to success wasn’t easy. When he first embarked on his publishing journey, he was desperate to get the first book in the Codex of Souls series to readers. And he was pretty sure he had gold on his hands.

But as a fledgling writer struggling to make it back in 1995, the author is happy that he faced so many obstacles along the way. He will be the first one to tell you just how terrible the first draft of his book was.

When he eventually went back to it and gave it a fresh read, he was forced to rewrite almost everything, so much so that most of its original cast was discarded. And it isn’t like the publishing industry was kind to him after he had put in all that work.

Once he finally got down to submitting the manuscript for the first Codex of Souls book Harry Bryant was shocked by the additional requests he got to rewrite the book. Succumbing to this pressure did little to improve his prospects.

The author had to go through a couple of more rewriters and a few agents over a period of three years before he got the first and second book off the ground. Harry doesn’t like to mention that story when he is talking to aspiring writers because he knows how discouraging it can be.

The author has since found fame, not only writing numerous urban fantasy novels but going so far as to experiment with a mystery series under a pseudonym. Harry is a synthesist, a cat herder, and an idea man.

The author doesn’t know how he has been able to write so many books. By his own admission, Harry Bryant has little in the way of free time. He has too many activities to keep him occupied, and that doesn’t even take into account his responsibilities as a family man.

+Hidden Palms

Robert Bliss was on top of the world. He was a porn star. That didn’t mean much for many of his colleagues. But Robert was actually rising through the ranks and slowly but surely reaping the benefits of his work.

An incident changed all that. He claimed that the cocaine wasn’t his and neither was the car, but no one cared. The DA certainly wasn’t going to let him off easy, not when it was an election year.

Robert’s case wasn’t helped by the fact that he was in the adult film industry. Any young man shooting nudie films for a living did not deserve mercy as far as the DA was concerned.

Robert was forced to spend the next ten years of his life in prison. The experience was pretty rough. Robert got into a bit of trouble and his sentence was increased. By the time Robert came out of prison, he was a different man.

Sure, his perception of life had soured while he was in prison. But he had since overcome the depressing attitude, leaving prison as the 20th Century came to a close determined to get his life back together.

Life outside prison is difficult for Robert. He doesn’t have anything to lean on. His job is gone and it doesn’t seem like anyone is willing to hire an ex-convict who also turns out to be an ex-porn star.

Robert is fortunate enough to find free boarding at a bungalow. He then decides to spend his time doing favors for others where he can, giving back to society and doing his part to help the little guy.

Having been trodden upon for so many years, Robert’s determination to help the downtrodden isn’t without its consequences and it isn’t long before Robert finds himself at the center of events involving a motorcycle gang and rogue DEA agents.

+Snake Road

Robert Bliss might have left prison but he quickly finds that life isn’t done kicking him when he’s down. As a former porn star and convict, there aren’t too many opportunities for Robert outside prison.

He gets by doing favors for desperate people. When Robert meets a woman with a snake in a box, he finds himself making a delivery to Mexico and getting involved with all the wrong people.

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