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Publication Order of The Haunted Books

Shallow Graves (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Seventh Ward (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seaforth Prison (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Scarsdale Crematorium (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sacred Heart Orphanage (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shores of the Marrow (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Haunted is a series of horror books written by the bestselling writer of paranormal, horror and thriller novels by Patrick Logan. The author is a top 5 Amazon Horror writer of twelve-bestselling books, most of which have made it in the number one in various horror categories. Logan’s books have been described as diabolically suspenseful, utterly terrifying and intense thanks to the many years he spent ripping out body parts during his studies in pathology. He has sold more than 100, 000 copies of his books worldwide.

Patrick Logan began publishing The Haunted series in 2016 when Shallow Graves, the first book in the series was released.

Shallow Graves

In Shallow Graves the first book in The Haunted series by Patrick Logan. We are introduced to Robert Watts who just lost his job. How will he tell his family (his wife Wendy and their daughter) that he can no longer pay the bills in the house they are living in?

Shortly, Robert hears a knock at the front door- he is at first hesitant about opening the door- but what could go wrong when he’s already been through the worst? The man on his door is a cop who gives Robert some shocking news- his wife had been killed in a grisly car accident. Shortly he also comes to learn that his wife was having an affair with the man who fired him from his job.

How will he explain to his daughter that he can no longer afford the house they are living in and that her mother is dead? Robert must, therefore, find a way to support his daughter, pay the bills and keep a roof over their heads.

Shortly, Robert hears another knock at the door- standing in front of him is a man with a note in his hand from someone who claims to be Robert’s aunt. He convinces the postman that he has no aunt named Ruth, but the man insists that Robert has to take care of the dying woman and in return, he will be the heir to The Harlop Estates.

Robert sees this as a perfect opportunity to reconnect his life once again, and so he and his daughter move into Harlop Estate to look after the dying woman. But soon strange things start happening, and it seems that Robert, Ruth, and Amy aren’t the only residents in the strange house.

Some residents claim that the mansion is haunted by evil spirit seeking to destroy anyone who disturbs their calm environment. Can Robert and his beloved daughter survive the horrifying ghosts wandering the halls of Harlop Estates? The first book in The Haunted series is a truly haunting, chilling and one thrilling roller coaster ride with twists & turns you never see coming.

Seaforth Prison

Seaforth is the third book in the Amazon best-selling horror series The Haunted series that readers call a terrifying ghost story, chilling ride into madness and an excellent comparison to Dean Koontz, John Saul, and even the prolific Stephen King books.

Sometimes prisons are made to keep evil out as much as they are to keep people in. Shelly, Cal, and Robert barely made it out of the Seven Ward with their lives let alone their sanity. But now rich with cash, the trio has settled into a comfortable routine.

Underlying it all are the constant annoying questions that continue to haunt them- a question that can never be ignored once Robert starts experiencing lousy bread- dreams of an abandoned prison on an island with connections to Leland Black. But before long, Robert concludes that the trio’s encounter with a ghost is real, and it’s only the beginning.

Robert firmly believes that they all have a bigger role to play in something much bigger- something with even deadly consequences than what he has already lost. Now Robert must decide what he is capable of risk at the expense of uncovering the truth about his family and friends. Seaforth Prison is a mind-bending, thrilling narrative about friends, family, the living and the dead and the one thin line between good and evil. The book is bound to quench fans of Darcy Coates, Stephen King, Ron Ripley and everyone else who fancies tales of horror, fear and the unknown.

The Seventh Ward

Not all hospitals have been built to heal people, and the mourning Robert has very little downtime. Even though he now has a house to call home and friends both old and new to join him- his financial status hasn’t changed since the day he lost his job.

Additionally, he hasn’t come to terms with the things that he has seen and even experienced. That’s until when Shelly, Cal, and Rob receive a visit from the strange Sean Sommer who hires them. But this time, the job isn’t in a haunted house but an abandoned hospital ward known as The Seventh Ward- a place that has been locked for decades trapping more than just history within its walls. This time around, Robert finds himself in a sticky situation between the living and the dead, life and death. But the problem is Rob isn’t sure which side is best for him.

Shores of the Marrow

A sacrifice has to be made in the battle between good and evil. While the smoke clears in Sacred Heart Orphanage, Rob and Cal find themselves injured and missing some of their own. To make thing even worse, a demon named The Goat- the overload of Marrow has sneaked back into the world of the living.

The demon is hell-bent on setting free all the evil trapped in the Marrow, and it will do whatever it takes to accomplish its mission even if it means killing more of Robert’s family and friends in the process.

Meanwhile, Cal’s past comes back haunting him. It’s up to Robert and his shabby group of Ghostbusters to put an end to evil once and for all. And when they think that things are getting better, they are put in one impossible decision, and this time, the choices they make won’t just affect them but every living creature on earth.

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