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Publication Order of Harry Tate Books

The Harry Tate series is a series of spy thriller books written by one of the established British authors named Adrian Magson. This thriller series is comprised of 5 books in total, which were released between the years 2010 and 2013. Each and every novel in the series features the chief protagonist as Harry Tate, who is depicted as an officer working for the MI5. In the initial part of the series it is shown that Harry Tate faces the blame for carrying out a botched operation after which he is transferred to one of the remotest outposts in the Balkans. Author Magson started writing this series in the year 2010 and in the later part of the same year he released its debut book under the title of Red Station. As of now, the series is still running as author Magson is working to bring out a few more thriller novels in the series very soon.

The first book of the Harry Tate series written by author Adrain Magson is entitled ‘Red Station’. It was released by the Severn House publication in the year 2010. Author Magson has done the setting of this book in Georgia, a Eurasian country. At the start of the book, it is depicted that Harry Tate is made a scapegoat in the botched operation by MI5 of intercepting drugs. Following this, he is dispatched to a remote outpost called as Red Station, located near Georgia. This ostensibly appears as an immediate step taken by the MI5 to avoid the press scrutiny. Harry Tate’s dispatch to the Red Station clearly indicates that he is considered as a ‘problem’ agent by the security services. And agents like him always face the danger of getting ridden off by the security agency. Later, the Red Station outpost becomes a center of the international spotlight as the troops begin to mass in and around the area. As the situation continues to become increasingly dangerous, Harry Tate comes to know that real and extremely shocking purpose of the MI5 behind sending him to Red Station outpost. But, he does not surrender to the situation and decides to put up a fight for his own survival. After the drug bust that went wrong, Harry Tate, the MI5 agent involved in the bust is immediately made to go out of sight. The Red Station, which is a small outpost located in Georgia, is chosen as the place where he will be dispatched.

At the Station, Harry Tate is made to join a several other British agents like him hidden there for a very long period. During his stay there, Harry Tate discovers numerous mysterious happenings. He sees that the Russians have deployed their military on the border. Also, the Britishers near the border are being watched by several mysterious men. As the things begin to heat up further, Harry Tate and the other agents at the station decide that no one can be trusted. So they decide to take the matter in their own hands in order to ensure their safety. Harry Tate, in particular, tries to find the answers to all the questions that keep disturbing him throughout. But, they do not seem to come easily, especially when the people around him begin to turn up dead. This book turns out to be a proper intelligence thriller of the old fashion style. Harry Tate’s character appears to be a complex, but believable one. Author Magson has done a fantastic job in developing the plot with his unique writing style. Eventually, the book went on to become a great success and was highly appreciated all across the globe. Author Magson was lauded by the critics for his dedicated efforts in developing the thrilling story. This helped him to establish himself as a noteworthy writer of thriller books as well as motivated him to write the next books of this series.

One of the other well known novel of the Harry Tate series is titled ‘Execution’. It was released in 2013 by the publishers at the Severn House. Author Magson has described the primary characters in this book as Harry Tate, Roman Tobinskiy, Alexander Litvinenko, and Clare Jardine. The starting sequence of this novel shows that a hit team from Russia prepares to kill Roman Tobinskiy, which appears to be an easy kill for them. Roman is introduced into the plot as Alexander Litvinenko’s old FSB colleague and Moscow’s political opponent. Previously, Alexander was murdered by the same hit team in the year 2006 by polonium poisoning. When the team finally catches up with Tobinskiy, they find him lying helplessly in a hospital. In an attempt to finish this easy task quickly, the Russian team fails to realize that Clare Jardine is lying in a room next to Roman Tobinskiy’s. Clare is a former officer from MI6, who is undergoing the recovery of her wounds which she acquired while saving the life of Harry Tate. After a short while, the MI6 head learns that Clare has run from the hospital. Immediately, Harry Tate is appointed to track down Clare Jardine and take her to a safe house before the Russians get to her. This task seems to be one of the toughest ones that Harry has ever faced in his career. The reasons for this are that firstly, Clare Jardine is as skilled as Harry Tate himself in preventing herself from getting tracked down; and secondly, she is not being chased Russian men only.

In trying to protect Clare Jardine and finding her before the hit men, Harry Tate comes up against one of the oldest enemies from his past life. The difficulty of the situation makes Harry realize that if he wants to save the life of Clare Jardine just like she did for him, he must take help from one of the most unlikely sources. This book is an exciting summer read as it consists of a plenty of tense moments and thrills. Its story mainly revolves around Clare Jardine, who is on the run trying to save her life from the Russians. She is considered a threat by them as they believe that she has too much knowledge as she was a witness to one of their operations against The United States. Finding herself in a great danger, Clare is not able to understand whom to trust because she thinks that there is a traitor inside MI6 who is passing information about her whereabouts to the Russian killing team. To her luck, Harry Tate comes to her rescue and he seems to be the only one she can trust. Clare had saved him on a previous occasion for which Harry is looking to return the favor by saving her. A number of twists and turns are seen as the plot progresses further. The readers found the story to be very gripping. On the whole, the book looks to be a well written, suspenseful thriller by author Magson.

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