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Publication Order of Harry Starke Books

Coming from Malvern in the United Kingdom, the writer Blair Howard has been writing successfully for quite some time now. Showing a clear love of America and American culture, he has depicted the country and its history through his many extensively researched novels. Largely focusing on historical fiction and mystery novels, he has a knack of keeping the reader guessing throughout, whilst also keeping them glued to the edge of their seats simultaneously. Creating a large number of series too, he has really managed to build whole worlds from his clear love of genre novels, along with both engaging and compelling characters. One such series would be that of his ‘Harry Starke’ novels, a franchise which follows the eponymous private investigator, as he finds himself involved in one case after another. Always looking to do the right thing, this somewhat grizzled and jaded sleuth has a definite heart of gold, even if he doesn’t always show it. Over the course of the series, though, this quickly transpires, as the series follows him throughout Tennessee solving various investigations, something which his many fans have come to love and appreciate over the entire course of his run. Using the thriller genre, Blair Howard has really made it his with this unique and engaging character who will resonate with readers regardless of where they’re from.

Comprised of over nine books so far and counting, this is a series which will be able to continue indefinitely, on into the foreseeable future for some time to come. Providing a different investigation for each installment, this manages to utilize the hard-boiled detective thriller effectively, using it to tell the stories that Blair Howard wants to tell. Largely released through the Kindle, each title has built a sizable following behind them, with more expected to arrive in the years to follow. The character of Harry Starke himself has plenty of room to growing, proving that there is a lot of life yet left in this particular series.

Harry Starke

With this being the first title in the ongoing ‘Harry Starke’ series of novels, this introduces the character for the first time, providing him with his first case. Initially brought out in 2015 on the 7th of September, this would help establish the atmosphere of the series overall, foreshadowing much of what was to come, whilst also creating a stand-alone case in the process. Published on the Kindle to much acclaim, this would help build traction for the franchise, allowing it to come to life for the reader in the subsequent books to follow.

Setting the series up ostensibly, this opens with Harry Starke’s first case, working as a thriller novel involving all the classic hallmarks of the genre. In regards to the character of Harry Starke himself, he is a well drawn individual, looking to bring about justice however he can, despite being up against the odds. Taking place in Tennessee as well, it manages to bring the city of Chattanooga to life, evoking a real feeling of what the area is actually like.

Starting out in Chattanooga, this sees a beautiful young woman with seemingly everything to live for throw herself off the Walnut Street Bridge there. With Harry Starke at present at the time of death unable to prevent the tragedy from occurring, he sets out to find out what really happened to that young woman on that cold dark night in the middle of winter. Throwing himself into an equally dark and criminal underworld, he comes across a vast array of corruption, lies and deceit, all involving a less than savory cast of characters, all looking to prove their innocence in whatever way possible. Will he be able to find the truth? Can he find justice for the deceased? What will become of Harry Starke?

Two For The Money

Brought out on the Kindle once again, this particular novel picks up from where the last one left off, it being the second in the long-running ‘Harry Starke’ collection of novels published by Blair Howard. Published in 2015 on the 18th of October, this would again come out to much acclaim, it being released only one month after the first, with the books being released in quick succession of one another. Developing the many themes and ideas of the original, it manages to take them forwards, whilst really elevating them to another level in the process, along with the many characters themselves.

Providing another thriller novel that’s sure to keep readers upon the edges-of-their-seats, this really manages to take the suspense up a level. Taking Harry Starke’s character forwards too, as he attempts to keep his wits about him once again, all whilst trying to do the right thing whenever possible. With Howard’s penchant and ability to create an atmosphere as well, it really utilizes its locations to their full extent once again too.

Stealing $350 million from none other than New Vision Strategic Investments, Tom Sattler inevitably winds up dead, leaving it all down to Harry Starke to figure out what really happened. Wanting to meet with him at nine-thirty on a Tuesday morning, Harry Starke hadn’t seen Tom Suttler in years, so he quickly realized that something must be up when he got the call. Turning up to a crime scene, he finds the body of Tom Sattler, along with a whole trail of clues, all of which lead him on a journey to find out who was responsible for the murder of his once good friend. Will he find the killer? Can he learn the truth about his friend? Will it really be two for the money?

The Harry Starke Series

A classic take on the hard-boiled thriller novel, this is a series that really manages to pull out all the stops, never quite letting up, right up until the final end point. Really knowing and understanding its specific genre well, it manages to bring its source material to life, giving it a definite sense of vitality and excitement throughout. This is something that’s expected to carry on for many years yet, as it appears to be a series which really isn’t stopping any time soon, with it growing from strength-to-strength for a long time yet.

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